Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In My Garden

Amazingly, despite the several heat-waves we had during Jan & Feb, our garden is doing ok.
Our bore was out of action for 2 weeks during one of the very hot patches & we lost a number of plants.

 But as you can see, some of the garden has soldiered on...

 This frilly yellow hibiscus is what I see when I look out my living room window.
It's this shrub that inspired the name of my blog. 
My Stitching Spot - aka the sofa - is right near the window, & I love to look out & see the happy yellow hibiscus & the bougainvillea next to it.

So at the moment I am stitching the bunny for the Bunny Pincushion. Not sure that I'll poke pins into it, but it's a pretty addition to Easter nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

such beautiful flowers,lucky you.xx

Becky G said...

OOOO Frangipani, I LOVE their fragrance and miss them so much! And a lovely Hibiscus. All grand & wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

I came to vist after your email to me - wow - I love all your flower pictures - I LUV frangipani - and fortunatley they grow quite well in Brisbane, not so daffodils whihc I also love, OH well, I enjoyed your blog & will be back

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