Monday, 2 April 2012

My Sewing Space

Well, my Sunday turned out quite different to what I had planned, but it was a good day anyway...
I had planned to finish my 2nd Easter Bunny Pincushion, in between wash loads.
Somehow, I got side-tracked on to going through almost all of my crafting/sewing/cross stitch magazines & books. I removed the pattern sheets & tore out projects of interest, then put them in my ring binder. Now, this was quite a feat, considering I had 3 large plastic storage containers FULL!
I'm very pleased with the results of my day's work. It made such a difference to be able to re-organise my books & mags into 1 container, rather than 3! Being that my sewing space is shared with general household storage, MrHibiscus & I are working together to make the space better for me, & be more efficient with the other stuff.
It will take time to get things how I want them, but that's ok, there's a lot  of work to do! And, provided  I can stick to my Make & Finish commitment, only buy what I actually need to, then I will be helping myself towards a happier sewing space.
On a less philosophical note, this week I'm making my delicious Rocky Road in preparation for Easter. I'm also going to get a start on my project for the Quilters Day Swap. I am very pleased with the fabric I am using, I only hope my recipient will like it as much!

Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you are very organised there Anthea,well done.xx

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