Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Neighbourhood Visitor

We live quite close to a golf course with its obligatory residents... look what came meandering around the lawns of nearby homes...

I took this standing on my driveway, looking straight across the road to our neighbour's home. We are lucky enough to have a family of 3 kangaroos who regularly mosey around our little area, the one pictured is the baby.

I know that many Aussies joke that overseas visitors might think that roos are hopping down our streets,
& koalas are hanging from our trees...
but in my neighbourhood, the kangaroos really are regular visitors!
How lucky are we?!

I am making good progress with my efforts for the Mug Rug Swap, & I'm excited to think that my creation will eventually go its new home in the USA. And I've already got some great ideas for the COLOUR swap.
I thought that swaps were always 'secret' but now I'm actually joining in with some swaps, I understand that's not the case. So as long as I remember which of the swaps I'm currently in are secret & which are not, I should be fine!
At this point, I must declare that I've never actually made a mug rug. So I looked at a zillion of them online, then came up with my own plan. (Now I know that mug rugs are easy for most creative people) 
All this blogging & swapping is giving me encouragement to try making new things, & I'm loving it!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


Chookyblue...... said...

enjoy your roos..........I hate it when ours move into the garden......... although they probably come in bigger numbers........they pull up the

Anonymous said...

lol,i know what you mean Anthea,i have to always try to remember which swap is a secret and which is not,it can get confusing especially if you are in a few,lol.
Yes its lovely to have the roos visiting we have them but not the koalas.xx

Cheryll said...

Oh so special to have "friends" like these come visit..isn't it!
Like me .. you need a swap secretary! :)

lisa said...

Hi hehe i have been in so many swaps that i hate to remember which were secret too.I live in the bush so i see kangaroos everywhere.
i have never made a mug rug on my list too also in the colour swap .
im following your blog now too :)
lisa xo

suzitee said...

Mug rugs are such fun, cute little projects...and practical! I like that in a project :)
We don't have any wildlife visiting now that we live in Perth, but in NSW we had koalas in our trees, and blue-tongue lizards in our water pipes...and usually a snake or two in Summer :0

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