Monday, 16 July 2012

Spring Swap Time

Yay! Sign-up is being taken once again for this fantastic swap.
Click on over to Swap Mumma Cheryll at Gone Stitchin' to be part of the fun!
 Names are being taken for the Spring OASS until 25 July...
Actually, while you're over there, check out the sidebar for other swaps and great things to be part of!
Work on My Little Teahouse is going great, but a little slow. I am currently working on a few stitcheries for the applique pockets that will hold scissors and a needle book. I thought I might be able to leave them off, but they do form a great aspect of the overall look, so I have had to trace up those stitcheries and start work on them. I am looking forward to the needle book; on the front, it features two of the ladies sitting at a table. It will look super-cute tucked into its pocket inside the Teahouse.

 We are having a lovely day out on Tuesday, as we are still enjoying the school holidays here in WA.
(Yes, I DO enjoy the school holidays!)
Have a Terrific Tuesday


Cheryll said...

Thanks for a great little plug Anthea! Enjoy your Tuesday! :)

Anonymous said...

wow look at the colour of that rose,awesome.xx

suzitee said...

I love school holidays too...except when I have to work :(

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