Wednesday, 22 March 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for 2017

Well, I'm somewhat behind the 8-ball in re-launching CTTY for the year.
But really, I'm not sure how many people are thinking of & planning the making of Christmas gifts this early!
 I've decided to make some changes to CTTY & see how it goes.
Firstly, the linky now welcomes ALL Christmas gifts being made... those of a non-Christmas theme (like previous years) and also those of a Christmas theme.
If you're making small quick items, or making progress on a gift that takes time... if it's going to be a Christmas gift, it's welcome here for the linky!
I see heaps of Christmas themed goodies being made throughout the year, ready to be gifted in the Festive season, so why not link them up here... they are gifts after all, which is what this linky is all about.

The other change is the date... the linky will now be open each month from 6am on the 18th, & closing midnight on the 21st; West Australia time.
The linky will appear in the blog post for the 18th of each month.
Also, for some added fun, I'm going to be doing a random CTTY giveaway at the end of some linky's during the year... I won't be announcing which month, but just picking a name randomly here & there to be my winner of a small goodie or two... to say 'thanks for supporting CTTY'.

How does that sound??
There's nothing like the satisfaction of opening up my giftie tub in mid-late November, seeing lots of great stuff & just being able to pick it out & wrap it... no end-of-year scramble to make or finish gifts, when I'm so busy already! (or worse, forgetting someone!)

I hope you will join me a few time during the year & share your Christmas makes.


Lin said...

Sounds great to me Anthea - will have to plan something in for April. xx

kiwikid said...

Sounds good to me too, I am working on a Christmas stitchery so will pop in next month for sure...just need to remember now!!

Wendy said...

Sounds awesome to me...I will be starting my Christmas projects this coming week.

Raewyn said...

I always have good intentions to link up with you but never quite get there - it's so useful to start Christmas sewing early....!

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