Monday, 1 May 2017

'Frangipanis' Cross Stitching Update

It's been a while since I shared an update on the beautiful cross stitch design that is my very slow WIP.
'Frangipanis' from Aussie designer Fiona Jude.
This is an easy project to take with me to Patchwork group on a Friday... even though it's not patchwork or sewing!

About a quarter of the stitching is complete now...looking back on earlier pics of this project, I realise I've not made much progress for over a year now... but it's still on the WIP pile, so that's a good thing.
There's just too many projects & not enough time, don't you think?!
 I just love this magnetic needle minder... a hibiscus... I bought it ages ago, & it seemed just perfect to pop it in my kit for stitching this project!

My back is almost back to its normal... thank goodness... I'm going to potter in my sewing room in the next couple of days & straighten it out, so I can get back in there sewing again.
Things can get unruly quite easily in a sewing space... or is that just me?!

Thanks for popping in & have a great week ahead


kiwikid said...

I think there are little creatures who get int o a persons sewing space when they are not looking and move things about!! Seems to happen here too!! :-) Good to hear your back is getting better and yo are able to move about more. Your frangipani is looking beautiful...some progress is always better than no progress I think.

Pamela said...

I agree - too many projects and too little time! Nice progress on your cross stitch.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think my "sewing room issues" would be solved if I had a bigger room, lol. I absolutely love Hibiscus. I have a lot of Rose of Sharon that seed freely. I can't pull one out, but it's much easier for my Husband. Perennial Hibiscus are not easy to find here unless you go to the expensive garden shops. Others like to carry the patio variety. I'm a sucker for bell shaped flowers.
xx, Carol

Lin said...

Pleased to hear that your back is improving Anthea. Mmmm yes, never enough time for all those projects. xx

sunny said...

Beautiful cross stitch! I usually have one or two cross stitches in progress, to work on when I don't have any hand sewing prepped! Glad to hear you're feeling much better. Take it easy!!

Fiona said...

so much work in a cross stitch and it is going to be beautiful..... Glad to hear your back is on the mend....

Justine said...

Your needleminder is perfect! I love the frangipani design. It looks relaxing to stitch.
I don't have a craft space! I have a bag in the living room with 3 or 4 projects stuffed in. But yes it does get untidy!

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