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Here's a little more about me than goes in my Blog Profile....

I've been stitching in some form or other since I was 10 or 11. I started with hand stitching together fabric scraps to make dolls quilts & pillows.

I sewed for friends when I was in High School. They 'paid' me in bus tickets, which I was lucky enough to get plenty of!

I was introduced to cross stitch in 1994, & still enjoy it. The Welcome (above) is the only cross stitch hanging in our home right now. I've done a great many of them, given as gifts.

These days.... I really just do what ever takes my interest. Bags of all sorts, stitchery, & of course I still cross stitch. In 2012 I taught myself English paper piecing, mainly with hexagons. I discovered a bag of fabrics I forgot I even had, so I used them as a teaching tool. Eventually I had such a good number of hexagon flowers that I made a throw for our sofa... yes the fabrics are mish-mash, but wow I loved the whole process of making it! I called it The Quilt of Forgotten Fabrics & you can see it HERE

The designs & patterns of  Gail Pan, Red Brolly, The Birdhouse, and also Leanne's House are among my favourites. I also like Lynette Anderson and Melly & Me. You will see from the photos I post, that I have a fairly wide taste in fabric designs & colours, it all depends on what I'm making. However some of my favourites are the fabrics by Nancy Halvorsen, Lynette Anderson, Helen Stubbings & Fig Tree Company.

I'm much more of a 'small projects' person, but do like to have a big project going on in the background too. I can make simple quilts. My current big projects are a seaside-themed cross stitch and Polka Dot Girls quilt by Red Brolly. I adore buttons, & have quite a collection of them, both for using & for just looking at.

2012 I had a 'significant' birthday, & got an amazing new sewing machine - a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0, a fantastic machine that is a world away from the base model Janome I had for 20 years. (not that the Janome is going anywhere!)

I really do have an overload of STUFF - fabrics, kits, books & magazines, patterns, threads, yarn, panels, trims... lots of this buying happened when I was really new to blogging & online craft shopping. Well I think I have matured a bit now, & am trying to nurture a new philosophy of slowing down, enjoying the process of making something, appreciating what I am learning along the way.

In brief...
I love a good op shop... I take a lot of photos... I drink coffee, rarely tea... I love postcards... The beach is great any time of year... Collective nouns fascinate me... I'm not a gardener... I do not like blue... I'm a DOG person... My hands go cold for the winter... I'm going to learn crochet... Best television is The Bold & The Beautiful... Reading is wonderful... I have a lot of aprons...

I've had a wonderful sewing journey until now, & I'm  going to continue it...


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KimM said...

Greetings! I just found your blog and became a follower. I would love to participate in your Christmas Throughout the Year - and will post your button on my blog.

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