Monday, 22 October 2018

The Holiday Is Over!

Well that went fast!

On the 1st of this month, mrHS & I departed for our 2-week holiday...
A week in Melbourne had us doing lots walking, a few tours, lots of meals out, & some quiet time too. At the end of that week, we drove north-west & spent the weekend with friends at their farm.

Monday the 8th, we flew out for our days in Tasmania, starting in Launceston.
It was such a joy to meet my long time blogging & IG buddy Leanne... she is just as gorgeous a person as I imagined her, & we hit it off immediately.
Wednesday the 10th we arrived in Hobart... and immediately drove up Mt Wellington... absolutely amazing... 1°C & breezy... what an experience! Unfortunately the weather was not good, so our view down to Hobart, the water & surrounding areas was heavily obscured by thick mist.

Even developed some frost in my hair!
We had planned to drive to the Port Arthur settlement on the Thursday but things took a really unfortunate turn...
 I woke on that morning with the worst back back I've had in many years... quite disabling... so that was pretty much the end of the holiday.
I spent a half a day in the ED of a hospital... then just had to be on bed rest... had to cancel all our other plans & delay our return by two days.
Six days confined to a hotel room with no natural light & in terrible sleepless pain... you won't find that in the holiday guides to the beautiful south east state of Tasmania LOL.
In the middle of all that, some good news... my DDC called to tell us she was the successful applicant for a job she really hoped to get... woo hoo!
Things in my back are still not good, & being that I have had two previous surgeries, I fear that another more invasive surgery is going to be the only remedy. 

I'm just gutted.

Arrived home on Wednesday 17th to a pile of fab mail, some of which I'll be showing off here in the coming months. But I really want to share now this beautiful selection of fabrics so kindly sent to me from Susan... yellows, oranges & greens for my brown-eyed hexy flower quilt project.
On a day I was feeling terrible physical pain, as well as sadness, disappointment, anger & downright sh!tty, I cried pathetic happy tears when I opened Susan's mail. Thank you again, Susan xx

I'm now in the process of seeking to get a scan to see exactly what's going on in my back, & that will give some idea of how to move forward.
It's not easy to use a laptop computer whilst lying flat on my back, so blogging will be sporadic at best for a while, as will my blog reading & commenting.
Piece Yourself Together is going to be recessed until I am reliably able to host it, but please do keep working on your EPP projects... I know they're being created & looking wonderful.

There are some other thing from my holiday that I look forward to sharing, when I'm more up to it.

So that is the roller coaster of my last 3 weeks.
Thanks for stopping by... keep stitching... do something you love every day.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

I'm Off On A Holiday!

 Monday the 1st of October will see me & mrHS setting off for a holiday...
two weeks away... visiting the city of Melbourne & also a few days in Tasmania.
We've never been away without the kids, so this is going to be an interesting experience!

We've planned a nice mix of activities & down-time... including time with family, a couple of patchwork shops along the way... & hopefully to meet my long-time bloggy friend Leanne (LizzieTheQuilter) when we're in Tassie.

There will be NO 'Piece Yourself Together' for the 2nd Tuesday of October.

A few images might make their way to my IG, but mostly it will be a time for me to enjoy taking photos for ourselves & just enjoying the break.

See you when I return mid-October!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

EPP Time Again!

Some more additions to the brown-eyed hexy flower collection in the last couple of weeks... good to see the collection growing.
It has to be put away for a little while now, so I can find some more greens, oranges & yellows.

The Spring weather is finally consistent here... & sadly, sickness has entered the house, following 2 bug-free winters. My poor DD-C was on Friday diagnosed with the flu, plus a chest & throat infection... she's been so very sick & it's going to be a slow recovery.
Perfect (but cheeky) opportunity for me to get a few more hexy stitches done😃.

Have a fab Tuesday♥

Monday, 17 September 2018

'Rainbow Scrap Challenge'... I'm A Straggler!

Well this is a rarity for me... I believe I'm not usually one for posting on a Monday!
(or maybe my days all just blur, who knows?!)

 Even though my sewing for 'Rainbow Scrap Challenge' has been sporadic & I'm really behind the program, I'm going to hang in there with it because I do quite enjoy it when I finally get around to it.
 The colours for June (yes, I'm that far behind!) were teal & turquoise... which is a whole separate sort of challenge for someone who struggles to correctly identify those colours!
So I've pulled out my best rendition of the teals & turquoises... & because my knowledge is so dodgy, I may have added a few aquas in error.

The sewing of these granny blocks is easy & enjoyable, & it's fun to see the pile growing as colours are added each time.

My Colour Confusion Syndrome for the June task has resulted in me making double the number of Crosses & Losses blocks I'd normally make... I figured there's enough variation in the fabrics to make them all. These are great to make too, with attention being paid to sew the pieces in the right spot.

 I love the lattice-type print of this fabric

And these cute little fish too!

You all know that good old hexy's are never far from my hands... a few piles have been basted & readied for becoming brown-eyed flowers... I'm putting in a bit more of a push with this project, because once I've made all the flowers I need, it becomes something to continue on the sewing machine, thank god! I have too many hand-piecing & hand-stitching projects at the moment, it's actually annoying me😉

I hope you all have a fab week ahead & thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

2nd Tuesday... It's EPP Time!

Rather a feeble effort for PYT from me this fortnight, but still better than nothing, ha ha!
On Saturday, I cut a few more fabrics that will become flowers for my brown-eyed hexy flower collection. mrHS has some long work days coming up this week, perfect for evenings of hexy basting & the watching of crime shows😉

 You can link up your EPP over in my right-hand sidebar,... join in any time until midnight Thursday.

Speaking of mrHS, he's having a special birthday today
What a pity he'll be at work co-ordinating a scheduled maintenance project!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Fun New Make, A Finish & Progress

A few weeks back, I saw on IG  a new SAL for a fabulous roomy tote bag.
Jeni Baker at In Color Order is hosting for her pattern called The Workshop Tote. Quite a simple tote really, but super sturdy & BIG, perfect for sewing days or storing/carrying quilts in progress. The pattern gives several options for the creation of the tote outer, which is a great way to give a truly individual look.
Around the same time I read about the SAL, I was at Spotlight & just HAD to have this darling drill fabric... couldn't resist the pink flamingos! BAM, I was set to sew!
In the end, I didn't feel it necessary to follow the SAL... I pressed, cut & applied interfacing on Wednesday last week...  did most of the sewing on the Thursday... & finished it on Friday.

 The Workshop Tote measures 16" tall, 16" wide & a generous 8" deep.
 The interfacing is much stiffer than I've sewn in a long time, but the result is a wonderfully robust bag that will serve me well for a long time. Very pleased with my efforts.
The QAYG hexagon table topper has been completed & submitted for sale in the shop of my Patchwork group... the shop is open to the public every day... let's hope someone likes it!
I'm continuing slow progress on this fun design from the series by Natalie Bird... got to love the ease of a pre-printed design & one thread colour.
Some more fabrics have been cut for my brown-eyed hexy flowers, which will be shared in my post for PYT.

On a personal note... many of you know that I've had a lot of changes in my life this year... I've been battling to adjust... I've lived with varying levels of anxiety & symptoms of depression for some years now, but it's been tougher this year... I'm not always successful in maintaining an even keel & happy exterior.
Without exaggeration, I can absolutely declare that if I didn't have blogging & my patchwork group, along with my family of course, this phase would be SO much tougher. The blogging community is a great thing to be part of... & even when it seems I am not really present, I'm not far away.
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