Sunday, 18 February 2018

'Friday Night Sew-In' for February

Scooting in a little late in posting my efforts for FNSI... I did have a lovely day... stitching more on what is my go-to project for Fridays... the stitcheries for Ruth's Quilt... I just love this project!

The design on the far right has been the fiddliest so far... so many knots & little features to stitch... it took ages! Started it a week ago & took me two evenings. You can also see I finished the dreaded satin stitch on the 4 hearts from last week.
The two designs on the left are my efforts from FNSI... stitched during Friday at patchwork... And I also joined in with my northern hemisphere friends to finish them up on Saturday.
Thanks Wendy for a fun FNSI !

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

'Piece Yourself Together' Tuesday... Re-Visiting An Old Project

I seem to have the luck lately of finding the unexpected, at a time when I'm looking for something in particular. Today's EPP post fits in with that.

Back around the time of the Australia Day weekend, I was looking for something in my tubs... and just take a look at what I clapped my eyes upon...
My brown-eyed hexy flowers!

I was making these before the Scrappy Hexy Quilt really took hold of me... the last time these saw the light of day was August of 2015!

The original plan for these beauties has been changed... there's no way I'm going to make a second handstitched hexy quilt... no way... SO, an alternative plan will be made.
Just to knock off the dust from this project, 4 more flowers have been stitched in the last week & added to the stack...
The existing five basic colours will be continued... oranges, greens, yellows, purples & pinks.

Maybe I need to stop looking for things, so I don't find any more UFOs lovely surprises tucked away in my storage area!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

My Favourite Fabric Shop Is CLOSING Its Doors

Beware, this is a long wordy post.

So saddened to see the announcement that my favourite place to get my patchwork fabric is closing its bricks & mortar stores.
Textile Traders is a Western Australian company... it sells fabrics for dressmaking, patchwork, & home decorating... ready made curtains & all the associated hardware... sewing notions, patterns, zips & threads etc... sewing machine & tables...
 Their patchwork fabric is the branded stuff... I've seen Red Rooster, Moda, Makower, Henry Glass... even picked up Bonnie & Camille and Kate Spain a few times!
They don't sell ranges or the newest patchwork fabrics, but they have enough to be able to put fabrics together from across their stock & make a fab quilt or project.
Their standard prices for patchwork fabric is around half the standard price of a specialised patchwork store... & like many other retailers, they often had specials... their "buy 2, get 1 free" is famous!
Their announcement includes a declaration that they are going to focus on the online aspect of their business... well it had better be top-notch because their current online system is terrible & won't stand up against any competition, or satisfy customers who are used to efficient sites.
 Apparently, the stores will be closing around August.

Clearly there are many & widely various factors as to why this closure is happening... this post is going to be long enough as it is, so I'm not going into analysis. It all just goes to show that even though a business can look to be doing ok, maybe it really isn't... And needs to change its model to survive in any capacity at all.

Well might I whinge that this leaves Mandurah with only 3 shops that sell patchwork fabric... I'm very aware that many sewists don't have a shop within coo-ee of their town, so having 3 is nothing to cry about... plus there are several great specialist stores within a 1-hour drive of me, so again I don't have a valid complaint.
In any case, aside from needing to buy thread, needles & other notions, I could sew with what fabric  I already own until I'm at least 149 years old.

It's just sad to lose a business that offers good service & has knowledgeable friendly staff... the other retailers just don't come near Textile Traders for that aspect. So many times I have been helped out by the ladies there... when I've been stuck with putting colours together, or unable to work out a pattern, or need accurate information about the differences between particular interfacing products. They have the knowledge that the other shops either don't have, or don't care to give to someone who wants advice but isn't spending.
Sadly too, closing the shops means loss of jobs for many of their loyal employees.

Some of my most loved quilts & projects have been made with fabrics from Textile Traders...
 my 'Sunshine & Daisies' designed by Toni Alexander (Red Boots Quilt Co) helped to distract me from my grief after my MIL died in 2015.
Gratuitous pic of the Site Manager
 The business is a WA institution... sadly now, it's another illustration of the changing nature of how retail & business works, and also the way that hobbies/skills change & evolve over time.
I just hope that their employees can get other work... it's going to be tough for them.

Sorry for the long post... just wanted to share my thoughts!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Gotta Love Some Quick Makes!

During the week, I had a hankering to make something... something quick & easy... just to have a 'finish'... do you ever feel like that?!
Went for a rummage through my tubs... found some fun hearts print fabric & something to go with that... then a St Patrick's Day shamrock fabric & happened to have some green to co-ordinate with it too. Excellent!
Took next to no time to press & cut the fabrics... then when I was at Spotlight for something else later that day, I spotted this cute Easter fabric & added it to my basket trolley... found some great purple in my tubs & cut them too.

Thursday morning saw me in the Sewing Room nice & early... such easy sewing & fun results!
All three finished before noon. 

A peeper was added to a couple of them... so easy to do... I always machine-baste my peeper into
Not quite taking the ten minutes of their name, but I'm super-chuffed with these
"10 Minute Table Runners"
Cheery themes for special days... love them♥♥

How cute is the selvedge of the Easter fabric... little eggs!

Also while I was at Spotlight, there was a trolley filled with very heavily discounted candles... Oh I L-O-V-E candles... how could I walk past these beauties, for only $2 each?! (I bought 5!)
Smell divine even when not burning.

♥ ~ Have a Great Weekend ~ ♥

Sunday, 4 February 2018

FNWF for February... In Two Parts

Once again, my Friday was spent at Patchwork... working on my Ruth's Quilt stitcheries... this was a slow one, for some reason... Maybe it was the distraction of hearing that wedding bells are to ring for one of my lovely friends!
Or maybe it was because the hearts at the bottom are to be done with satin stitch, which I'm not very good at... hhmm... Well, two are done, let's see how long I can procrastinate on doing the remaining two😉

Part Two of my FWNW was spent with patchwork friends too... 
 Our club president is hoping to make a monthly event of 'UFO Day'... each 1st Saturday of the month... yesterday was only a small group of us, but it was great all the same... I'd love to see it grow to become a fun monthly event for the club.
I chose to take along some stitcheries for a bag... Gather Sweet Blooms by Gail Pan... all my pieces are cut & ready to sew, but I've never gotten around to actually making it. I love this bag, & sent one away as my SSCS gift back in 2013.
 Doesn't look like much stitching, considering I was there a few hours... but at least it's progress.

Thanks to Cheryll our FNWF Mumma for another fab cyber-party!
Check out the other party-girls over HERE.

My Friendship Quilt is back from the quilter... the binding has been made & stitched around the edges...
... so while I do the hand stitching, it's the perfect time for me to catch up on my recordings of my beloved soapie The Bold & The Beautiful... don't snicker at me, we all have our shows we love!

Have A Fantastic Week Ahead!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Announcement: 'Christmas Through The Year' for 2018

Yes, we're only just recovered from Christmas of 2017... & here am I, writing about it for 2018!
Please bear with me♥

Back in mid-2013, I took up the hosting of this great little monthly linky... it's been a wonderful few years & I've been privileged to see some beautiful Christmas gifts linked up by participants.

Sadly, CTTY has been struggling along for a while now... a combo of issues contributed to this.
Last year, every month was either no links at all, or one link. Not only had I lost my enthusiasm for my own Linky Party, but it was virtually identical to another group that exists in the same corner of Blogland.
 It was not hard to realise that something needed to change.

After a bit of thought, & a few emails... a decision has been made.

Following on from a cyber conversation I've had with the lovely Narelle, who hosts the '1 Xmas Item A Month' blog, I'm pleased to announce that these two groups are MERGING!
CTTY is becoming part of 1-XIAM... 1-XIAM will remain exactly the same... & Narelle welcomes CTTY folks who wish to join in.
Thanks again Narelle for being welcoming of my approach & idea. Be assured of my support & participation.

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who joined me at one time or other over the years for CTTY... particularly my friend Lin, who has linked up so many times & been so supportive.

If you're interested in a relaxed & fun way to motivate yourself to make Christmas things through the year, please do go over to the 1-XIAM blog & check it out.

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