Tuesday 29 October 2019

A Finished Quilt Top & Playing With Tiny Hexy's

In a previous post, I wrote about participating in a 'scrap buster' workshop.
Very pleased to have a completed quilt top to show you!
 It will have to go on the shelf for a little while, so I can sew the backing.... & also spend some time snipping off the zillionty threads from the back of it🤣🤣.
At 65" x 81", it's a good size for however it ends up getting used.

Decided recently to give myself a little challenge... bought a pack of little hexy papers, they are only 3/8th inch sides, the smallest I sewn with yet! I have been basting 1/2" hexagons in the last few months, & thought "they are only a wee bit smaller, how hard could they be??"
They weren't really hard, but they were definitely fiddly!
 I'm glad I've had that little bit of fun & will now resume working with my 1" scrappies!

Sunday 6 October 2019

FNwF for October & More Scrap Sewing

Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again... a lovely cyber-party of happy stitchers!

On Friday I put the last stitches to the Elf at the top of this darling pre-printed design from The Birdhouse (Natalie Bird), called Making Spirits Bright. It's good to have this one finished, I've been dithering along with it for far too long.
I look forward to skipping around blogland & seeing the work of the other FNwF ladies!

During the week, I completed the scrappy sewing that was started at a workshop in late August.
While the result is very nice & I enjoyed the sewing, I'm not sure I'd be in a hurry to sew it again.
It currently measures about 54" x 70", so with a border it will come up to a nice snuggly size.

Clearly, I don't have enough EPP projects either in progress or on the planning board... recently I joined a group I found on Facebook & now have another reason to play with paper shapes!
The "Hexie Flower Mystery Sew Along" has a theme each month & members make a hexy flower in accordance with their understanding of the theme... as literal or as obscure as the maker thinks... there's also a mid-month theme for those who want to make that too.
I really wanted to share my favourite make so far, on the September theme of 'A Novel Idea'. I hope you can enlarge the image & see my Novel Idea on ways to hide your fabric!

Thanks for reading & have a great day!

Monday 23 September 2019

FNSI for September & Sunday Sewing

 Thank you Wendy for hosting FNSI once again... I actually participated!
Spent some time at patchwork continuing to stitch this happy little elf... it always gives me a good giggle to notice how skinny their arms & legs are.
The list of ladies who joined in is HERE... do go visit them, there is so much talented work going on.

Spent much of the day Sunday in my sewing room... continuing to stitch the 'mystery scrappy' workshop quilt from a few weeks ago. All rows are now sewn... next will be to sew all rows together into one big ol' piece.
  While I don't think I'd be in a rush to make this again, it's quite enjoyable sewing anyway.

Thanks for popping by & have a wonderful week ahead

Tuesday 10 September 2019


After not posting here for months, it's actually a bit hard to know what to write!
Clearly, the intention to 'do a blog post tonight' or 'read blogs tomorrow' just got further down my priority list. There's only so much this gal can pack into a day LOL.

That said, following some recent email exchanges with a couple of blogging buddies, I realised just how removed I have become from blogland & the fabric-y thread-y online community... & perhaps that's been a contributing factor to my not doing so much sewing & stitching... if that makes sense.
While I have been doing a little sewing & stitching, there's been a lot more of everything else going on ahead of it.
We all want to do more than the daylight hours allow for, so I'm not going to get overly philosophical about it😉😉

I have a couple of things I'd like to share...
This is the current situation with the Scrappy Hexy Quilt... it's getting so big now... still a nice thing to plod along with because I have a lot of evenings on my own these days.

I recently joined in Mystery Scrap Buster-style workshop at my patchwork group.
A 'scrap buster'... don't we all need one of those?!
I am not at all someone confident with 'mystery' & my versions of 'random' or 'scrappy' turn out something akin to a fabric vomit... but I really wanted to join in, hoping it would be just the project to get me back into doing more sewing.
Happy to report that it has! Just getting out to my sewing room for a little while each day & doing a bit more, it's been fun to get back to some Pfaff-ing!
It can be a little hard to make out the pattern created by the print fabrics & background fabric... it took me a while. As more rows are done & sewn, it will be easier to see. It's 55inches wide.

I'd also like to share with you a quilt I made & gifted. This went to my cousin... the closest I have to a sister... she had an '0' birthday recently. When looking through my Overload for fabric ideas for it, I found this stunning layer cake from Kate Spain, a range called 'Voyage'; I knew it would be just right.
The pattern is the Moda Love freebie & such a great one for showing off fabulous prints like these.
Very pleased with how it turned out & my quilter Julie did her usual stunning work on it too.
Still find it hard to get good pics of big things!
 This measures about 78inches square.It was very hard to send this one away!

Spring is definitely here in my little part of WA... so nice to open some doors & windows for that lovely fresh breeze & the birds are amazing.

Thanks for dropping in to my blog today... AND thanks to my friends who kindly checked up on me & inspired me to venture out of my cocoon!

Friday 12 April 2019

April FNwF Report... Late!

Block 11 for my Sweet Sentiments Quilt... I just love this project.
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again!
One more stitchery to do, then it's going to be put away for a little while until I'm happy with my fabrics for the piecing of the quilt.

Thursday 4 April 2019

Some Other Things I've Been Doing

While time spent in my sewing room is a bit different these days because of my back issue, I do still find time to get out there & Pfaff about.
Here's a little look at what's been going on here:

Finished three bags that I cut out last year... then made some needle cases & big pincushions from the leftovers. I love these bags, & while it's tempting to keep one for myself, I really don't need another bag... these ones will (hopefully) be sold from the shop at my Patchwork building.

 My patchwork club are currently making & displaying pieces on the theme of HEART...
big heart, broken heart, heart strings, full heart... any ideas the maker may wish.
I chose to make this darling bird from a Rosalie Quinlan book; & I've even stitched a 2nd one in a different thread colour, but it's yet to be finished into its heart shape.
Can you believe I had to teach myself chain stitch?! I'd never done it before.

Some fun coasters have been made... 2 sets of six, also for sale in the shop at my Patchwork Club.
Fun & easy to make.

These are the last 2 of the spare Tis The Season stitcheries. There is now 5 in total, but what to do with them?... perhaps a couple of wall hangings?

 Another donation/charity quilt has been finished. It is simple 5inch squares, in an 8x8 grid, then cross-hatch quilted. The binding is done by machine, as requested by the charity that these quilts go to.
 Here is a 2nd top, sewn yesterday... will wait for Spotlight to have a discount on their homespun, for the purchase of backing & binding.

 Of course, in between activities at home, there is always time for a cuppa.
The cup is a new one purchased recently, super-cute huh?!
Coffee & my favourite bikkie (Arnott's Orange Cream), on a sweet mugrug/coaster sent to me from Fiona a few years ago.
Making things is such fun... it's relaxing & enjoyable & social... And there is never enough hours in the day for it😊😊😊
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