Saturday, 21 October 2017

'Friday Night Sew-In' for October

Gotta love the third Friday of each month... FNSI!
Wendy is wonderful to host us each month... thank you Wendy!
My Friday was an interesting one... not as much stitching got done as I had hoped for, but a few stitches are better than none.
Usually I can get a full design of these sweet little Ruth's Quilt stitcheries done on a Friday, & sometimes a bit more of the next one too... but not this time... not that I mind... it was great to see the return of so many ladies to Patch group, after the Winter months being so quiet there!

I was also a bit tired from the festivities of Thursday evening... mr17 had his Year12 Graduation... it was so very well done by the school, & of course he looked so smart & happy.
True to my reputation for emotion, I kept Kleenex in business... this is more than just him finishing school... this is a huge shift for our whole family... and for me, no longer being a School Mum... after 19 years of having kids in school, it's a huge change to my days & my identity... it's a daunting but interesting prospect.

I managed to stitch the bottom two motifs of the stitchery while at Patch group on Friday, & could only muster a little more energy to continue in the evening... off to bed at 9.30 for me, just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Be sure to check out this link to the list of other FNSI ladies & their work... I'm sure they got more done than I did!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It's Time for 'Christmas Through The Year'

Yes... I can say it with guilt-free abandon now... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
Decorations & trees are in the shops... as are those gorgeous tins containing terrible toffees or cookies... & the enthusiasts are preparing the lights for putting up outside their houses.
And how about the checkout operators that ask you "are you all ready for Christmas?" when they themselves clearly aren't?!
 Oh it's all part of the Festive Season fun!

My fun lately has been to make these cheery little gift tags... from a panel I unearthed recently... light interfacing was ironed on to the pieces, then a white print fabric was sewn to it, so it can be written on... something a bit cute & lovely to add when wrapping a handmade gift... or really any gift at all!
 The white print fabric was retrieved from my Destash tubs, & I already had the ribbon too... no purchases required to make these, yay!

I hope you'll join me with CTTY this month... the linky will be open until midnight Thursday (West Australia standard time)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Little Update on 'Ruth's Quilt'

Happy Monday Everyone!
After a beautiful sunny & breezy weekend here, it's a different story this morning.
Windy, thick clouds & rain.
Oh well, that's the Spring pattern I guess... & it won't hamper my plans in any case.

Having decided to join the ladies to make the beautiful "Ruth's Quilt", & making it my Friday project, it's been so lovely to just potter along with the stitcheries.
A couple of weeks ago, I finished tracing up all the designs onto the fabrics & applying the weaveline, so now they're stacked in a nice little pile in my kit bag ready to be stitched when it's time.

 I'm still working backwards doing the odd-numbered designs first & here is what I've stitched so far:
 I continue to be in love with the thread, & the background fabrics were a good Overload discovery!

Only last night did I realise that my post for PYT last Tuesday didn't publish... I believe I scheduled it as always, but I clearly didn't set it properly - sorry!
Be sure to join me next week when it's linky time again, won't you?!

There is always a Scrappy Hexy Quilt block laid out on my tray at the sofa, so I can do a little stitching on it most nights... & a sneaky daytime session on it too, sometimes😉

This is progress on a section soon to be added to my quilt:
 More stitching (& some blog reading) will take place this evening, while watching 'The Menendez Murders'... this case so intrigued me when it happened back in 1989... & as my late-MIL was wont to say "I love a good bloody murder"... not that this mini-series is particularly bloody, but it's interesting to see how it's been done for tv.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Story of Sniffly-Bugs, Destashing & Very Little Stitching

We managed to get through Winter without a single sniffle or cough in the house; yes, I confess I was super-smug about it, given the tsunami of sickness we had in the previous 2 winters.
Then Spring came along... the sun was shining, our resident Dove family set up their nest in the bougainvillea once more & the lovely breezes were coming through the house.
Too perfect.

Yep, then the lurgies came... twice! Golly, apparently Spring is a common time for illness to hit... I had no idea ?!😬
Mr17 is snuffly, but soldiering on with end of Yr12 revision & exams... DD-C is crook too, poor thing her nose is shiny & red, eyes streamy & just a bit miserable.
So of course, I put on my NurseMummy face, & got to looking after them as best I can.

Just before all this started, I came to a point where I was finally ready to be ruthless with my overwhelming STUFF... my books, patterns, fabrics (oh so much fabric) & embellishments... I don't call it the Overload for nothing.
Fortunately for me, I knew my Patchwork group had an impending event that I hoped would work to my advantage - A DESTASH DAY.
On Saturday I packed my car with a few tubs of stuff, all sorted, labelled & ready to sell... and whacko for me, I was surprised to sell as much as I did. Our Event had a good number of visitors/buyers & I was very pleased to arrive home with a very heavy purse. Multiple whoo-hoo!
(Aahhh, no I will not be spending it on my hobby!)
It was the first time our Club had done such an event, & despite there being only 6 of us Destashing, it was an all-round success.
I now have the mindset to keep going with destashing, & am considering some other ways to continue downsizing my stuff. I already have some good ideas. While Facebook groups are good, they're not great for those small things which cost as much to post as they do to buy.

Very little stitching has been going on here, not enough to report on really... but I do have a little something to show off... some secret sewing.
I'm in Cheryll's 'Fat Quarter Birthday Club' & it was my turn to send a special gift, along with the fat quarters, to the birthday person... who just happened to be Cheryll herself. Inspired by a sweet little bag in a Gail Pan book, I made a great little bag & co-ordinating needlebook... I hope it's useful, it certainly was a pleasure to make.

I promise to reply to Comments & messages very soon... I do feel bad about that... the desktop computer is in our study, where mr17 uses the desk for his schoolwork, so access is a bit tricky when he's here so much.

Thanks for dropping by & have a great day!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

EPP Time Again... 'Piece Yourself Together'

Great to add some more white hexy's this fortnight, & one more block to my Scrappy Hexy Quilt.
I had to take a short stop with piecing for an evening, & baste some more black hexy's... don't you hate running yourself out of vital pieces?!

Here's where I was last time I shared this project:
 And here's now:
Plus the little pile of basted goodies; you may have noticed these go in the middle of each block & also form part of the 'sashing' pattern.
I'd love you to share your EPP projects with me via the 'Piece Yourself Together' linky.
It's easy to join in... simply post about your EPP on your own blog, then pop over here to my right-hand sidebar & link it up... FUN!

~♥~Thanks for dropping in, have a great day~♥~

Monday, 18 September 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for September

 This month I'm adding some simple sewing aids to my Giftie Box of CTTY makes...
Made from little pieces leftover from another project.

I hope you'll join me, & share what gifts you've been making & stashing away... dare I say it, Christmas is creeping up on us with great stealth!

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