Monday, 18 September 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for September

 This month I'm adding some simple sewing aids to my Giftie Box of CTTY makes...
Made from little pieces leftover from another project.

I hope you'll join me, & share what gifts you've been making & stashing away... dare I say it, Christmas is creeping up on us with great stealth!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Happily Stitching & Sewing, Plus FNSI

It's been a beautiful week here in my part of the world... breeze, some sunshine, chores getting done & some sewing too...
plus a sad bonus, in that a whale carcass washed up on a beach right near my house😢

On Wednesday, I blocked out a few hours & went out into the sewing room... it was great to sort out a basket of 'stuff' that had been annoying me, & after that, to sew another block for my Patchwork Group Friendship Quilt.
I'd found the image on Pinterest, but wasn't able to locate instructions... not that it was very hard to work out... then got on with the cutting & sewing.
Happily, it worked out just as I'd hoped... & bang-on the 12½"square, woo hoo!
I'm not in a hurry to make the final two blocks & am yet to even decide what they will be.
 Having made the decision to join in with the ladies over at No-Fuss StitchAlong, I took my fabrics & book to patchwork on Friday, & got on with tracing up some designs.
 Got my little kit ready for this project!
 I'm going to work backwards through the designs, just for something different.
Got a good lot drawn up, & some stitching happened on Friday evening for FNSI.
Here's #35:
I'm really quite in love with my thread... it's a DMC Coloris thread, which variegates beautifully.
Thanks Wendy for hosting us again for FNSI!

I apologise if my pics are a bit dull or dodgy... the new computer makes our existing screen look so different, & I simply can't tell the quality of my photos, ggrrr... still getting used to it!
Don't forget to link up your Christmas makes with CTTY... the linky will be open from early Monday morning for a few days... I'd love to see what you're all making...

Thanks for popping by & have a wonderful week ahead.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Piece Yourself Together

This time from me, a single block for the Scrappy Hexy Quilt...
I hope you'll join me!
Link up your EPP work, using the tool in my right-hand sidebar.

Monday, 11 September 2017

I Sewed Something!

Yep, I sewed something... a quilt block!
(I'll give you a minute to get over your shock that I actually sewed!)
Why this quilt block?
Some of you may recall that I joined a group of ladies from my Patchwork group in the sewing of blocks for one another... this was done 'mystery' style & completed over ~18months.
Each time, we were given a bag containing the block pattern for the month, & the fabrics of our recipient; we sewed the block & returned it to the co-ordinator. The blocks made were kept separately (& secretly!) for each participant until all were made & we had a wonderful 'reveal' early in the year when were given the blocks made for us. Each participant had made one 12½" block for every person in the group.

You will notice this fabric in each of my blocks...
I bought several metres of it & requested for it to be included somewhere in my blocks, wherever the maker wanted to use it. All other fabric choices, I left up to the maker.
(The colours of the fabric are best seen in the block, not immediately above)

Here are the 17 blocks made for me:
I love them all, & find it so interesting to see the various fabrics that my friends chose to add to my own fabric. They're not scrappy; they're simply a collective of individual interpretation.

I'd decided from the outset that I would make a quilt with all of the blocks made for me... I'm making a few extra blocks so the quilt will be a 4x5 layout with sashing... one lady passed away during the months we were sewing, & I didn't receive a block from her, so the Card Trick block up there is one we'd all sewn but I'd not received... Three more blocks are going to be made & then I'll have to figure out how to sash them.

Blogland is such a great place... after my last post about the poor state of my sewing brain, I was really so touched by the wonderful positive words & some great advice contained in the Comments... you guys are awesome!

I've decided that making long lists is not for me, so I'm going to work on a small number of projects & then when one is finished I'll add another, and so on. There definitely needs to be more finishes than new starts!

BUT... but, but, but... I've decided that I will indeed join in with Helen & the other ladies who are making Ruth's Quilt, from the Leanne Beasley book.
Three fabrics in my stash are going to be great for the stitcheries for this quilt...
thank you Helen for the inspiration & I look forward to these designs being my Friday project, both at Patchwork group & at home.
It's the 2nd Tuesday of the month tomorrow... time to share EPP.
And I even have something to share for that too... golly, I'm on a roll!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Checking In

Between dealing with family stuff & a moderate loss of MoJo, things are pretty quiet on the sewing & stitching here at HibiscusHQ.
I think one of the biggest issues with the MoJo is that I've got myself into a bit of a sewing muddle & I don't know how to make peace with it all.
Things to finish, things I want to start, things I keep putting on my WannaDo List... SALs that call my name... it all swirls around in my head!
The result of all this, is that I can't really think about it straight, so I just go do something else completely not related to my hobby.
Somehow I need to require myself to just focus on a really small number of projects, & get some progress happening with them for a few weeks... maybe that will help change this silly pattern I'm in?
Any tips?

On Friday night, mr17 played his last ever soccer game for the school.
He's in year12 & will be graduating soon... he's played every soccer season he was eligible to play for his school, which is 11 seasons... the last four seasons, his games have been on a Friday night... part of me is glad to be done with spending my winter nights out in the cold, wet & wind... but part of me will miss it.
I love this photo, simple as it is...his boots & shinpads... & the basket that I've taken to virtually every game, stolen by my Dad from's been used variously to carry my thermos, the half-time oranges & after-game lollies for the team, first aid, any valuables belonging to the players, all sorts of stuff!
That basket needs a new job now!
(The back-story with the basket is that I am naughty & have a quartet of stolen shopping baskets... one each from Bunnings, Coles & Woolworths, and one on wheels from Spotlight. I don't do it intentionally, it just happens in the flurry of shopping)

Speaking of SALs... yes the NoFussStitchalong does look tempting... it's been looking tempting since I first saw it... aahhh, the quandary... I do have the book for the project, so during this coming week, I'll take a look through my tubs of fabrics & see if I can come to some sort of decision.
I'll only commit to it if I have everything here - everything - to make it... no new fabrics allowed.
So it might be a delayed start for me, or a no start at all.

We have a new desktop computer at home... something to get used to... I like the convenience of the laptop, but the desktop is my preferred. After a week of not getting emails, I need to check out why, & remedy that.

If you've come this far, I thank you for staying with me.
Wishing you a great week ahead & happy thread-y stuff going on for you!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A New Stitch-Along

Just giving a shout-out & blatant promo for wonderful Helen & the ladies!

They have decided to start a stitch-along for a very pretty quilt design from Leanne Beasley, called
Ruth's Quilt.
This quilt features in the book 'Living The Dream' & is shown on the book cover.
 The SAL even has its own blog called "No Fuss Stitch Along", & the SAL guidelines can be found on this post.
'Living The Dream' was published in 2005, but I'm sure quite a few ladies have it on their shelf, just waiting to be opened up & used! (yes i have it too)

If you wish to join the ladies but don't have the book, it will be impossible to find retail here in Oz.
However, you might find it via patchwork-related groups on facebook, maybe a request through the 'aussie destash' hashtag on instagram, or even someone in your patchwork club might have it.

Why not pop over & take a look at the blog? You might be tempted, I know I am!
Well done Helen & ladies, I can't wait to see your progress.
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