Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Very Late Report for June FNSI

Yes indeed, it's a very late report for my FNSI efforts... it's a case of "I just couldn't put it down"
My 'Super...docious' cross stitch really got my stitchy fingers hooked & I've been working on it at every opportunity since Friday... I'm loving it!
(Rainy cold weather, plus a good DVD series helps too)
On Friday, I added the 'r-c-a' up the top, the 'l-i' just underneath that, & the 'i-o' at the bottom.
All the stitching to the right of that has been added in the days since Friday... it's almost a finished stitch, YAY!

Thank you Wendy for hosting us again for FNSI... we love you xx

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A Finished Kids Quilt

Pressing & cutting fabrics on Sunday... fully finished on Wednesday...
my quickest quilt ever!
Not bad, considering I've been the Queen of Slow Everything for a while😉
 The blue bugs print is not as bright as the images suggest.
As mentioned in my previous post, this quilt will be added to others sewn by members of my patchwork group, & donated to an organisation that makes wheelchairs for disabled kids in under-resourced countries. The quilts are a fun way to keep the kids warm in the cooler months.

 After publishing my last post, I thought I had lost all my readers, but NO...Blogger is still not sending Comments on my posts to my email... the Help Forum is clogged with angry users... what a muck-up! But as there are more important things to worry about, I shall soldier on with the roundabout way of getting them sent to my Inbox, & hope that Blogger remedies the situation soon.  Is anyone else still in this situation?
("Roundabout way" = comment on my own post, then tick the box for follow-up comments... this results in all Comments being no-reply, but as I've had previous communications with most Commenters, I just add their email address in order to reply)

Thanks for dropping by & have a fab Thursday♥

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

'Piece Yourself Together' Is Here Again

Some more blocks have been added to the Scrappy Hexy Quilt... the stitching of them can sometimes feel a bit repetitive, but it's nice to work on something that doesn't need me to think too much.

Last week:

Two more blocks added to the top of the far left column.
The Site Manager is checking that my stitching is up to his high standards!

Pull out your EPP projects & join me with PYT...
linky is in the right-hand sidebar, & taking names until the end of Thursday, W-Aust time.
I'd love to see what you're working on!

Monday, 11 June 2018

MoJo Has Returned From 'Long Service Leave'

 My gut issues seem to finally be reliably on the mend, which is great news... I'm not a very patient patient, if you know what I mean. (but then, I don't know anyone who relishes feeling ill!)

While I've not been sewing or doing much stitching, I have been trawling Pinterest & adding a few great ideas, patterns & inspiration to my various boards... & watching a few DVDs I'm now ready to get rid of; they aren't necessary to keep even though the movies were good.

A couple of times a year, my patchwork group sews quilts for an organisation called "Wheelchairs for Kids" which is a project by Rotary Club, & based in Perth (West Australia).
You can learn about this incredible organisation by clicking HERE.
We make quilts that are sent along with the wheelchairs, to provide some warmth & fun in the cooler months.
I went diving into my Overload & found some fabrics... got cutting & sewing on Sunday... pinning on Monday... & am ready to quilt on Tuesday.
This is perfect for getting me back into some fun easy sewing.

 My efforts for FNwF... getting a move on with my 'Super...docious' cross stitch.
On Friday & again on Saturday I stitched, adding the S, F, R, A, & U. It's very easy to stitch.

More has been added to my Scrappy Hexy Quilt, which will be in my post for PYT.

THANK YOU AGAIN everyone who has left me kind & thoughtful Comments on recent posts, regarding my health... illness can be a lonely thing, but made the better by receiving encouraging words from caring people. The blogging community really is special♥

See you very soon for Piece Yourself Together!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Wow... What's Going On With Blogger?!

Good Heavens! I've crawled out of my illness hiatus to find a few changes with Blogger.
Why can't they just leave it alone?!
I logged into my blog the other night very briefly, only to become aware that blog Comments are not currently being emailed to the blog owner; which is what most of us have been accustomed to.
And this business regarding the privacy & cookies & all that, lawdy what a confusion!

As I understand it, Blogger has already added a notification to my blog, informing readers from the EU of any cookies used on my blog... heck I don't even know what cookies are😉 But it seems I don't need to do anything at this point.
I've made several attempts to see the notice, but as I cannot change the country code of my blog in order to see the notice (as suggested in the notice on my Dashboard),  I'm just hoping that everything's ok & that I don't get penalised or blocked or something.

And why on earth did they mess around with Comments? Clearly I'm not the only one who hopes that Blogger restore this ASAP.
Dare I say it, no wonder so many people have ditched blogging for easier platforms like Instagram.

I'm still not 100% with my health... had a few good days last week, but Friday, Saturday & Sunday weren't great. Another visit to the Doc & some further investigation is in order, I think.

A little bit of hexy stitching has been happening when I feel up to it... I've finally added these two blocks on the bottom left... and also the two on the top right a few weeks ago. The pic is not a good one really... & doesn't give any impression of size... with the addition of those lower left blocks, it's now 60inches at its widest, & still about 72inches long.
I was well enough to go to Perth on Sunday the 27th of May, to see my DD-C complete a 12km charity run, & then have a visit to the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair on my way home. I only lasted a couple of hours but it was long enough to find the thimbles I was hoping to find & of course make a few other spontaneous purchases.

Patchwork with Gail B never disappoints... I wanted some fabrics from them for a project I'm planning... & I just couldn't pass up this quite kit... gorgeous mauves, purples & greens... with dragonflies & pretty flowers... so pretty & such easy sewing!
Oh, & I did get the fabrics I was actually looking for, ha ha
Love the writing on the top fq here:
 Pins have become a 'thing' in the crafting world in recent times, so I thought I'd jump on board with these two fun pins from RicRac by Jodie Carleton:

We are forecast to be getting some really nasty weather starting tonight (Mon) & hanging around for a few days... so the evenings will be perfect for a bit of blog catch up & maybe even figuring out how to get Comments working properly again!

Thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Fourth Tuesday of the Month... EPP Time

Just a short post today for 'Piece Yourself Together'...
no further stitching added to the Scrappy Hexy Quilt since my post the other day... but it always sits in wait of me feeling well enough to pick it up again.
Linky in the right-hand sidebar as always... I hope you will add your name!

Still no change in my health situation. An abdominal scan happened on Monday & may be able to provide some help in figuring out what's wrong in there. It's a terribly frustrating & depleting thing, not to mention painful at times!
My posts recently have been made from an old laptop computer which I'm a bit naughty in using... it has no hacker/virus protection... my emails arrive to the desktop computer which is much more secure, but which is often in use by mr18 for Uni work... I beg forgiveness for not replying to Comments/emails in a more timely fashion... we plan to buy me a new laptop as soon as I'm better.
I mentioned mr18... yes he turned 18 on Sunday... it was a very quiet day compared to what I'd hoped for, given my situation... but he did spend a good deal of the day with his friends & enjoy his favourite takeaway for dinner.

Have a Great Tuesday & thanks for calling by x
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