Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Link Up, Link Up... It's 'Piece Yourself Together' Tuesday!

 The last few weeks have been somewhat of a hexy basting bonanza here at Hibiscus HQ.
The evenings at Retreat were the perfect time to sit near the fire, & just baste a pile of pretty purples, while chatting away with the other ladies.
 These purples are for my Brown-Eyed Hexy Flower Quilt... & you can see below that some pretty purple flowers have also been stitched together.
 While preparing for Retreat, I discovered a little stack of cut greens & that pink you see to the right below... so they got tossed in for basting too, along with the swirly orange & those pinks.
Had to have a good internal giggle at Retreat, when I realised that I'd run myself out of brown centres for my Brown Eyed flowers... so there's been a basting bonanza with the dark brown, resulting in 109 ready to use... yes I couldn't help counting them!
Now to the other EPP project, my scrappy hexy quilt... here's where it's at right now.
Presently it measures about 73" x 61½" & I'm at a point where I need to figure out what to do next.
While the thinking & planning goes on with that, I'll just keep putting together the brown-eyed flowers.
Finally, there's been about 200 white hexy's added to the bag, ready for use when I resume work on this one.

Phew, that's a jolly 3-week basting bonanza indeed!

Reaching out to someone who visited my blog recently:
BeBe OLIVER... thank you for your recent Comment regarding EPP; unfortunately I cannot reply to you because your comment arrived as 'noreply-comment'. If you would like for me to answer your question, please include your email address in a Comment. Thanks.

Well I hope that some of you clever EPP gals will join in with PYT this time... you know the deal...pop in to my right-hand sidebar & add your name.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

FINALLY I'm Back In Blogland!

Finally getting a chance to sign in to my blog, & say "yes I'm still around".
There's been a bit going on here lately, all of it GREAT!

For starters, I spent 20-24 July on Retreat with my patchwork friends.
I had just one day at home after that, to unpack & re-pack... because on the 26th of July, mrHS & I flew 1500km north to spend a few days with our DD-Y in her new town.
Both of these holidays were equally amazing, fun, satisfying & enjoyable in their own ways.

As always, Retreat was amazing... the weather was terrible, but we didn't care.
Great company, great food, cosy beds, warm fires, humour that was at times somewhat questionable, & of course plenty of wonderful sewing going on.

I took a few things to work on & made some happy progress... my Pinks & Greys quilt has always been a side-project, but I decided to make it more of a main project this Retreat.
These are the block sets I added:
There's no timeline for this project, I just enjoy to work on the blocks when I feel like it.
These blocks are made using the Cross My Heart quilt in the Kim Brackett book "Scrap Basket Beauties".

I also made a start on a pretty new project, using the layer cake fabrics that were prepared beforehand. This is a free design that was released in conjunction with the fabrics... yes, again it's my beloved half square triangles!
My Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing has been neglected for a few months now, so I took my opportunity to resume work...this duo are from the May colour of pinks.

Some hexy basting happened too:
And NO, that's not booze in the wine glass, it's water... god can you imagine if that was gin?!

A highlight for me at this Retreat was that I had been asked a few months ago by a few ladies, to do a lesson on the Open Wide Zipper Pouches I so enjoy to make.
So the Sunday afternoon had me taking the ladies through the steps & wow I was so pleased for them with how their pouches turned out! An added bonus was that a quartet of local ladies joined in too... they are pretty much beginner sewists & had made a simple shopping bag on the previous day in their own workshop, but were game enough to join in with the zipper pouch sewing, producing some amazing results.
Here is the result of the workshop:

As usual, it's beautiful to walk around the grounds of the Retreat facility... the gardens are lush from the huge rains received, the Chooks roam around & provide entertainment, the dam has overflowed for the first time in many years.

 Happy chickens in their yard... don't you love the HenHouse Door?!
 So many leaves, all banked up under hedges & out-of-the-way spots... such an array of shapes & shades.
Even the fairy lights in the trees surrounding the deck, so pretty in their own abstract way.
Retreat is always fab, & this time was no exception.
My workspace always starts out neat & organised, but descends into chaos as the days progress:

Sharing about the trip to see my daughter will have to wait for another day.
Thanks for dropping by, & it's going to be great to catch up on some posts & news from around blogland!

Friday, 20 July 2018

PYT Next Week

 **scheduled post**

Just a little note to advise that the Piece Yourself Together linky will be open as usual next week, being the 4th Tuesday of the month. Join in any time from the Tuesday to the Thursday.

As I'm currently away at Retreat, I'll be publishing my EPP post on Wednesday.
I'll also be out of contact (visiting my daughter), from Thursday 26th next week, returning on the following Monday... so I look forward to catching up on blog reading then.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Project Prep, Gut Education & Family Time...

 Yep, there's a mish-mash of stuff going on here!

My darling DDY is home for the school holidays... just can't get enough of being with her... & so good to have all 5 of us at the dinner table together! She was here with us last week... this week, she & the DDC have headed down south for a sisters holiday for a few days, which they both were looking forward to.

As for my gut, it seems that my gastritis is something I'm going to have to live with for a while yet... some people experience episodes of it from time to time, others have it for longer, & others have it for longer still... kind of like the question about string & its length really. Clearly my string is a good length now, being that this all started about 2 months ago.
I've been getting a good start on food knowledge from a local dietician & further understanding about my condition. The educational reading while informative, is not as enjoyable as my current leisure reading, that's for sure. At least I'm having more good days than bad ones now, & of course it's good to know more about the condition itself.

With all this other stuff going on, it's been quite hard to focus on any project in particular... however, I'm off to Retreat on the 20th of July, so I'm starting to think about what I want to work on for those days.
I've been sitting on this very pretty layer cake & fabrics for a while now, & decided that Retreat would be a good time to get started on using it... the blocks are big, & easy construction with HST & background fabric. I love me a pretty HST!
 I've already cut the layer cake squares & organised them into what is needed for each block... the background white fabric will be cut before Retreat.

I've also (finally!) started trimming back my stitchery blocks for my Ruth's Quilt & plan to sew the top together while at Retreat... or make a decent start on it at least.

I really need to catch up on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, I've not yet done the May & June colours, & the colour for July has been announced too.. eeekkk!
Not a single stitch has been added to any of my EPP projects in the last few weeks... sometimes it just happens that way. But I do hope that if you've been EPP-ing, you'll link up here.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

It's the 4th Tuesday... EPP Time Again!

Some order in the chaos, here on my tray... not a lot of progress made from last time, but better than nothing!
 There's a 2-block section under construction on my tray... love the slowness of making these... it's the same thing over & over again... doesn't require much thinking or concentration... perfect for winding down my brain at the end of the day.
Sometimes when I look at my blocks, the truly random scrappy look makes me cringe a little.
BUT then I remind myself that I was never intending to produce a showpiece, & that this process is actually quite therapeutic & relaxing... so perhaps a little less deserving of The Cringe?!

I hope you'll share your EPP here... it's great to see the names pop up on the sidebar, so we can all go for a look at the wonderful creations in progress!

Sunday, 24 June 2018

It's A Finished Stitch!

Very pleased to be reporting that my 'Super... docious' cross stitch design is finished!
What a fun project.
 The design is from Sue Hillis Designs, stitched on 14count Aida, & measures approx 7" x 8½".
The colours used are as per the chart.
Now this is done, I guess I'll return to my stitching of hexagons, keep going on the Scrappy Hexy Quilt.

In other news, I'm finally FINALLY typing this from my flash new laptop computer!
Heavens, after years of being 2nd-in-line to use the home computer, or battling along with a laptop my DDY used for years (& dropped a few times), this thing feels quite space-age... going to take me some time to get my head around it. 😃😃😃

I've gone through the steps suggested in order to re-establish the receiving of Comments to my email acount, I hope it works!

♥Have a Fab Sunday♥
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