Monday, 29 May 2017

Lovely Saturday At The Craft & Quilt Fair

What a lovely Saturday I had...
Got myself up early, & hopped on the train to Perth... to the Craft & Quilt Fair!
It was great to meet up with my friends Maria & Sandra - the mother & daughter duo who are so fun to chat with, be inspired by & talk with about what they're working on.
Thanks for putting up with me, friends♥

 Leonie & her husband Mark also joined us for a cuppa before we went in... if you've not visited Leonie's blog, you won't have seen her many & various cross stitch projects... Mark is a quilting enthusiast, & does some splendid work too.

We didn't think to take pics of us, & most stands have obvious 'no photography' signs displayed, so the camera stayed firmly in my bag for most of the day, except for some Exhibit pics.

It was a great set-up... so good to see such a good number of WA & Perth businesses... of course, there was temptation everywhere... & what's a day at the Fair without some unplanned purchases too...
BUT I always find that if I have a 'list', I tend to stick to it... however if there's no list, the result is random over-spending. My list was done with after my first 2 stops, so it was nice to just wander & enjoy the rest of it.

On said list... thimbles, wool felt & drunkards path templates... they were in the bag after my first two stops... the templates are to teach myself something new...
 I also ended up buying a couple of Monica Poole bag patterns & another that looks handy too... I love that she has samples of all her bags there for shoppers to see what it's really like, before they commit to buying the pattern.
Can't resist buttons & little scissors... 3 pair for $12 is a good deal & they're so sharp... the smaller ones have the sheath attached, so yay no more lost parts!

The exhibit as always was bursting with incredible talent & stories associated with the pieces...
this is the 1st Prize Winner & I had the good fortune to meet the maker as I was leaving the Exhibit.

The theme for the 'AQC Challenge' for 2017 was "Made In Australia: Flora & Fauna" & boy-oh-boy, every piece was stunning... however, my favourite was this one... if you get the chance to see it in person, look closely & you'll see just how many Aussie animals are depicted, incredible!
 Below is the Winner.

It's always interesting to see how the Stands & displays change from year to year... & it's great to see so many people finding goodies for their favourite craft.

Home life is somewhat demanding right now, so it was a great day out & a wonderful re-charge of my mental batteries!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

'Piece Yourself Together'... It's EPP Time!

Come one everyone... time to show off your EPP... I know you're doing it & I'd love to see it!
I have just a short update to share on my Scrappy Hexy Quilt progress... it's been packed away for a little while lately, so I thought I'd better get it out again.
I've prepared & stitched together some sets of sashing hexy's... not exciting really, but progress nevertheless.
 The PYT Linky is in my right-hand sidebar & is open until midnight on Thursday... I hope you'll join me, & show off your EPP creations!

There's only a few more days until the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair!
If you're a blogger who lives in Perth, or will be in Perth on Saturday, do come along for our Meet-Up...
check out this link for all the info.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

'Friday Night Sew-In' for May

Thanks to Wendy for hosting us again for this great cyber-party of stitching!
 If you're not familiar with Friday Night Sew In, do pop over to Wendy's blog & read all about it... click here... it's a wonderful way to be inspired by the projects of other participants & a fun way to find blogs you haven't read before.

There was no stitching happening here on Friday for me... had preparations to make for a Saturday birthday, & a cake to make... we now have a mr17!

As my Mother's Day had gone by with barely a boo, I treated myself to a new book during the week... and spent Friday evening leafing through it's lovely pages.
I love Julie's books & her recipes are achievable... that said, I've used of her books a lot, & another book not once yet! She uses everyday ingredients that don't cost the earth or are hard to find, & the methods are straightforward.
Julie has certainly made her mark in Aussie kitchens (& many a Women's Weekly mag!) since she won the first Australian series of Masterchef, back in 2009.
 I love a scroll of any sort, & these pizza-ish ones look scrummy, don't you think?
So many great recipes to try out
So I had not so much a Sew-In, as a Browse-In... and loved it!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

'Christmas through The Year' for May

Yes, it's that time again...

This month, I've used some 'when did I buy that & why' fabric, to make some handy & stylish carry bags... great for those times when you're doing a few errands... or only need a few items from the supermarket... or even to carry some crafty stuff to a group day or Retreat!
They're very similar in capacity & proportions to the enviro-bags that can be bought from Coles or Woolies here in Oz.
Such a time-saver to use robust cotton tape for the handles.

 They're now folded, labelled & stashed away in the Giftie Box... woo hoo!

Have you been a busy little Elf making Christmas gifts? I'd love you to share them here!
Linky open until midnight 21 May.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

'Frangipanis' Stitching Update

Oh this 'Frangipanis' cross stitch is dangerous... I can't stop working on it!
While this particular area is not exactly a huge section of the overall design, it's still a LOT of stitching given that it's a full coverage piece.
This past week it's been blue, blue... & more blue!

Here's where I was last weekend:
 And thanks to lots of stitching during the evenings, here's where it's at now:
 I'm going to add the final petal to that flower, then put this away for a little while... there are other projects calling my name.

Don't forget to check out the page for info regarding the Perth ladies meet-up at the
Craft Fair on the 27th of this month... go here for the details.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

'Piece Yourself Together'... What's Your EPP?

Just a small contribution for PYT from me this time.
I do love these little half-inch hexy's, but boy they are fiddly to baste... however because I have an idea in mind of what to make with them, I'm going to persevere😉
Don't expect a 'finish' any time soon, ha ha!
Don't forget to link up your EPP... as always, the linky is in my right-hand sidebar...
I'd love to see it!
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