Tuesday, 29 October 2019

A Finished Quilt Top & Playing With Tiny Hexy's

In a previous post, I wrote about participating in a 'scrap buster' workshop.
Very pleased to have a completed quilt top to show you!
 It will have to go on the shelf for a little while, so I can sew the backing.... & also spend some time snipping off the zillionty threads from the back of it🤣🤣.
At 65" x 81", it's a good size for however it ends up getting used.

Decided recently to give myself a little challenge... bought a pack of little hexy papers, they are only 3/8th inch sides, the smallest I sewn with yet! I have been basting 1/2" hexagons in the last few months, & thought "they are only a wee bit smaller, how hard could they be??"
They weren't really hard, but they were definitely fiddly!
 I'm glad I've had that little bit of fun & will now resume working with my 1" scrappies!


Maria said...

The Scrappy flimsy looks good ....
WOW! They are tiny hexies... not for me....

Fiona said...

Your scrappy quilt looks great... well done trimming all the bits at the back... there would be heaps with all those pieces... very sweet mini hexagon flower... is that your next quilt????

gracie said...

Love that quilt top. Those are so tiny...but I am sure you can do it!

retdairyqueen said...

Great scrappy quilt
You must have a lot of patience to tackle those tiny hexies

Pamela said...

That tiny hexie flower is so cute!

kiwikid said...

Well done on the flimsy finish. It looks wonderful. Love your tiny hexie!

ButterZ said...

OMG, Those Hexies are ever so tiny. Are you going to make many?
Love that scrappy flimsy. A great design.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh my! Such cute hexies!!! Love your scrap quilt, so pretty! xx

Susan said...

Definitely small hexagons! I did an ornament with 1/2" once and once was enough. I like 3/4" best, but use 1" and 1.25", too, and sometimes 3" for embroidery. Your scrappy quilt is wonderful! How great to take fall scraps and make something so beautiful!

Jeanette said...

Love your quilt, very eye catching. The hexie flower is so cute. You should give 1/4" hexies a go. :) Hugs,xx

Ondrea said...

Oh my! Your quilt looks beautiful. Well done. Have fun with your hexies.

Susie H said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors and what is that pattern? I'm a hexie fan and am absolutely in love with the teensy, tiny, fussy-cut baby hexi you shared in this post. GORGEOUS!

Lin said...

Your little hexies look great - but I think 1/2" is small enough for me! xx

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