Wednesday, 25 June 2014

'Pay It Forward' Ladies & CTTY Winner

Thank You to each of the ladies who put their names forward to be my Pay It Forward recipients...
 I'd love to send you each a little parcel, but will be keeping within the PIF guideline of three people.

~ ~ ~ Jeneta ~ ~ ~ Florence ~ ~ ~ Jacquie Morris ~ ~ ~

Some time in the next 12 months, you will get a little PIF parcel from me!! Congrats!
At your convenience, please email me your postal details.
I'm looking forward to surprising you all! x
Thank You also goes to the lovely ladies who linked their beautiful work with
Christmas Through The Year - as ever, you are creating some lovely pressies!
Christine - McDonald's Patch
MrRNG chose your number, so I'll be sending you a little thank you for joining in with me for June!
It's clear that a few of us are having problems with our blog Reading List... mine started on Monday night, & a look at the discussions board on Blogger Help gives me the understanding that this is a technical fault that Blogger should be sweating bullets to hurry up & get fixed.
Isn't it terrible how much it bugs us when these things don't work as seamlessly as usual!

I have taken advantage of this by getting some good sewing done on a very special project; that fabric that I so expertly pressed for my FNSI is now in place & looking just as I wanted it to!
I'm sure that the glitch will be fixed soon & then I can go check out what you all have been up to...
Saw this the other day...

And now, on this gloriously sunny but super-chilly morning, I am going to swan down to my local beachfront coffee shop to catch up with a friend... can't wait!


Anonymous said...

those lucky ladies Anthea and congrats to my buddy Christine,well done and i hope you have an awesome day my friend.xx

Fiona said...

wonderful... sorry to hear so many of you having trouble reading blogs... I am missing you all...

Maria said...

Congratulations to all the ladies bith for PIF and CTTY winners.
Blogger seems to be back now. Hope it stays that way...

Jacquie Morris said...

oooh Thank You so much for choosing me :)

I am happy to take part in this PIF thing as I love sending gifts out :) Will you send me all the details of how it works please :)

I was thrilled to see Blogger is now working ... yipppeeee and your blog was the first I read :)

for some strange reason I cannot send emails through outlook even thought I can access it... its just direct from blogs I cannot send emails.. very odd.. but I have Jon my other half looking into it! Please could I trouble you to contact me please :)

Thank you again and have a wonderful smiley day :)

O'faigh said...

Hi Anthea, hope you enjoyed your coffee catch up with your friend...Hugs, O'faigh

KimM said...

Congratulations to the lucky ladies -
Have a lovely day

Christine M said...

Thank you Anthea. Enjoy making your PIF gifts. I'm sure the girls will love whatever you make.

FloS said...

Yeepee !!!
I'll send you an e-mail very soon… I'm spending a few days in the south of France… I'll be back on Sunday !
Thank you very much !!


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