Tuesday, 26 July 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... Last Of The Colours!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I'm a bit excited about these little cuties... they're the last of the coloured/print hexy's for my Super Long Term Scrappy Hexy Quilt... a stack of purples to toss in the tub with all the others.

A layout has been decided upon for this quilt... what a hard decision to make, given there are so many great inspirations out there & zillions of fabulous ideas!
Consideration is also being given to background fabric... but it's a bit of a thing... white or a very pale cream?... hhmmm... they're a bit hard to get a good photo of... I have put a pile of coloured hexy's with both colours & fear a white background might end up looking a bit grey, or stark, or just not right... I'll have to have a good think!
Those black fabrics are there for a reason... they're going to be a small part of the quilt.... small but I think good.

It was such fun reading the Comments about my 'literary dilemma'... the decision has been made... the next book already has my bookmark in it!


kiwikid said...

LOve those purple hexies!!!! Will be interested to see what you do with them. Interested to see if your questions are answered in this book!!! Hangin out for an answer here!! :-)

Lin said...

Sounds intriguing Anthea - looking forward to seeing your layout. Enjoy the book. xx

Paula said...

Beautiful purple hexies. Looking forward to see what they will turn into!!! Enjoy the book.

Anonymous said...

Decisions, decisions. If you think the white grays everything, you should definitely not choose it. =)

sunny said...

Can't wait to see what you're planning with the hexies. I think of white if I want a crisper look, and a cream or ivory for a more muted look.

KimM said...

Pretty hexies. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

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