Sunday, 3 September 2017

Checking In

Between dealing with family stuff & a moderate loss of MoJo, things are pretty quiet on the sewing & stitching here at HibiscusHQ.
I think one of the biggest issues with the MoJo is that I've got myself into a bit of a sewing muddle & I don't know how to make peace with it all.
Things to finish, things I want to start, things I keep putting on my WannaDo List... SALs that call my name... it all swirls around in my head!
The result of all this, is that I can't really think about it straight, so I just go do something else completely not related to my hobby.
Somehow I need to require myself to just focus on a really small number of projects, & get some progress happening with them for a few weeks... maybe that will help change this silly pattern I'm in?
Any tips?

On Friday night, mr17 played his last ever soccer game for the school.
He's in year12 & will be graduating soon... he's played every soccer season he was eligible to play for his school, which is 11 seasons... the last four seasons, his games have been on a Friday night... part of me is glad to be done with spending my winter nights out in the cold, wet & wind... but part of me will miss it.
I love this photo, simple as it is...his boots & shinpads... & the basket that I've taken to virtually every game, stolen by my Dad from's been used variously to carry my thermos, the half-time oranges & after-game lollies for the team, first aid, any valuables belonging to the players, all sorts of stuff!
That basket needs a new job now!
(The back-story with the basket is that I am naughty & have a quartet of stolen shopping baskets... one each from Bunnings, Coles & Woolworths, and one on wheels from Spotlight. I don't do it intentionally, it just happens in the flurry of shopping)

Speaking of SALs... yes the NoFussStitchalong does look tempting... it's been looking tempting since I first saw it... aahhh, the quandary... I do have the book for the project, so during this coming week, I'll take a look through my tubs of fabrics & see if I can come to some sort of decision.
I'll only commit to it if I have everything here - everything - to make it... no new fabrics allowed.
So it might be a delayed start for me, or a no start at all.

We have a new desktop computer at home... something to get used to... I like the convenience of the laptop, but the desktop is my preferred. After a week of not getting emails, I need to check out why, & remedy that.

If you've come this far, I thank you for staying with me.
Wishing you a great week ahead & happy thread-y stuff going on for you!


KimM said...

Wow - we are cut form the same cloth, so to speak. I'm feeling the same way about my stitching....if you discover the magic formula to break through the muddle, let me know.

Kate said...

Anthea, I hope you find your mo-jo soon - I know how frustrating it's loss can be. :) Like you, I prefer the desktop and haven't been able to use mine since May - the good news is that I've become more comfortable with the laptop and when we return home for the winter I shall likely have to re-familiarize myself with the desktop. lol

gracie said...

I am finding myself in a wanna do, should do slump too. Is the boy going on to college? I have a hand basket in the garage no that I think about it. We have had it forever! Not sure where it came from. I like a desk top and sometimes think about getting a laptop but my tablet almost functions as one so...

Jeanette said...

If you find a solution let me know please. :) Though i think half my problem is not having a sewing room anymore. Having my stuff spread all over the house is annoying when i have to go from area to area to try & track down what i need. Hugs,xx

Fiona said...

so - now we know where to look for missing baskets! haha...

My tip is just pull a project out - and do some of it... If you have one that is nearly finished choose that first... but just sew and don't stress. I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

The stitcheries are sweet for no fuss and it would be good to use the book - how about working on them slowly and not worrying aobut the other fabrics just yet...


Kim said...

When I lost my mojo it took two year, I think to return to sewing. I find that if I just focus on one thing to finish it seemed more enjoyable. I see the results at the end of completing the project then I move on to the next one. The projects were small so it didn't end up in the UFO pile which made me happy. Perhaps that's what you could try. Just small things here and there. Youll love your desktop once the learning curve is over.

Susan said...

Hi Anthea

About your MoJo - I would suggest you create a list - that will be scary - then sort the list - you can sort on the basis of "I really do want to finish this one" or on the basis of how much is left to do.
(put it in a file on your computer so you can change it as you need to)|

For the "Really want to do" - sort that into - how much left to do
maybe work on them first.
If there is something there that you are no longer in love with - finish it if there is only a bit to do - else bag it up and put it at the bottom of the collection.
Try to list them in some sort of order.
Try to put everything you need for each project in one set - a bag/box whatever works.

re the No Fuss - its quick - really - even if you feel you need to stick wiht the timetable - its only 3 a month and that is not a lot of work at all - and it can be as scrappy as you like - well I am repeating myself...and you know it will be a load of fun tagging along with us all.
I even have some left over bits I cut that I could push you along with!!!

Ok off my soap box for now.

good luck!

Maria said...

Ah I hear you about your mojo. I was the same but have pulled out my oldest UFO ( the Kaleidoscope Quilt) and am determined to finish it.
Seams to be working.
Bitter sweet with Mr 17 school soccer ⚽️ is over could he not join another team ?
I haven't joined the No Fuss SAL as I didn't have the book 📚 also I'm in a few SAL already.

kiwikid said...

Hi Anthea, I am with Susan...if you can do one finish that helps to get the mojo flowing again. Sometimes making a list or some order stops the feeling of being overwhelmed and then you can feel much better.

elliek said...

I am a list girl too. That way you can tick off UFO's when they are done. That overwhelming feeling is awful when this is an enjoyable thing to be doing. Sometimes I just have to say NO to another project that I would so love to do. Slow and steady does win the race. Good luck, sure the mojo will return.

Lin said...

New computers are always great time wasters I find! Make a list of projects and then prioritise them. Take the top 10 and put all the rest away - make sure you include a variety of hand and machine sewn projects. xx

Janice said...

It sounds like the end of an era for you. I hope your son continues to play even though his school time is coming to an end. Think of all that extra stitching time you will have without soccer commitments. Good luck with finding your mojo. I like your attitude towards the stitch along. It was an easy decision for me - I don't have the book. I'm probably going to join in one next year with Chookyblue and I have checked already that I have enough fabric in stash. That should be enough to go on with at this stage.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I' hereby sending you some mojo... hope it works!!! xx

Christine M said...

It's sad coming to an end of an era with our children, isn't it Anthea. I helped out at Nelson's last cross country last month. It was my last official thing as a parent helper. There's only a few weeks left of school for Nelson and then that's it! Even though he is only in Year 11, he is doing Year 12 work to finish his VCAL certificate. Then he'll start as an apprentice roof plumber in the new year.xx

Brigitte said...

I know what you talk about. Having too many projects on the go is sometimes so intimidating that I can't decide what to work on and then I get busy with something else. I mostly pull out a book that I wanted to read for a long time. That's what helps me. But starting a completely new project also helps me to get out of a stitching slump. Sounds weird, huh. Lol.

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