Thursday, 2 November 2017

No Reply Bloggers

 This post could also be called "If You Comment On My Blog, But Don't Receive A Reply From Me, Here's The Reason Why"

Like most bloggers, I like to receive Comments on my posts... & I make every effort to reply to those Comments in a timely manner...
still there is the issue of the dreaded 'noreply-comment' 😠😠

I'm sure that most people who show as noreply don't even realise that is the case... but I do sometimes wonder how it feels to leave Comments, but not get a response.

Seems that the biggest issue is Blogger User Profile settings, or Google+ settings interfering with Blogger settings... problem is, I'm not at all familiar with Google+, so I have no idea of what to write in terms of steps to guide people in changing them.
Most of the info I'm seeing online is related to earlier versions of Blogger, & I'm not sure if that's still applicable to the current version.

If you don't have Google+, it might just be a matter of allowing your email address to be visible... see this screenshot... make sure there is a 'tick' in the "show my email address" box.
I know that Chookyblue has some info on her 'how-to' page on her blog, so that is definitely something to check out. Please visit this link.

I've uncovered some other potentially helpful stuff too...
From what I've read online, I understand that if you have Google+, you can go into your Blogger & make the selection to switch to a Blogger profile.
Again, as I have no experience with Google+, I cannot declare this is absolutely correct, but also could be useful... I'm just not very tech or online savvy!

I've taken a screenshot of my own Blogger... you can see there are some options at the bottom in the SETTINGS regarding Google+.
I presume that if I had Google+, I would have an option of choosing between which profile I want, Google+ or Blogger.

If anything I have written here is absolutely wrong, I'm happy to be enlightened... but if anyone knows it to be correct, I'll add it to a new page on my blog for future reference.

PLEASE if you leave me a Comment & don't hear from me, it's because there is no email address attached to your Comment, therefore I cannot reply to you.
I'm not rude, or ignoring you, or ungrateful for your words, I just don't have a way of replying.

Interacting with those who read our blogs & leave a Comment, is such a great aspect to having a blog in the first place... we don't just publish our posts & move on, we enjoy the 'conversations'.

Lately, I've had lovely Comments from SUSIE HOOVER and a MIA, both noreply... sorry ladies!
They've Commented several times in the recent months, I do feel bad not replying to them.

I can only do my best!


Chookyblue...... said...

The drafted no reply blogger......... They must miss out on so much......stupid google plus...... I hate it..... That goodness they didn't force us to move to it........

gracie said...

Great post. I too find it frustrating not to be able to reply to comments. You gave given me the idea of asking in my comment intro. Thank you.

Kate said...

Good on you Anthea for getting this out there. I'm in agreement with you and feel badly when I cannot reply to the 'no reply' commenters and always hope they know it's because they are no reply. Mind you, there are many bloggers who do not reply to comments for whatever reason; for me, if someone leaves me a comment the polite and courteous thing to do is reply to it - perhaps that's old fashioned. :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I went through posting about this subject a while back. Most cases I know of involve that danged Google Plus. Personally I find no use of Google Plus, but I think most bloggers that are involved with it have businesses to promote. I like to reply to comments too. Mostly I get a notification in my gmail account and can easily respond from there. Sometimes I don't get notifications and I have found that is usually because the commenter is using an Apple product. I have tracked down those friend's email and added it to my gmail contacts. It takes some time, but well worth it to me to keep in touch with blog friends.

Great post.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

well said Anthea,hope it helps the no reply bloggers xx

kiwikid said...

Great post Anthea, I have had visits from Mia too, and it is frustrating not being able to reply. I really enjoy the conversations that come from blog posts.

Jeanette said...

Well said Anthea. The 2 ladies you mentioned often leave comments on my blog & i hope they aren't thinking i'm rude because i don't reply. I feel bad but what can i do when they are no reply. There is also another lady who comments on my blog comes up as no reply but when i visited her blog to leave a comment & mention about the no-reply & she didn't change it. Hugs,xx

Fiona said...

Like you I prefer to answer all my comments. Lots of people don't respond to my comments, so I guess they are also happy to comment and not get replies. I have also found (by chatting to them) that sometimes even with all the settings right it just comes no reply. Mostly that seems to be a different blog writer though.


Susan said...

Absolutely!! Well said!!!
I do find that sometimes I can click on who responded and find their email that way - but its a tedious process at times and I don't always have the time to track them down.

Wendy B said...

good on you Anthea....I've been victim to the dreaded Google+ no reply bug and even when I think I've fixed it, I still don't really know if I have or not! Fingers crossed I've fixed it to date but that rotten Google+ certainly has a lot to answer for! xox

Brigitte said...

I found out that many no-reply bloggers don't know that they are on ne-reply. And some don't know how to change that. Good post from you for them.

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