Sunday, 17 December 2017

Retreat Report

Thursday the 7th of December saw me tootle off to Retreat.
Not really the best timing for Retreat, so close to Christmas, but I wasn't going to miss it, that's for sure!
We had the heat to contend with & the awful biting flies outside... so we made best use of the air-conditioner in our workroom.
Fortunately, the forest setting means it cools down at night.... great for sleeping... except for the night I was kept awake by some shameless kangaroos enjoying some conjugal activities right outside my door!!
Well, they better have enjoyed it, given how long they kept me awake😉

As for what I worked on, I dubbed this Retreat suitably to reflect the projects I worked on... it was the Festival of Fiddly Projects.
I made a few blocks for my blue & white quilt... I already had a few HST ready to sew, so when they'd all been used, I had to get some more ready. The blocks take a while to piece together & require a lot of pressing, plus attention to making sure the points match. Fiddly for sure!
Truth be known, I'd not touched this project since last Retreat in July '17, so it was good to get it out again. So far, 8 blocks made, 8 more to make.

I also took my pinks & greys quilt project, which is inspired by a Kim Brackett design.
(Kim is the creator behind the 'Scrap Basket' series of books; these books are a fun combo of showing good use of 2½"strips, but each pattern also gives instructions for using scraps to make the same design. They're well worth a look. Her IG is @kim_brackett if you want to go for a look)
It was great to make a few more sets of blocks for that & be reminded of the pretty fabrics I've collected to make them.
Each WOF strip of print fabric yields 5 sweet little 4½" blocks.

Sue gave us a fun & easy workshop in making a "10 minute table runner" ... maybe some of you have seen them? I took some fun fabrics & am very pleased with the results of Sue's instructions... if you want to make your own, there are plenty of places online, plus videos, that give great instructions.

 I've already shared these cute little hexy flowers... I was particularly pleased to get the stripes so straight!

 We do our own catering at Retreat, & this time I was asked to bring a dessert... hello Triple Choc Brownies with cream & strawberries, yum...

 I could have got a lot more sewing done, but it was great to just kick back on a recliner & read my book, or leaf through a few craft magazines. These times also lend themselves to wonderful conversations & many laughs.
We had the joy of seeing a wonderful little bird one day, well known & much admired in this region... the Splendid Fairy Wren... they are hard to photograph (esp from indoors, LOL) so this pic isn't good, but just look at the colour of it... amazing!
Yes, Aunt Violet got into her Retreat mode... she was not as cheeky as she's been in the past... maybe the heat was keeping her a bit quiet... but still, she had a good time.
Can you spot her trying to blend in with the Santas?

Ever-social, here she is chatting with Kim's little puddings in their various stages of construction.

My work area always starts off so neat & organised, & by the time I need to pack up, I have stuff all over the place & taking up as much space as I possibly can😊

It was a wonderful few days & great to re-acquaint myself with those neglected projects.
Time with my sewing girlfriends feeds my soul, encourages me & inspires me... & results in many new Pins to my Pinterest boards!
I love the break from my home routine & of course not having to make every meal is a real treat.
It was hard to leave there on Tuesday & head home, that's for sure.

It's just going to take me a while to recover from my Conjugal Kangaroos trauma!!


Kate said...

Retreat looks and sounds wonderful. The conjugal kangaroos made me laugh. :)

Renee said...

It sounds like it was an amazing retreat (even with the memorable kangaroo trauma.) Your blocks are lovely. Way to go with the lines on your hexies - wow! I've been contemplating making one of these table runners. You have me even more inspired!

Helen said...

Sounds like you have had a fabulous time on retreat and sewing up a storm. Love your blue and white quilt project.

Susan said...

Funny to hear your tales of the your projects....especially the pink and brown.....I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes together. Sounds like a fun time, even though not such great timing.

Fiona said...

Great to get away and retreat to sew/chat etc... I did laugh at the kangaroos! Your blue and white blocks look wonderful - I always have trouble getting the points right. Love the cross blocks too - that will look really effective all together...


Cheryll said...

Ohhh that looks like FuN... and such wonderful if somewhat fiddley projects too.
Funny story...xox

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely retreat and lovely projects Anthea. Giggling about the "randy roos" lol!Those quick table runners are great. So glad you had a great time xx

Raewyn said...

It looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time Anthea!! Lovely to see your gorgeous projects...the blue blocks all laid out look great! The table runner looks like a fun little make too - it would have made a nice change from your fiddly projects!

Pamela said...

What a fun retreat!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Oh retreats are fun...loving the blue & white blocks, the fiddly is definitely worth it...

Brigitte said...

Everything looks like a lot of gorgeous projects you were working on during the retreat. And a little bit of relaxing and reading in between. Sounds perfect :)))

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