Thursday, 1 February 2018

Announcement: 'Christmas Through The Year' for 2018

Yes, we're only just recovered from Christmas of 2017... & here am I, writing about it for 2018!
Please bear with me♥

Back in mid-2013, I took up the hosting of this great little monthly linky... it's been a wonderful few years & I've been privileged to see some beautiful Christmas gifts linked up by participants.

Sadly, CTTY has been struggling along for a while now... a combo of issues contributed to this.
Last year, every month was either no links at all, or one link. Not only had I lost my enthusiasm for my own Linky Party, but it was virtually identical to another group that exists in the same corner of Blogland.
 It was not hard to realise that something needed to change.

After a bit of thought, & a few emails... a decision has been made.

Following on from a cyber conversation I've had with the lovely Narelle, who hosts the '1 Xmas Item A Month' blog, I'm pleased to announce that these two groups are MERGING!
CTTY is becoming part of 1-XIAM... 1-XIAM will remain exactly the same... & Narelle welcomes CTTY folks who wish to join in.
Thanks again Narelle for being welcoming of my approach & idea. Be assured of my support & participation.

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who joined me at one time or other over the years for CTTY... particularly my friend Lin, who has linked up so many times & been so supportive.

If you're interested in a relaxed & fun way to motivate yourself to make Christmas things through the year, please do go over to the 1-XIAM blog & check it out.


Kate said...

Change is progress, Anthea, good on you. :)

Fiona said...

Sounds like a good idea... the circle of life demands we make changes to move forward....

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthea sounds like a great idea ,hope you have a lovely day xx

Narelle said...

Happy that I was able to link up with CTTY on occasion when I had a gift to share.
A hard decision to close down ... Two heads are better than one and I look forward to collaborating with you over at 1-XIAM 😊
Every(elf)one is welcome 🎄

Michelle Ridgway said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea xx

Kaisievic said...

The first two satin hearts look perfect to me!

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