Saturday, 10 February 2018

Gotta Love Some Quick Makes!

During the week, I had a hankering to make something... something quick & easy... just to have a 'finish'... do you ever feel like that?!
Went for a rummage through my tubs... found some fun hearts print fabric & something to go with that... then a St Patrick's Day shamrock fabric & happened to have some green to co-ordinate with it too. Excellent!
Took next to no time to press & cut the fabrics... then when I was at Spotlight for something else later that day, I spotted this cute Easter fabric & added it to my basket trolley... found some great purple in my tubs & cut them too.

Thursday morning saw me in the Sewing Room nice & early... such easy sewing & fun results!
All three finished before noon. 

A peeper was added to a couple of them... so easy to do... I always machine-baste my peeper into
Not quite taking the ten minutes of their name, but I'm super-chuffed with these
"10 Minute Table Runners"
Cheery themes for special days... love them♥♥

How cute is the selvedge of the Easter fabric... little eggs!

Also while I was at Spotlight, there was a trolley filled with very heavily discounted candles... Oh I L-O-V-E candles... how could I walk past these beauties, for only $2 each?! (I bought 5!)
Smell divine even when not burning.

♥ ~ Have a Great Weekend ~ ♥


Ondrea said...

Well done! I think I have that pattern somewhere. Yours look lovely.

Kim said...

This is one of those patterns that I've been wanting to whip up. Yours look fabulous!

marina said...

They look fantastic! Will be great additions to your table.
Bargain nice smelling candles-well done
Love your badge lol

Maria said...

Those table runners are quick and easy to whip up and your three are lovely..
Enjoy your candles .i can't handle them at all.
Heard sad news today when in Textile Traders, all their stores will be closed by August.😱😰😭

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Very nice ❤️❤️❤️

Jo said...

Those runners are so easy to make... Did you put any wadding in yours.

gracie said...

Love the runners and I keep saying that even I could make them but have not.... yet.

Helen said...

They are on my to do list, yours looks great very effect with the peeper.

Jeanette said...

Love your runners Anthea. I keep saying i'll make them one day but never get around to it. I bought a Christmas kit about 2 years ago to make one of these runners but it's still sitting there. Maybe this year. :) Hugs,xx

Kate said...

Love your runners, Anthea and they're so cheery! Well done, you.

Lin said...

I know that feeling all too well! Love your runners Anthea. xx

Brigitte said...

These are really fun results. And would make great gifts.

Justine said...

Gorgeous runners! I love the peeping fabric, it just gives extra polish to the finish.

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