Tuesday, 7 August 2018

FINALLY I'm Back In Blogland!

Finally getting a chance to sign in to my blog, & say "yes I'm still around".
There's been a bit going on here lately, all of it GREAT!

For starters, I spent 20-24 July on Retreat with my patchwork friends.
I had just one day at home after that, to unpack & re-pack... because on the 26th of July, mrHS & I flew 1500km north to spend a few days with our DD-Y in her new town.
Both of these holidays were equally amazing, fun, satisfying & enjoyable in their own ways.

As always, Retreat was amazing... the weather was terrible, but we didn't care.
Great company, great food, cosy beds, warm fires, humour that was at times somewhat questionable, & of course plenty of wonderful sewing going on.

I took a few things to work on & made some happy progress... my Pinks & Greys quilt has always been a side-project, but I decided to make it more of a main project this Retreat.
These are the block sets I added:
There's no timeline for this project, I just enjoy to work on the blocks when I feel like it.
These blocks are made using the Cross My Heart quilt in the Kim Brackett book "Scrap Basket Beauties".

I also made a start on a pretty new project, using the layer cake fabrics that were prepared beforehand. This is a free design that was released in conjunction with the fabrics... yes, again it's my beloved half square triangles!
My Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing has been neglected for a few months now, so I took my opportunity to resume work...this duo are from the May colour of pinks.

Some hexy basting happened too:
And NO, that's not booze in the wine glass, it's water... god can you imagine if that was gin?!

A highlight for me at this Retreat was that I had been asked a few months ago by a few ladies, to do a lesson on the Open Wide Zipper Pouches I so enjoy to make.
So the Sunday afternoon had me taking the ladies through the steps & wow I was so pleased for them with how their pouches turned out! An added bonus was that a quartet of local ladies joined in too... they are pretty much beginner sewists & had made a simple shopping bag on the previous day in their own workshop, but were game enough to join in with the zipper pouch sewing, producing some amazing results.
Here is the result of the workshop:

As usual, it's beautiful to walk around the grounds of the Retreat facility... the gardens are lush from the huge rains received, the Chooks roam around & provide entertainment, the dam has overflowed for the first time in many years.

 Happy chickens in their yard... don't you love the HenHouse Door?!
 So many leaves, all banked up under hedges & out-of-the-way spots... such an array of shapes & shades.
Even the fairy lights in the trees surrounding the deck, so pretty in their own abstract way.
Retreat is always fab, & this time was no exception.
My workspace always starts out neat & organised, but descends into chaos as the days progress:

Sharing about the trip to see my daughter will have to wait for another day.
Thanks for dropping by, & it's going to be great to catch up on some posts & news from around blogland!


Dasha said...

Lovely bunch of projects you have going there Anthea!

Kate said...

Sounds divine, Anthea!!

Susie Hoover said...

I always do a double-take when my quilty friends talk about chilly weather when we are trying to survive the heat of summer! Lol! Great to see/hear from you again, Anthea. You always have such interesting projects that you're working on. Love those Cross My Heart blocks! The Open Wide Bags turned out great, but of course they did! Must have had a fabulous teacher! *wink*

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Maria said...

Looks like you've been kept busy sewing and travelling.
Lots of great projects you worked on and it's always lovely to visit our kids.

Justine said...

Nice to have you back! Your retreat sounds perfect and you've achieved a lot. I wish I lived nearer and you could teach me to make project bags!

Chookyblue...... said...

Great to see you back.. .. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time on retreat ... Busy girl .....

Kay said...

it sounds wonderful, and the wind open zip bags are great. I love being taught new techniques at the occasional class, it is so reassuring to have help on hand sometimes. x

Jeanette said...

Sounds wonderful. Love the projects you worked on. Hugs,xx

Fiona said...

Glad you had such a good tiem… blogland missed you! Lots of lovely projects on the go... I would have come to your zippy bag day too - those are gorgeous.

abbeysmum said...

So lovely to hear about your recent travels and fun retreat.
I too have been making project bags small and large, I used a zip ends treatment from Missouri star quilts Utube for zipped pouches, makes such a great neat finish and you can cut any zip to size ! then for the lining I used Textile Tutor Utube for the no raw seams lining (zipped, lined pouch Utube)

I just wanted to make 1 for a young beginner knitter but then it needed a notions pouch and decided the set would make great gifts for crafty friends, so having fun with fabric choices and zip pull beads.

So nice to see the ladies had fun and good results from your little class, it is such a joy to share knowledge and skills and start others on fun, creative projects.

kiwikid said...

Wonderful to see you back. Your retreat sounds wonderful, you have ao many beautiful projects on the go there.

Cheryll said...

Thanks for sharing your very enjoyable post. Love retreats...xox

sunny said...

Love the hen house door! How creative. Now that I know you teach classes for your zip pouch, you can come over and teach me!! Just let me know when, and I'll make sure the guest room is ready. Looks like you have lots of fun projects in the works. So glad you took the time to check in

Lin said...

Lovely to have the time to work on all those projects. I love the hen house! and the ladies did very well with their zipper pouches, well done you. xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Glad you're back. This is a great recap of what your busy self has been up to!!
xx, Carol

Helen said...

Sounds like a great time with lovely projects, you have been busy love your rainbow strap blocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthea good to have you back,i agree its always fun at retreat,love your pouches,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

Ondrea said...

Lovely to hear that you had such a great time with your DD and on the retreat. I love all the things you have done. Very productive times.

O'faigh said...

Retreats are the best enjoyed your post Anthea

Renee said...

It sounds like you have been having a great time! The retreat sounds wonderful and the pouches turned out great!

Deb R said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!

KaHolly said...

Oh, so much Quilty goodness to scroll through! I have a number of those projects that I only work on when I feel like it. I’ve ban making scrappy granny squares for two years now, and only have 34. I need up to 63, depending on how I join then for a twin. Eventually, it will get finished. I love that open wide zipper pouch pattern, but I have such difficulty with the zipper end. You know how you pull the zipper up out of the way? My two sides are never the same. Is there a trick? Enjoyed your post! XO

Brigitte said...

Such wonderful projects you are working on, Anthea. The retreat must have been a lot of fun, just as the workshop you were offering to he ladies. These little zippered bags are just so darling. and the ladies were doing a great job.

Janice said...

What a fun time. Thanks for sharing.

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