Tuesday, 26 April 2016

4th Tuesday... EPP Time!

Not much EPP happening for me in the last couple of weeks... I've decided to return to my Super Long Term hexagon quilt... so I've prepared & started work on a few more to baste and store.
Nothing like a bit of stitching while watching my favourite Marvel character Iron Man & his Avengers buddies battle the baddies & get the girl!

As always, the linky will be open until midnight Thursday 28th, W-Australia time.

I hope you'll join in - I'd love to see some new names on the linky!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Wonderful Retreat!

So yesterday I finally had to come back to The Real World... having spent a few days away with my Patch group buddies, it was hard to do! Isn't it wonderful how even a few days can feel longer, when they're filled with good times & great friends?!

The drive out to the town of Dwellingup is very pretty... sadly, this year some of it is scarred by the recent bushfires in the region... but evidence of new growth is everywhere.

Didn't take me long to get Miss Pfaff set up... & get to work on my main project... don't you love my view from my little work station?!

Of course the days are full of chatting & much laughing, refreshments, snacks & meals, sitting on the deck outside, magazine & book perusal, and plenty of sewing. Toss in a 60th birthday High Tea, a stunning roast lunch on Saturday, a toast for a recently deceased group member & a swig of port each evening.
As for the meals, I'll just say we wanted for nothing... it seemed that the fridge was growing its own food, there was so much of it... good thing the grounds are so lovely for a long walk around!
Last year I started working on a quilt I'd seen on the Moda Bakeshop site... & then it got packed away for a few months... take a look at it now!
I've pieced together all 12 blocks that make up the quilt... they're big ones at 20inches square... here are half of them on a design board... pinned for admiring, not for final layout... I'm so pleased with what I achieved.
 The fabrics are a range called 'Honey Honey' from Kate Spain... love, love, love this range.

The writer of the tutorial suggests to press all seams open... I'd never done that consistently throughout a project before, but decided to do it this time... it's a fiddly process but wow the seams are so flat & look so sharp, even where columns & rows meet in a seam corner... care & patience is the key to success here.

We played a game after dinner one evening... Strip Poker... but not as you know it!
A jelly roll is divided evenly between all players & fabrics are gained or lost depending on the roll of the dice.
Golly, there was much silliness going on with this one... and guess who the final winner was?!
Me, yay!

Apparently I have to make a quilt with it within a certain period of time... but I'm not sure whether the game organiser was serious or not... it's possible she's not! In any case, I already have an idea. Batiks are definitely not a fabric style I like, & these colours are hard to love, but I'm sure I could make something work.
 It was a fab few days, & I'm so grateful to have these ladies in my life... just the re-charge I didn't realise I needed.

Thanks for popping by & have a great week!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for April

Welcome to 'Christmas Through The Year' for April!

Do you not just l-o-v-e this kittycat fabric?!
It's going to become the last of the zipper pouches I'm making for 5 very precious little people in my life.
If you'd like to join in, all the CTTY info is in the tab at the top of the page... I'd love to see a few names on the linky!
The linky is open until midnight 23rd April, W-Aust time

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Some Finishes & Getting Ready For My Little Break

 Last year, I unearthed a long-forgotten couple of metres of this great pineapple print light canvas... & for some reason, I cut it all up into various sizes with the intention of making zipper pouches... evidently quite a few, as it turns out... The cut pieces & lining have languished in a tub for these months, until last week when I was looking for something easy to sew.
So now, they're going in the Giftie Box!
(I might keep one, I just love the pineapples)

A couple of evenings have been spent working on a happy little Christmas cross stitch...
Yes, it's a reindeer... he's going to become an ornament for my 1Xiam efforts... I've been so slack with that so far this year.

As for the 'getting ready'... yes tomorrow I'm off to the very pretty & very green little town of Dwellingup... which is about 43km south-west of my home... even though our accommodation is only a short distance from the town, it's surrounded by dense forest... just beautiful!
It's not great for internet, which is bad for keeping track of football scores, but generally means more sewing & stitching gets done!
I'll be sure to take lots of pics & share a few when I'm back.

My projects are organised & ready to put in the car... & of course there's a bag of goodies coming with me... chocolate, wine, Camembert & crackers, my breakfasts & lunches... plus I've prepared the evening meal for Wednesday night for everyone.
I'm off first thing on Wednesday & return Sunday. Looking forward to it!

 I've got a Scheduled post ready for 'Christmas Through The Year'... I'd love to see a name or two on the linky... the months are creeping by!

(You will please forgive me not responding to Comments/emails until Monday)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... It's EPP Tuesday

Well, I jumped ahead of myself last week, sharing my finished EPP work on the Hatched & Patched 'Tea Party Table Runner'.
Here's a look at an idea I have for finishing it... simply to layer it with backing, wadding & a background fabric, applique/quilt it all-in-one, then bind. This is not the way the pattern says to work it, but I think my idea is going to give me something I'm happier with.
When this is done, I'll make a return to my scrappy super-long-term quilt project... gotta keep it progressing or else I'll be 104 & it still won't be finished!

If you're working on an English Paper Piecing project at the moment, I'd love you to share it with PYT readers... it's so easy to do... all the info is in the PYT tab at the top.

Autumn weather is finally here... welcome rain & cooler nights, and lovely daytime air flowing through the house... And just the right time to get new plants in the gardens! There might be a hibiscus or two. Pics soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

'Sunshine & Daisies'

Yay, my bits & pieces are a finished quilt top!
It's been a great project to do a bit here & a bit there, over the last few months.

'Sunshine & Daisies' is from The Red Boot Quilt Company... Toni designs such fun & achievable projects... & bonus, she's Australian.
The quilt is 65inches square... I was just in need of something fun, easy & cheery... this fit the bill perfectly... it's off to the quilters this afternoon.
 I'm sorry the pics aren't too good, for some reason it was just tricky getting decent pics this time.

A few months back I shared that my Patchwork group are doing a Friendship Mystery Quilt... round robin style, so we each end up making a block for each other lady, in their colour/style choices.
We each wrote up a card featuring our own preferences, samples & requests on it... many of us also provided yardage of our preferred backgrounds or a feature fabric. That card & the fabrics go in a bag, & that bag is given around month by month, by our co-ordinator Sue. Sue also gives us the instructions for the blocks.
We give our sewn blocks & the bag back to Sue... she keeps the blocks stored for us... so we never see what else has been made. When we each have sewn a block for each of the other 17 ladies, we'll have a special event in which we'll each be given all the blocks made for us... hope all that makes sense!

I don't want to share full block pics here, but I think I can get away with sharing a little of what I've sewn up to now... I've only found one block so far to be quite hard, & it's certainly been interesting to work with some of the colour choices. I'm learning a lot as I go, that's for sure.

Bye For Now!

Monday, 4 April 2016

I'm Early For Something? Really?!

Golly me, one minute I can't get myself motivated, next minute I'm a week early for something!
 Yep, I'm scratching my head in confusion.

Indeed I had my weeks mixed up... only dawned on me when I started writing this post that it's not the 2nd Tuesday of the month! Too bad, I'm sharing a pic anyway...
Ta-Dah, finally, I have finished piecing together the EPP component of my Hatched & Patched 'Tea Party Table Runner'... not bad for having started it in 2013, or was it 2012?!
 So glad to have this stage finished!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Friday Night With Friends for April

After my previous post, I'm happy to report this one is more cheery for sure... actually I feel a bit embarrassed about it really, but I'm moving on.
Cheryll has again brought together stitchers near & far for FNWF... thank you Cheryll & it was great to know that I was in such good company with all the other fab ladies!
My Friday was spent doing about 26 cross stitches on a project... the conversation with my Patch group ladies was far too interesting for stitching while talking, so the talking won.
As you can see, I've also been adding the little half-hexy's & fussy cut wholes around the edges of the Tea Party Table Runner... it's almost a finished top, woo hoo.
Can't wait to sit tonight & check out what everyone else got up to!

The gods must have been hearing my pathetic bleating this week... & sought to cheer me up.
I had been drooling over some fabrics & patterns for a new months now, but resisted because of my current sewing space situation... but a couple of weeks ago, I finally relented & Thursday saw a box of heart-lifting goodness arrive at my front door.

A fat quarter bundle & some yardage of 'Gooseberry' by Lella Boutique, plus a roll of Daysail which was a bargain.
I'm not in a hurry, but the contents of this box will eventually become 3 quilts, with a few leftovers for future projects. "Hark" The Fabric Angels Sang!

Thanks for popping by & I hope you have a great weekend

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A Whole Lot Of Not Much Going On...

Well, certainly not much stitching going on that's for sure!

Our Easter weekend was lovely & quiet... As a Catholic family, we do attend the various Masses & ceremonies, of which there are quite a few at Easter... so we deserved the choccy's on Sunday!
We went for a tootle in the Alfa, which was so lovely.

We'd hoped to get some finishings done on the workshop for mrHS, but our idea was a resounding failure, so we'll be attempting Plan B this coming weekend.
There's still no move-in date for my new room, but that's ok, it will happen when it happens.

In a few weeks, I'm going to be away for a few days... sewing with my Patch group buddies... I went last year & it was fab... this year I'll stay longer, because I have the chance to do so... Woo Hoo!
I'm really hoping that Miss MoJo will come with me... seriously, I'm so flat & uninspired... I have a project in mind to take with me, which I really hope will give me a boost... more on that later.

My Red Boots Quilt Co top is nearly finished, & I'm really quite pleased with it... more on that later too!
Thanks for dropping by & putting up with my gloom... I promise I won't do it next time!

Hoping to feel like this again soon:

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Just In TIme...

"Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a Spider can..."
The Amazing Spiderman is now also a couple of fab pressies!

Two zipper pouches for stashing in my CTTY Giftie Box... don't you love them?!
Just the right size for a take-along selection of action figures, Lego, rocks, cars or whatever boys like to have with them.
Now just to label them with who they're for & pop them in the tub. I'm hoping for happy nephews at Christmas time.

 My lovely blogging friend Kim, over at Wisdom With Needle & Thread, is doing an incredible number of 'Random Acts of Kindness' in honour of her Birthday (it's got a ZERO at the end of it!)... If you'd like to see her idea & join in the fun, head over here
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