Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Fourth Tuesday of The Month...

The fourth Tuesday of the month is 'Piece Yourself Together' time...
I've returned to doing a few little bits & bobs for my SuperLongTerm Hexagon Project (ie quilt), by way of cutting some more fabrics in readiness for basting... yes, don't gasp, I'm including blues in this project!
I haven't actually counted how many hexagons I have already accumulated for this quilt, so methinks it would be a good idea to do so, don't you? I'm thinking I want to make the quilt about 60" x 70", but I'm yet to give thought to how I want this quilt to look. I'm not in a hurry...

Have you been EPP'ing?! Why not link it up?!
The linky is in my right-hand sidebar as usual & is open for everyone to join in...
It will close at midnight Thursday, W-Australian time.

If you'd like to know more about PYT, please just click on the tab at the top of the page

Monday, 24 August 2015

Late For My Own Linky!

Well, late with the posting of what I made for CTTY... but I promise the items were actually finished in time!

The fun strawberry print is a furnishing canvas that was purchased for another purpose a few years ago, but evidently never used... I was going to get rid of it, then had an idea to cut it all up & make it into some different sizes of zipper pouch... no pellon or interfacing needed for this fabric...
Too Cute!
There will end up being quite a few pouches made with this fabric & I think I'll be keeping a couple for myself, I've quite fallen in love with the results!
So these two are going into my Giftie Box of things for December giving & will be joined by some others too in the coming months.

Sickness remains as an unwelcome visitor in our home... as a family we don't really get much in the way of winter illnesses, but seriously this past month has been ridiculous... so my soup pot is constantly bubbling away with some sort of nourishing brew & there's a number of boxes & bottles of 'cold & flu' remedies. Don't you just hate it when sickness just lingers?! I do...

Right-o, going to go do some sewing while the 'patient' sleeps!
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead xo

Thursday, 20 August 2015

CTTY Time Again!

There must be some Christmas gift sewing happening in blogland by now... things being made & put away in readiness to give in swaps or to a family member when the Christmas Season comes...
If you're doing that, you're very welcome to link it up here & show us what you've made!

It's easy to do, simply share the item on your own blog, then come back here & make a direct link to your blog post... easy...

I'll be sewing with these & sharing the results in a few days
It's a really wintery day here today... perfect for some secret sewing... went for a look at the beaches this morning after school drop-off... wow so windy, thundering waves & the rain was fierce too... I love it! But bad luck I didn't have my camera...

I hope to see some wonderful Christmas gift sewing being shared!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A No-Sneeze Cat & A Start I Didn't Need

I'm loving my cross stitching lately, can't you tell?!

This little finish is one kitty that I do love... normally I have terrible allergies when I'm within coo-ee of a feline, so this one suits me fine... not sure what I'm going to do with it, so I've just tucked it away safely for now. Cute, or cute?! At 2" x 2½" it's definitely sweet...

Now for the start I didn't need... seriously, "can someone tell me why I started this one?" 
 I went searching in the Overload on Friday for something to take to Patch group, something not Pfaff-y because I'm not very inspired at the moment... I really didn't need something new to work on... oh well, it's started now & will be a nice easy no-think piece, so it can go on the WIP & WISP pile!
Every square in the design area is stitched, so that will keep my needle busy ;)

It's almost time for CTTY again... at least this month I don't feel so bad that I'm not ready for it, but I'm still hoping to have something to add to the Giftie Box for August, even if I am a little late... will you join me?

~ Thanks For Stopping By ~

Monday, 10 August 2015

Getting Back Into Life & Stitching...

Well, sort of, anyway!

Mr15 was discharged from hospital on Tuesday last week, after a 5-day stay... his appendix was in a bad way, so we're glad it's gone now... rotten little thing has no idea that mr15 has made it the butt of some very good humour... He is doing well now & has returned to school after a very life-changing few weeks... No sport for a little while will be a misery for me him!
Last week, I started & almost finished another little cross stitch kit... there was not quite enough thread to finish all the backstitch, so I've picked a near-enough-will-do thread colour from my box to finish it. Pic soon.
I've also added two more brown-eyed flowers to my collection... nice & easy things to stitch while not wholly concentrating. Sorry for the terrible pics.
 Oh, don't you love my new ironing board cover?! The other one had become so tatty.
(remember our emails, Susan?!)

As usual the 'Piece Yourself Together!' linky is open for everyone to join in... from 6am 11th August, to midnight Thursday the 13th.

This week I really need to get re-booted on a couple of secret projects I've been stalled on for a while now... there IS a deadline looming & I simply can't be late... so, anyone else in my house that gets sick, sorry your Nurse is off duty, LOL!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Million Thank-You's & 'Christmas In July' Swap

Aren't bloggy friends just so amazing?! I'm really so blown away by all the kind messages & supportive words from so many thoughtful people after my MIL passed away.
A Million Thank-You's To You All!

The last couple of weeks have been some of my hardest ever... I had such a great relationship with my MIL & it's going to be quite the adjustment to live my life without her in it... but I am relieved for her that her battle is over now & that she's at peace.
Her 84 years of life have certainly left a mark on everyone who knew & loved her.
I've either seen her, we've spoken on the phone, or had text message exchanges every single day since November last year, & I'm still having moments of picking up my phone... & when that happens, sometimes I laugh & sometimes I just drop my shoulders.

It was a bittersweet arrival home for DDY; her US trip was amazing for her & the benefit from the leadership program will be terrific, but of course it was hard to come home knowing that her beloved Grandma had passed away only days before she got back. Fortunately all of my kids had seen her very recently.

Right now, I'm just tired, sad & easily emotional... but I know that time & self-care will help ease all of that. I will miss her terribly. Thank You again for so many thoughtful messages, I appreciate every single one.
Just to make sure we had well-&-truly enough tough stuff going on, mr15 had an ongoing mid-range abdominal pain that started on Sunday 26th , which finally resulted in him having his appendix out under rather rapid circumstances on Friday evening!
The procedure was not a straightforward one; it was slightly perforated, infected & in an awkward position - yep, GROSS! So he's still in hospital... not entirely a happy camper... but we are at least relieved that it wasn't any worse.
Look what I found next to mr15's bed, a new-style thread catcher!
 I have to laugh at something or else I'd just crumble!
I've had enough sitting time to finish stitching my cheery little Penguin...
I'm happy to finally have the chance to share the Christmas In July Swap goodies I received!

My lovely partner Kerrie at Channelbank Creations has sent me some really gorgeous gifts & Kerrie I'm so sorry I've not had the chance to blog about it before now.
 I love-love-love the bunting! Kerrie also made me a darling Santa mini quilt, 2 little decorations & a sweet little bag.

I had the pleasure of stitching & sewing for Tania at Ollie & T
Don't you love the spelling on the goodie bag - Piece - oops!
Poor Holly had to become somewhat of a contortionist, so she could be posted...

Thank you Kerrie & Tania for making this such a great swap!

Ok, that's well & truly enough news from me. If you've read this far, you deserve a medal!
I hope to be checking in on some blogs soon, I do miss seeing what everyone is doing.

Have a Great Week

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fourth Tuesday of The Month... EPP Time Again...

It's time once again to
It was great fun to visit the ladies who joined me last time... so many great projects being worked on!

These pretties were finished a couple of weeks ago & will be added to my 'brown-eyed flowers' collection.

If you want to join in & share your progress, the linky is in the right-hand side bar.
The linky is open from 6am 28th July, closing midnight 30th July, West Australian time.

I do hope that you'll take the time to visit the ladies who are EPP'ing some lovely work!

This is a scheduled post & linky... set so it should publish in the event that I cannot attend to my blog.
COMMENTS cannot be left on this post, thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Taking Time Out...

Yesterday my Mother In Law passed away...
While I'm glad her struggle is over, my heart is just breaking so bad...

I'll be back in a week or so.

Monday, 20 July 2015

It's The 20th... Time For CTTY...

I'm sure there are some very organised folks out there who are starting to think of making some Christmas gifts... perhaps they've started already...
If you've been making Christmas pressies this month, I'd love you to share them here!
I'll be sharing my item in a day or two when it's finished... nothing like being organised for your own linky, huh?!

There is a great little thank-you prize this month for one lucky person.

The linky is open from 6am Monday 20th, & closes at midnight Thursday 23rd, West Australian time.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Friday Night Stitching...

Wonderful Wendy has hosted another fab evening for us... Thanks Wendy x
My week has been very full & quite challenging, so it was really lovely to just sit for a while & do some easy cross stitching.
This heart was a little kit that my DDC was given ages ago... I had started it earlier in the week & finished it last night by stitching the purple on the heart & the green lines. Seems odd the way the lines don't frame the heart evenly, but it's what the chart shows & I didn't have the brain space to figure it out any other way! I think I'll just stitch this one onto the front of a needlebook.
 Some energy boost was required before moving on to the next project:
I assure you I didn't eat all of this... DDC & mrHS were willing partakers!
(the Cadbury Breakaway was very disappointing... all broken & messy in the wrapper before I even opened it... I should have stuck with trusty TimTams, or Caramel Crowns)

Picking up the needle again... this time, a cheery little Penguin... the Aida piece being so small, I sewed some scrap strips around the edges so I could manage it in a hoop.
The magazines I was buying often had a little kit, so I've kept the ones I will stitch & ditched the rest... they'll come in handy for a quick project!
 Very satisfying evening of stitching, even though it was not a lot done, it was very therapeutic.

DDY who is currently in the US... her university program is finished now... she & her bestie are going to San Francisco for a few days before heading home... Of course she's having a WOW of a time.

~ Thanks For Popping By & I Hope You Have A Wonderful Weekend ~
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