Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Few More Hexy's & My Lovely Saturday...

Slowly, slowly, slowly... a few more hexy's for my tub...
Hexagons are such a simple shape... so easy to do... & I'm smiling on the inside because in a couple of months I'm going to start stitching them together into blocks... yay!

I had the loveliest day on Saturday!
In April when we were on Retreat, one of the ladies showed us two gorgeous quilts she'd made, using a block she called Indian Hatchet. It was great of her to agree to come & show us a bit more about how to piece it & lay it out as a quilt.
I got all my fabrics pressed, cut & marked in preparation for the day... so all I had to do was learn how to sew the block, then get Pfaff-ing on it! Woo hoo.

I'd been wanting to do a black & whites with greys type of thing for ages... so this was my chance... what do you think?! This is my progress so far... just sewing the blocks then laying them out to appreciate them... tossing in a pop of pink here & there... I'm loving it so far!
This is my work space for the day... hhmmm, I seem to be taking up a lot of room there!
There was only a small number of us sewing, which was a shame considering how many members we have, BUT our little gathering was so very enjoyable & rejuvenating.

This is going to be yet another great project to just potter with... sew a few blocks now & then... something easy that will give me a happy result... fabulous!

Thanks for popping by & I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday♥

Monday, 20 June 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for June

Wow the months are flying by... time for CTTY again!

All the information you need for CTTY is in the tab at the top of the page.

I hope you'll join me in making, blogging about & then stashing any non-Christmas themed items you're making as gifts.
I'll be sharing mine in a couple of days... not quite finished just yet.

Join Me?!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Not Very Productive FNSI...

Friday Night Sew In for June... thanks Wendy for hosting us!
I had every intention of being busy & getting lots done... but no... didn't happen!
I spent Friday at Patch group... finally got around to cutting the pieces I need to make the kitty zipper pouch, & even pinning the pieces to the zip... which took me a whole 20 minutes to do.
After that, I pinned a few more pieces to their zips...took me a solid half-an-hour... this is the last of the strawberry print canvas fabric... I cut it months ago but obviously not sewn yet.
I did also help a lady at Patch group, with a bag she's making... the pattern is a bit confusing, but the fact she'd sewn things somewhat out of order, certainly made it interesting for me... but we worked it out in the end & her bag will be great.

♥Have A Great Week & Do Something You Love♥

Thursday, 16 June 2016

No-Fuss Swap... Kapers in the Kitchen...

The ladies at No Fuss Swappers have done it again!
The most recent swap for this fun group is themed 'Kitchen Kapers'... these are such fun & straightforward swaps... if you're not already familiar with No-Fuss, I hope you'll pop over here to see what they're about.

This time we were tasked with sending: a tea towel, a recipe card with recipe on it, a spatula, a wrapped cookie & a cookie cutter.

My parcel of goodies went to the lovely Melody:
The recipe I sent to Melody is a family favourite here, Mocha Brownies... It's taken from a Women's Weekly cookbook I've had for many years, never fails & is easy to make.
(Golly, I really need to change that ironing board cover, or stop using it as staging for my photos, it looks terrible!)
And I received my goodies from the ever-busy Shez:
Can't tell you how handy a lloonnggg spatula is Shez, Thanks ;)
 And the Hibiscus Offspring send their thanks too, they're already using the spatula for getting the last peanut butter from the tub!

Now it's time for me to get my skates on & get to work on my Christmas In July items... I adore this swap & I'm excited for what I have planned to make... secret sewing underway!

This is a quick post for the morning, but hopefully I'll have access to a computer again this evening, so I can catch up on some blog reading, see what everyone's been doing... have a great Thursday xx

I leave you with a bloom from a new plant hibiscus in my garden... oh those colours... sigh...

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

2nd Tuesday of the Month... EPP Time!


The tub of hexagons is getting really full now... over 1,900 happy little shapes in there... what a riot of colour!

I'm looking & thinking in earnest now, about what sort of layout/design/pattern my quilt should be... & what background to use... I have some ideas... don't want to go with any of the more commonly seen looks... if you have any suggestions, I'd love to know!

This fortnight I've added 54 reds to the tub...

Have A Fabulous Tuesday!

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Chookshed Party, My Sunday

The news has been carrying some terrible images of the destruction & flooding happening over east in Australia at the moment... so the fact that my Sunday was simply a cold day is a blessing.

I think I made really good use of the day by continuing to put a few things into my new room, mainly books on the shelves. My big focus for the day was to keep going through my plethora of cross stitching magazines & take out only the projects that take my interest.
Turns out I had almost 150 magazines... yes I'd been buying them for a while... Well, I got on a roll flipping pages & tearing a few things out... box after box, mag after mag... my recycle bin is going to be heavy this week... And look what I've got left:
 Grandma Violet is a hoarder, so she is not impressed with my efforts!
They'll go into a file so they're easier to access.

This is the current state of my cube shelves... So far, the books & mags are going in the left side cubes... I have a nook for my coffees & cups... And you might just be able to see the Chook Family in their new home, with a couple of friends too...
 Methinks they'll be wanting some interior decorating!

My pressing/ironing board is ready to use now too... made the finishing touches on Sunday morning... sharing pics soon in case anyone is interested.

I've added a few decorator items too... a darling mini Maria sent me a few months ago & a card with some inspiring words on it...

Couldn't resist this candle... I'm not burning it yet, but the scent is great for diffusing the smell of fresh paint & flooring glue!

Considering I still had the usual domestic chores to do, (I think I have 17 kids, there was so much undies to hang!) I'm happy with my efforts over the weekend for the Chookshed Party... I've even found a couple of new blogs to read, thanks to the list over on Chooky's blog.
Thanks for hosting us once again Chooky... glad to see your own Shed was packed with fun, laughter, food & friends.

Today is our 'WA Day' public holiday... I'm going to keep the party going even though it's officially finished... yay!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Chookshed Party, My Saturday

Once again it's time for the annual Chookshed Party... looks like quite a few ladies in blogland are making a wonderful event of it... woo hoo!
For me, this weekend is about starting to get established in my new sewing room.
I did make something in the room today, but not by sewing it... more on that in a minute.

Of course the Chook family have come for the party too... they were somewhat stunned by the new building... hadn't seen it until today, so they weren't sure if they were at the right place... I hope they're going to be happy in their new home!

 Anyway, down to the business of Chooky's party... I made my preparations yesterday, so I could get down to business this morning without delay.
This is what I achieved today: yes it's my brand new pressing station/board for my new room.

 Isn't it fabulous?!
It wasn't hard to make once I got some confidence... there is a little finishing required underneath it for stability. Positioned over the top of the hall table, it's a terrific size for my purpose. (Can you see my new iron?) I'll share some info about making this in another post soon, if anyone is interested.

I also spent a little time going through my collection of cross stitching magazines, while keeping one eye on the football... they definitely need a good cull... all this was in the box, but now I'm only keeping what's still in there!
8 more boxes to go...
 Sunday I'll finish my ironing board & go through a couple more boxes of magazines.

Party On!!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Meet The New Men In My Life...

Had a wonderful time on the weekend with some spunky men... Stanley & Allen...
and their friends Ryobi... and Ratchet... (I think their parents were on something when they were named!)

Anyway, the boys got their muscles flexing & worked their magic...
And we made... sewing room magic furniture!! (ah-ha, I hear you all with dirty minds!)

The hall table will be customised, & will become my pressing/ironing station... stay tuned for how that happens...

Fabulous big 16-cube bookcase/storage unit... lots & lots of work in this one for Allen & Ryobi...

 This table is actually a 6-seat dining table, but is now my sewing table...

All the instructions state not to employ Stanley or Ryobi... but seriously, how on earth is a person to get all the packaging open & the bolts tightened without those two strong & capable blokes?! Despite their reputation, these two guys can do 'careful and gentle' really well... thanks gentlemen... you know how to treat a lady!

Stanley had a terrific time, cutting up the boxes & foam from two items, & tossing it into the third box!

There is still some finishing off to be done in the room... tv, air-con, vertical blinds... but I can start putting my things in there.... just in time for Chooky's weekend of sewing & fun!

Can't tell you how excited I am♥

Thursday, 26 May 2016

'Sunshine & Daisies" Quilt... Finished, Woo Hoo!

Do you ever have times when you just really love what you make?!
Well, I'm having one of those times right now.
I. Love. This. Quilt.

Making this quilt has been more than just the sewing for me... it's been a real therapy... it's been fun & it's definitely been something outside my usual choices of design & colours.

I wasn't convinced I liked the birds around the border & initially decided not to use them... but in the end the birds won & for fun I did one different to the others, which you see on the right below.
 Don't fall over, look at the backing colour:
And yes I even love that too!

"Oh, let me be in this photo shoot"... funny little Site Manager


Thank you Toni at Me & My Red Boots for such a cheery design.
Toni is an Aussie designer of quilts & softies... great designs & fun characters. I hope you go check out her site, it'll make you smile! (no she's not paying me!) 

 'Sunshine & Daisies' is about 64inches square, & is certainly going to bring sunshine to the dreary winter days ahead.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

EPP-ing, Kind Of...

Um... it's a bit hard to do English Paper Piecing without the pieces... somehow I ran myself out of hexagon shapes to work with... duffer me!
But at least I have some fabrics to cut while I wait for shapes to arrive... & I'm starting to think about background fabrics... do I use a few, or just use one... hhmmm, decisions.
 Last PYT, Paula shared her stunning hexagon quilt finish. It's been quite the commitment from Paula to continue working on this one over a few years, so I hope you will pop over to her blog & see her stunning work, HERE

Can't wait for a big ol' blog catch-up on Tuesday... I love seeing what everyone is up to!
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