Wednesday, 29 October 2014

'Tis The Season' Update

Just thought I'd pop in & share a pic of all the stitcheries for my Tis The Season wall hanging... I actually completed the last one a couple of weeks ago, but only just remembered I'd not shared it here...
I won't be cutting the fabrics for the blocks this week - perhaps next week that will happen - but boy am I really looking forward to getting this on the wall for the approaching Festive Season.
I've loved working these little designs throughout the year, & being part of the '1 Xmas Item A Month' blog has given me a great incentive to stick with my commitment to make regular progress on this great little quilt... & not let it become a UFO!

A few more sewing sessions in the next couple of days should see me finish my jewel-y brights Scrappy Trip blocks & quilt top. Part of me will be glad, I confess I'm kind of getting a bit sick of it... or perhaps it's more like disenchantment because it's not going to end up as I originally imagined, but I'm sure I'll still be happy enough, especially given that this quilt came about as an experiment made from garage-sale-find fabrics!

Friday, 24 October 2014

'Travelling Treasures' Is Departing & CTTY Winner

Well I have been quite remiss in announcing both of these, oops...

The Travelling Treasures continues its never-ending sight seeing tour around the country...
keep an eye on your post box, here it comes!

A BIG THANK YOU to each of the ladies who linked their gifts with CTTY this month - you ladies are so clever! You'll be giving some very individual pressies this Festive Season...
~ Bev - Kainga Happenings ~
you need to keep an eye on your post box too, the little Lynette Anderson kit is yours!

If you're not familiar with Barb or Bev, I really encourage you to go for a look at their blogs - both of them are very clever with their creating - Barb's crochet is just stunning & for you garden lovers Bev regularly shares pics from her amazing gardens...

There's nothing very interesting to report from HibiscusHQ this week... had a couple of sessions of sewing together more strip sets for my brights Scrappy Trip quilt; there is plenty more of that needed... I remembered where I'd stashed the fabrics for my Tis The Season wall hanging, so part of next weeks plan is to cut them & start sewing the blocks.

Today at Patch group, I somehow ended up making name badges, in readiness for giving to new members when they join; they are fiddly to make but golly they're cute. They're all made to the same basic design, but of course I had a little fun making sure there is slight differences, plus each person eventually does their own embellishing too. (Much nicer to be given one upon joining, than being given the box of supplies & told to make your own - as happened to me!)

Monday, 20 October 2014

'Christmas Through The Year' October Link-Up

Yikes, is it that time again?! Yes it's CTTY time!

I was able to come good on my prediction that my item for this month would be ready early... we had very dreary weather here for much of the weekend, so I managed to sew all the binding on Saturday...
Voila! A Disappearing Nine-Patch table quilt/topper, about 28 inches square, ready for the giftie box. I'm chuffed to say that box is getting rather full, woo hoo...
 I know there's a lot of secret sewing for Christmas gifts going on at the moment, but if you've made something that you're able to share here, I'd love you to do just that!
And if you do, you might just win this:
Everything you need to make two very sweet little Lynette Anderson pincushions - perhaps one to gift & the other to keep for yourself?!
I hope you'll join me!

~~ Have A Wonderful Week! ~~

Friday, 17 October 2014

FNSI For October

Yay it's the weekend!

It's been a lovely Friday... Dropped mr14 off at school then went for the little drive out to my Patchwork group for the duration of the school day... The ladies are great company as always & we
get talking about the most interesting & varied subjects...

I worked on finishing a stitchery piece that's been on the pile for months... now it's ready to be made up into a mini-quilt... it's the same stitchery I used earlier in the year for a swap.

I also made up the binding for the table topper & sewed it on, ready for turning over & stitching into place... oh my, does this mean I'll have a CTTY item ready ahead of time?!

Thank you Wendy for having us again for Friday Night Sew-In... you've had a lot going on in your life lately, so we all appreciate you hosting us xo
To see the list of other participants, just click here

Remember the Christmas calendars/wall hangings I made up a few weeks ago, for selling in the shop at Patch group? I'm pleased to report that one of them has sold, woo hoo! Now I need the other one to sell...

No border fabric was to be found for my jewel-y brights Scrappy Trip Around The World, so I decided to just make the quilt bigger... it's going to end up 6 x 6 blocks, with no border...more blocks need to be made, so they will be something to potter with in the coming weeks. Strange thing with this quilt is that I found a fabric that's great for the backing, but I don't like it as a border... 
or is it me that's strange, LOL 

~ I Hope You Have A Great Weekend & Get To Do Something You Love ~

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I'm Joining My First Ever BOM!

My. First. Ever!
My days of calling myself a non-quilt-maker are officially over... So now I'm going for 'maker of simple quilts who will sometimes be brave enough to try something harder'... or something like that!
 It's time for a challenge, & this will do the trick I'm sure...
This BOM was recently promoted via The Quilting Gallery blog... & participants are assured that the "blocks look way more complicated than they are". Just what I need!
This is the link if you'd like to go for a look.

This morning I purchased my fabrics
So now I'm just looking forward to the learning & the achievement... & the end result of one very pretty (& hopefully well-pieced) quilt♥

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

This & That...

The last few days have been great... finished the secret sewing I was doing for FNWF the other week... ordered some fabric that I can't wait to sew with. (as if I have nothing here already!)... got started & made great progress with my CTTY item for this month.

There was also a totally delicious cake in honour of my two darling girls turning t-w-e-n-t-y...
heavens I can hardly think of how these years have zoomed by!
 We have another car in the family now - purchased late last week by one of my girls - a cute little red (2nd hand) Hyundai Getz.
Methinks we need to take up some front lawn & create more parking, the driveway is full!

A few weeks back I was browsing in a newsagent, & set eyes on a new-to-me magazine called "Down Under Quilts"... no doubt some of you are familiar with it... it's an Australian publication & wow there are some great projects in there... I'm totally loving the Churn Dash quilt done in purples! The quilts are fresh & modern... and it's great to read about Australian designers & events.

Don't forget to have a look at the Travelling Treasures here, & leave me a Comment on that post if you would like to receive it - I'll be drawing a name on the 20th.

Now it's time to make a cuppa & head into the Sewing Space for a bit of sewing... but before I go, here's a pic of the Site Manager with his cute little jacket on... he seems to have adjusted to his short hair now & won't be needing the jacket much anyway, now that the warmer weather is here.

Sorry, one last thing... does anyone know what has become of 'One Flower Wednesday'? Hosted by Karen over at Journey of a Quilter. I plan to start making hexagon flowers again, & went to look for the weekly linky, but it looks like she's stopped blogging... she's not replied to my email either.
Weekly linky or not, I will start making flowers anyway, but I'm just curious to know what's happened to OFW...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Travelling Treasures Is Here & The 12" Summer Mini Quilt Swap

Last week I received two parcels of lovely mail...
Firstly, I'm sharing the arrival of the Travelling Treasures... I've been coveting this parcel of goodness for a little while, because it contains a cross stitch design I'd love to stitch... & there are some other lovely items in the Treasures too. Want a closer look?
 All that, in ONE package!

Here's what I'm keeping... I think Birdhouse Row will be a great design to work on during the summer holidays...

And pictured below is what I'm adding in: a crochet-print fq, a length of fun cotton tape/trim, 3 quilt labels, & a pattern for a darling little Lynette Anderson Designs needlebook.

The Travelling Treasures originates with Debbie over at Sweet Little Cottage, & it's sure been to some lovely places (& people!) around the country...
If you'd like it to come to your place, all you need to do is leave a Comment on this post, clearly stating that you'd like to have it. (You're welcome to Comment even if you'd don't want the TT!)
This package is only open to Australian & NZ residents.
As you can see, there are some great items in it & all you need to do is 1) decide what to keep, & 2) replace those items with something equally as lovely! then 3) announce a new person on the 20th of the month.

The next person will be announced here on my blog, on the 20th of October.
This year I have been part of the 12 Inch Mini Quilt Swap group, co-ordinated by SwapMumma Cheryll. Our final mini quilt for this year had the theme of SUMMER & my mini was sent from the very clever Sisbabe Stitching. I love the bright colours & wavy quilting!
Can't beat the ubiquitous Aussie summer footwear!
Thank you so much Sisbabe!

*~* Happy Wednesday Everyone *~*

Friday, 3 October 2014

Secret Sewing For FNWF...

What a lovely afternoon I've had... cutting & sewing & making great progress with some secret sewing I can't show you.

I'm not too good at keeping track of the days at the moment (school hols do that to me) so I did my Friday Night With Friends without realising it!

Big Thanks goes to our wonderful FNWF host Cheryll... thanks for getting us together for a lovely day/evening/weekend of stitching & sisterhood.
You can see the list of participants here, & find out more about this great event here.

Quilt Top Progress & CTTY Winner

It's very remiss of me... forgetting that I hadn't announced a CTTY winner from the September Link-Up... naughty me...
~ Barb ~ You'll be receiving a little 'thank you' in the mail! Well Done!
Thank you so much to each of the ladies who joined in; it was a bumper month for link-ups, believe it or not!

Yesterday I sewed together the main part of my jewel-y quilt top... this is my favourite 4 x 4 layout for these blocks... I'm planning to add a single border & hoping that a predominantly dark fabric will look good, but that will be determined when I take it to the shop with me to look at options.
And no, I am not a whizz with my sewing - these are the first blocks I made, not the most recently featured strips!
Adding a border will make it about 60inches square.

Glorious weather here today - perfect for the Site Manager to do some sunbaking - (he thanks everyone for their concern) - & for me to do some secret sewing while there is a little quiet at home.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Long Weekend...

Yep, we have a long weekend which doesn't really feel like one, because it's the start of the school holidays for mr14.
The reason for this long weekend is that today is a public holiday to mark the birthday of The Queen... but this has always confused me, because while Western Australia gets it in September, all other States & Territories get it in June. (WA already has a public hol in June for another reason). Add to that, her actual date of birth is 21 April, & there's a separate 'official' birthday!

So I finally decided to do some research & find out why all these's all to do with the what time of the year is most likely to provide favourable weather for the Birthday Parade, aka Trooping The Colour... so if a British Monarch was born in the months of a dreary British winter, public birthday festivities were held off until sunshine returned & outdoor parades could be held.
Ah yes, something only the British Royal Family could imagine doing, huh?!
(more can be read here if you're interested)

Anyway, now that I have satisfied my curiosity, it's time to share something that's hopefully a bit more interesting!

Another stitchery is now complete, the 12th for my Tis The Season wall hanging. I am going to stitch all 13 of the designs provided in the book, so I can use one as a label for the back. While I'm stitching the last one, I'll have to cast my mind to where I've stored the fabrics I want to use for it; I've put them away so carefully that I can't remember for the moment where they are!
I'm not entirely happy with the standard of the stitching on this one, so I might end up re-doing it; getting the shapes & definition in Santa was quite tricky, & the door looks a bit odd.
yes, I am my own worst critic!

I've cut all of the remaining bright-coloured fq's into strips, ready to sew more Trip Around The World blocks. I didn't want any of it hanging around unused, so I'm just going to sew it all, & get it out of my Sewing Space. There will certainly be more than enough blocks to have fun with! This pic is closest to the colours, but they are not quite so bright...

The binding for my Halloween wall hanging has been stitched down, & I'm ready to start playing with my Halloween buttons to add some quirky interest.

And lastly, I created uproar in the family late last week, by agreeing to have The Site Manager clipped short... his coat had become so very thick during the winter that it would have been a bit of a trauma for him to get it brushed out... so here he is, all FOUR KILO'S of him...
Poor little guy can't even look at me he is so disgusted!
He gets cold so easily now, so I bought him a little jacket, which he happily trots around in (pics soon). And he's also keeping warm by rolling up on my lap when I sit to the sewing machine... yes, he's that small!

Sorry for such a long post... thanks for sticking with me...
Have a wonderful week ahead xx
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