Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Taking A Break

Greetings Friends x
This is just a little note to let you know that due to a most unexpected & unpleasant hospital admission last Friday night, I won't be blogging or reading for a while

Cheryll my CIJ parcel was delivered to me. I am not sure when I will be able to open the gifts & share them here... so I hope my beautiful ELF has an understanding heart.
There will be no Christmas Through The Year linky for July.
My emails will just have to wait.


Sunday, 13 July 2014

'Charmed I'm Sure' Table Runner... Finished!

So glad to finally be able to share these pics... the weather has been so dull here most of the week, so I couldn't get good pics... I finished the bind stitching last weekend...

"Charmed, I'm Sure" table runner - from Leanne's House - Leanne Beasley.
Fabrics are Kate Spain 'Honey Honey'.
I must confess to a major ♥♥♥ for these fabrics, totally!
The pink bind looks great & I'm happy with the thread colour I used for the stitcheries. They are the first ever half-square triangles I made, & (amazingly)most of them are accurate.
Thank goodness we have such a big table - the runner measures a whopping 25in x 49in!
Of course it could be adapted to any size & theme.
Now the only issue is that I want to keep it pristine, but our table is the only place it fits!
(am I being a bit precious?!) I give myself permission for that, for now at least, ha...


I have a couple of items that I am wishing to part with... if anyone wants to take them off my hands
please let me know. (A trade of a couple of fq's would suit me.)

Lynette Anderson Designs

Also, I played with some new EPP shapes a while back, but now I don't want what I made.
There is one fully stitched circle; the papers are removed & it measures 10in across.
The other 4 sections still have the papers in them. The colours in the pic are not quite true, but they are very close - the green is prettier, the red is not orange-y at all.
These I am willing to give away, either together or separately, to someone who will love them & use them.

Ok, time to go have some lunch... Happy Sunday Everyone.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday gave me this...
So I did this...
all the stitching within the 'v' above the heart at the bottom.
And take a look at what turned up in the park overnight...
As I type this, the owners are having a fun bounce on it, in their pj's!
The winds have been terrible & damaging... the rain & hail heavy... the temps low...

Have A Happy & Safe Tuesday x

Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Sewing With Friends & Mini-Quilt Swap Gifts

Today I've had the good fortune to again spend the day sewing with friends... chatting & getting some bind stitching done.
This morning I took the step of actually joining Pinjarra Patchwork & Quilting, officially... Woo Hoo! I'm so pleased to now be part of a little community that I can share my interest with!

As for Charmed I'm Sure table runner, I went with the pink bind after all & I'm happy with it. More will be stitched over the weekend.

I just have to share this with you... one of the ladies brought her recently finished hexagon quilt to show us... eight years in the making, all hand pieced & then machine quilted on her own machine.
It hangs over the edges of a King size bed... KING! It's big & it's beautiful & I'm so glad I've seen it...
(plus, I now have a hefty dose of hexy envy!)

Thank You Cheryll for hosting us again for Friday Night With Friends... if you'd like to see what other ladies got up to for their FNWF, you can go here to see the list.
A parcel of prettiness arrived for me yesterday... from new-to-me Sue who blogs at KiwiKids Page... a darling Mini Quilt for the swap co-ordinated by Swap Queen Cheryll.
Live a life of love, honesty, appreciation, kindness and strength... Sprinkled with a little silliness.

I love the words & I especially love the silliness - gotta have some of that in your life!
Sue added in some lovely extras which I will so enjoy to use... Thanks again Sue x

My mini quilt was posted off to its new home last week, so I hope it's there by now. I won't reveal the name of the lady, just in case. I am embarrassed to say that I had some confusion of exactly what the theme was for this one... so I hope my recipient will forgive if I've not quite met the brief.
Well, it's school holidays here in Western Australia, so mr14 is looking forward to a bit of downtime with his buddies & a 'boys holiday' with mrHS too... they both need it!
Oh, one last thing: JULIE KENNEDY if you're reading this, please can you email me... you're on 'no-reply' settings so I can't reach you in regards to the message you left on my Perth/WA Bloggers page.

*~~Have a Great Weekend & Thanks For Stopping By!~~*

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A New Project & '1 Xmas Item'

Some time back, well before I imagined that I would ever make a quilt, a Layer Cake came into my life, courtesy of a garage sale (Mum has an eagle eye!).... I had seen them online, but couldn't make sense of why anyone would deliberately buy fabrics already cut into pieces... ha ha little did I know, hey?!

Fast forward to now, & I have finally got around to making something with it... thanks to a great tutorial over at Samelia's Mum... it's called the "1 + 2 Quilt"...
 I cut my fabrics on Thursday night, & started sewing my blocks at patchwork & sewing group on Friday... somehow I managed to get 21 of 28 blocks fully sewn, in spite of stopping for coffee, chatting, lunch, chatting & more coffee! Well you can see how easy they are, they were perfect for doing at group.
 There are 4 blocks each of what you see above, & the layout alternates them with the remaining uncut layer cake squares.
The garage sale also yielded some co-ordinating fabrics; clearly they all were purchased with a plan in mind that never happened... so that's a score for me... I love these prints & I can't wait to get it all put together!
My '1 Xmas Item A Month' for June is another stitchery for my Tis The Season wall hanging... 6 done & 7 to go... I'm really loving these little designs... thanks Narelle for hosting us!
This block is called "Christmas Joy".
If you haven't seen it already, I hope you will take a moment to go & enjoy a look at Marina's breathtaking newly-finished quilt... pop over here... it's a feast for your eyes, I guarantee you!
My lovely blogging friend Maria has finished two beautiful quilts recently too, they are here.
I love to see the finished items of my blogging friends, somehow it inspires me to enjoy my own projects a little more.

Thank you ladies who gave me some wonderful food for thought in regards to the fabric dye/run issue... I have some thinking to do... looks like the salt idea will be worth trying...

Have A Great Week & Stay Safe xx

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Advice/Opinions Please...

Although I am definitely NOT a Domestic Goddess, I am very good with the laundry & there is rarely a stain, mark, odour or problem that beats me.
But, I'm stumped with this one & so I reach out to anyone who can help me...
I have a fabric that I plan to use for a very special project. Being that it's a dark colour - my best description is that it's a dark-violet sort of colour - I decided to hand wash it before using it.
Well, oh my goodness, there's a lot of colour in the washing water, it ends up looking like mid-strength blackcurrant juice! It's now in the laundry basin for the third time.
I'm only using a tiny bit of wash liquid, I agitate it in that solution for about 5 minutes, then I'm rinsing twice... each time using lots of water.
I'm not sure that 'Colour Catcher' sheets are the answer; my understanding is that they're designed for stopping colour from one item going into another item of different colour, not for actually setting the colour into a fabric to stop it running/bleeding altogether.
I've looked around online for information, but there is so much conflicting info, & any suggested products are not available here in Aus anyway.

I really don't want to resort to buying another fabric; I will only do that if I absolutely cannot remedy this situation.
Please if you can give me any advice with this I would be eternally grateful... I really need to be totally confident with it before I use it in my project.

PS: Yes I do also wear my heels when hanging the washing!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

'Pay It Forward' Ladies & CTTY Winner

Thank You to each of the ladies who put their names forward to be my Pay It Forward recipients...
 I'd love to send you each a little parcel, but will be keeping within the PIF guideline of three people.

~ ~ ~ Jeneta ~ ~ ~ Florence ~ ~ ~ Jacquie Morris ~ ~ ~

Some time in the next 12 months, you will get a little PIF parcel from me!! Congrats!
At your convenience, please email me your postal details.
I'm looking forward to surprising you all! x
Thank You also goes to the lovely ladies who linked their beautiful work with
Christmas Through The Year - as ever, you are creating some lovely pressies!
Christine - McDonald's Patch
MrRNG chose your number, so I'll be sending you a little thank you for joining in with me for June!
It's clear that a few of us are having problems with our blog Reading List... mine started on Monday night, & a look at the discussions board on Blogger Help gives me the understanding that this is a technical fault that Blogger should be sweating bullets to hurry up & get fixed.
Isn't it terrible how much it bugs us when these things don't work as seamlessly as usual!

I have taken advantage of this by getting some good sewing done on a very special project; that fabric that I so expertly pressed for my FNSI is now in place & looking just as I wanted it to!
I'm sure that the glitch will be fixed soon & then I can go check out what you all have been up to...
Saw this the other day...

And now, on this gloriously sunny but super-chilly morning, I am going to swan down to my local beachfront coffee shop to catch up with a friend... can't wait!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

FNSI Result

Once again Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs has brought us all together to sew or stitch in cyber-harmony... thanks Wendy! x
 I'm going to be totally honest here... & share exactly what I did last night for the monthly
I took mrHS to Perth yesterday for an appointment... then spent the very cold, wet & windy evening at soccer for mr14, finally arriving home at 9pm.

After drying off & getting into my slippers... I launched (at about 10pm!) into my planned effort for Friday Night sewing... I pressed one fabric piece for a new project, sat on the sofa for a moment to check out the AFL results... & promptly fell alseep... for an hour... & awoke to find everyone had gone to bed, & a terrible movie on the telly!
So there you have it, my least productive Sew In EVER... ha ha!
Now I can have fun visiting the other ladies who no doubt got more done than my dismal effort!
You can see the list here.

ox Have a Great Weekend xo

Friday, 20 June 2014

June Link-Up for 'Christmas Through The Year'

Ok ladies, it's time to link up once again... show off the pressies you're making & stashing away for Christmas.
Dare I even say it, we are half way through the year, so if you intend to give handmade gifts when the Festive Season rolls around, you might need to get a move on!

That said, I haven't made anything this month! I've already made all the pressies I really wanted to make, so now I am putting on my thinking cap again & making another list of things to make in the coming months.

Don't forget you can link up with CTTY any month of the year... as many or as few times as you wish... all the information you need can be found on the CTTY tab at the top of this page.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

'Pay It Forward' from Shez... & Who's Next?!

Back in October last year, I had the good fortune to be chosen as one of the people to receive Pay It Forward goodies from Shez.

I had not received PIF gifts before, so I was excited at the prospect of receiving 'surprise' mail.
Yesterday I'd been out for the morning & got such a buzz to come home to these lovely gifts from Shez...
 Thank You so much Shez - you made my day! Your stitching is just beautiful & I love the way you did the frame; it's already hanging in the Sewing Space! xx
So now it's my turn to PAY IT FORWARD... who wants to play??

My pledge is to:
1. Make a little handmade something for three people who opt in. International are welcome.
2. I will choose the 3 people with the help of Random Number Generator; you need to be a Follower of my blog.
3. It will be a surprise & will arrive when you least expect it. You will give me your postal details after you are chosen, then I will have fun leaving you to wait be surprised!
4. I must make & send my item to you within 365 days.

To get a handmade gift from me you have to play too!
1. If you put your name forward to receive from me, you pledge to make & send to three of your own readers.
2. It doesn't have to be 'quilty' but it must be handmade.
3. You must have a blog. If it's reasonably up-to-date, it helps the person making for you to get a feel for what you might like to receive.
4. Once you have received your mail from me, you must post about Pay It Forward on your blog & keep the fun going.

Please only put your name up if you can commit to full participation to Pay It Forward.

Wanna play?!
If you do, please leave a Comment on this post, stating specifically that you hope to be chosen & I will announce the three names on Monday 23 June.
(Please make sure I can readily get in touch with you, otherwise another name will be chosen.)

Thanks again Shez for a bit of Pay It Forward fun... & now I look forward to doing the same!
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