Saturday, 6 September 2014

FNWF Report...

It's great to see so many names on the list for Friday Night With Friends... Cheryll our lovely hostess does a wonderful job co-ordinating this each month for us... Thanks Cheryll!
If you'd like to go check out the list of last nights ladies, just go here.

So what did I do?
Well, on Thursday evening I had time, so I started cutting the strip sets into 2½inch units... lots of cutting... laying them in pretty little stacks. Then I got distracted with watching 'Ink Master', so the cutting stopped. (I do find that show strangely fascinating!)
 Friday I took all the strips sets to Patchwork group & finished the cutting of the sets... ended up with enough sets for 25 blocks!... & I even got time to sew a few into finished blocks.
 Darn it, that jewel-y green often looks blue in pics... The pic below shows it better...
Now I'm looking forward to a bit of blog-hopping this evening & seeing what everyone else got up to!
Last night was the end-of-season Carnival for mr14s soccer... His team ended the season at the bottom of the ladder (no finals in this comp), but last night pulled off some great wins - even against the top team - & got themselves into the final for the Carnival. Sadly they did get beaten, but still, ending as Runners Up in the carnival after getting beaten every week during the season, had all the boys so happy for themselves!

I love to see mr14 out there doing his thing & I am always so pleased to see that our boys showed so much genuine sportsmanship throughout the season despite so many losses. A disparate & mismatched group of boys at the beginning of the season, they improved a little each week & seem keen to stay together next year.
Plus of course, there is the factor of the enjoyable conversations & silliness of the team parents as we watch them play!!

Happy Stitching & Have A Great Weekend x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Been A While...

It seems I've become somewhat of a slow blogger of late... well, the blogging might be slow but there is at least a little stitching & sewing happening here...

Remember those lovely thread colours I posted recently? Last week, I put the finishing stitches to this less-than-scary little Halloween cross stitch design; it was published in the October 2013 issue of 'Cross Stitch Crazy' magazine & is by popular designer Joan Elliott. Of course it still needs to be finished into ornament form, but golly isn't it cute?
 I always love the character & definition that's brought to life with the outlining & back-stitching!

Continuing with Halloween, I've actually never been big on it, but for some reason I buy themed buttons (I guess that confirms that I love buttons of ANY type!). A lovely panel from a local shop is now going to be somewhere for me to put them. The quilting is nigh-on impossible to see; I just went along the main lines, around the bigger shapes, and through the tree trunks & branches. Some bind & a hanging sleeve will finish it off nicely.

A few months back, I came into a big collection of bright fat quarters... I decided they'd be perfect for something I've been thinking about for a while... making a more orderly version of the well-known Scrappy Trips Around The World... I found some great inspiration online & made a start. This is perfect as a project to work on at Patchwork group each Friday. With only 6 colours, it's definitely not scrappy, & I'm hoping it's going to give me the rainbow-type look I'm after.
Progress so far...
The colours are not as super-bright as they seem here - why is it sometimes so hard to get a good shot?! The colour to the far left is red, not garish orange.

I'd quite forgotten that I haven't shared any update pics of my Birthday FQs Quilt... I got it back from the quilter only days before I was hospitalised mid-July... I've sewn the bind on, so now it's just needing to be turned over & stitched down... The quilting design is dragonflies, flowers & swirls...
Good thing our evenings are still cool... so I can have the quilt over my lap & legs while I stitch the bind! If anyone is curious, my inspiration for this quilt was found here.

Well, that's about all I think... my pattern never changes, I'm always jumping from one project to another...
How many do YOU have on 'short rotation' at the moment?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

CTTY Winner & Little Makes...

Big Thank You to the lovely ladies who linked their Christmas gifts with CTTY for August... beautiful work! 
~*~ Narelle  ~*~ you'll be receiving a little thank-you giftie for participating, well done...

As for my little makes, I managed to get my little ornaments/decorations made... actually sewn on the machine, minus the dizziness or wonkiness... yay for me... another step forward.
In other stitching news, I've also been working on a little cross stitch, here's a peek...
 ... of some colours I used for it!
Some of you may remember that earlier in the year, I shared that my casual work at school will end due to the closure of the uniform shop. I sure will miss it. Well the last trading day is the 22nd of September. I have the good luck of getting a final couple of work days before then... and after 6 years of working there, in both a paid & unpaid capacity, I've been invited to attend my first (& last!) staff function at term end.

I haven't yet looked into finding other work, nor am I under pressure to do so... though it does seem that the new uniform seller could use some extra hands & organisational skills!... I'm sure something will work out if & when I would care to seek it.
Methinks now would be a good time for me to make a 'job' of organising some things here at home - like converting packets of photos to digital... sorting & culling the treasures that the kids have done at school... culling the overflowing bookcases & storage cupboards... you know those much-neglected household things... but of course it can't interfere with my stitching & sewing!

This evening mr14 & mrHS are off to a live MYTHBUSTERS show in the city... & my girls are going to the movies with a friend... so guess who's having dinner alone... what a strange & curious prospect... a brand new experience for me!

♥Have a Wonderful Wednesday♥

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August Link-Up for 'Christmas Through The Year'

It's the 20th of the month... time to link up for Christmas Through The Year!
I'm hoping to see some lovely Christmas gifts... made in plenty of time for Festive giving...

That said, I have no completed gifts to share this month... but I've at least made a start... I'm still getting random episodes of slight dizziness & motion sickness, & this is making it hard for me to use my beloved Pfaff... do I get marks for at least making a start on something for the month?!
The CTTY linky will be open until the end of Saturday & there's a small prize for one lucky person who shows off their item for the month... I hope you'll join in!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

'Travelling Treasures' Ready For The Next Person...

My blogging buddy Lisa recently received this great little travelling stash of sewing & stitching loveliness... & now she is ready to send it on to the next person....

If you would like to see what's in the Treasure Box, & be next to receive it just pop over HERE - but be quick, because Lisa is drawing a name tomorrow!

There is some very lovely items in the Treasures, something to appeal to everyone!

Monday, 11 August 2014

I Am The Tortoise... Or The Snail...

Or maybe I am the Snail hitch-hiking ON the Tortoise!
It's been a quiet few weeks here at HibiscusHQ... my recovery is slow, which is as predicted... there are still some issues... very little driving... persistent headaches... but on the whole I'm doing ok... mrHS has been a star, as have the kids, & my friends have been so supportive. As it's now just over 3 weeks since my 'vertigo' attack happened, it's expected to perhaps be another 2 weeks or so before I feel back to normal. Hopefully I'll be fortunate to have no lingering issues, as can happen with this condition.

Naturally, stitching & sewing took a back seat for a while... not something I am used to because I stitch or sew (often both) every single day!
I have had to settle for doing stitchery... so a couple more Tis The Season designs have been done... & also some more work on my Red Brolly Polka Dot Girls quilt stitcheries.

These blocks for Tis The Season are called 'Bon Noel Birdies' & 'Peace On Earth'

Polka Dot Girls - 'Summer Heart'

Polka Dot Girls - 'Birdhouse'

Polka Dot Girls - 'A Good Friend'
Getting back to some machine sewing will have to wait a little longer, because I get a bit motion sick from watching the movement of the fabric! What?! Yes, one of my strange recovery quirks... Another issue has been screens... tv has been more about listening than actually watching... computer is something I've only been able to manage in the last few days.
It's certainly been a very challenging few weeks!

There will be a linky for Christmas Through The Year this month, so if you would like to link up your item from July, or have one for this month, tune in here on the 20th...

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to... hoping to pop by some blogs really soon... xx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

'Christmas In July' Swap...

I'm so pleased that I've recovered enough to share my 'Christmas In July' swap joy!
Once again, it's clear that our SwapMumma has organised a super swap... thanks Cheryll x

It was so enjoyable to make gifts for Melanie at Pinnylea Creations - I hadn't sewn for Mel before, so it was fun to stalk her blog:)
For Melanie, I focused my gifts on T, A & S - Tree, Angels & Santa... A table runner made with Tree-print fabric... Christmas Angels wall hanging... A little goody bag (appropriately filled!) made with fun 70s-looking Santa fabric...

Glad you like it all, Melanie x
It turns out that my CIJ Elf was my blogging & craft fair buddy Lisa who blogs at Lisa V's Lounge... & look what Lisa sent me... a curling iron!
Nah, not really... she's just clever with re-using things for post packaging!

I've had a lovely long 'thank you' chat with Lisa... my week being as it's been, I found myself quite overcome when I opened her gifts.
Holly... Stocking... Inspirational Words...
A beautifully sewn fabric basket of Holly fabric... pretty gift tag/ornie for Stocking... & a stunning cross stitched pillow of Inspirational Words...

As I said to Lisa, she has hit on some of my very favourite Christmas things... I love fresh red & white, love a Festive cross stitch, love a cute stocking...
I know the time & skill that goes into cross stitching, so this is a piece I am really going to treasure.
Big hugs to you Lisa xo

Cheryll organises this fun swap every year, so if you would like to know more about how it works, & perhaps join in next year, she has wonderful info on her blog right here... 
Thank you everyone for your very caring & supportive messages about my health... I've certainly had a scary few days... but am very slowly on the mend now.
Late in the evening of Friday a week ago, I was rushed to hospital with what was eventually diagnosed as an inner ear/balance problem... docs not quite certain whether it's a vertigo thing, or a similar condition called labrynthitis...
Either way, the unrelenting vomiting, light/movement/noise sensitivity, & total lack of body control due to the dizziness... it all was a very undignified... & quite frightening... I was admitted to the hospital for a few days for the worst of it to ease, & to keep me safe... I had a 'FALLS RISK' sign behind my bed!
Since coming home on Wed afternoon, my condition has now eased to something akin to 'soundly tipsy', which is not actually as fun as it might sound! Can't drive, sensitive to noise, banned from housework, can't stitch straight or be trusted with scissors... so what's a girl to do?... not much really, watch telly, read for a few minutes, sleep... & I might also have done some damage made some purchases at The Book Depository.
Time needs to be kind to me, so I can get back to normal; I am indeed noticing little differences each day... I'll be glad to stop knocking my shoulder on doorways!
(I'll also be glad to not take two days to write a blog post!)
♥Thanks again for all your good wishes, they really do make a difference♥

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Taking A Break

Greetings Friends x
This is just a little note to let you know that due to a most unexpected & unpleasant hospital admission last Friday night, I won't be blogging or reading for a while

Cheryll my CIJ parcel was delivered to me. I am not sure when I will be able to open the gifts & share them here... so I hope my beautiful ELF has an understanding heart.
There will be no Christmas Through The Year linky for July.
My emails will just have to wait.


Sunday, 13 July 2014

'Charmed I'm Sure' Table Runner... Finished!

So glad to finally be able to share these pics... the weather has been so dull here most of the week, so I couldn't get good pics... I finished the bind stitching last weekend...

"Charmed, I'm Sure" table runner - from Leanne's House - Leanne Beasley.
Fabrics are Kate Spain 'Honey Honey'.
I must confess to a major ♥♥♥ for these fabrics, totally!
The pink bind looks great & I'm happy with the thread colour I used for the stitcheries. They are the first ever half-square triangles I made, & (amazingly)most of them are accurate.
Thank goodness we have such a big table - the runner measures a whopping 25in x 49in!
Of course it could be adapted to any size & theme.
Now the only issue is that I want to keep it pristine, but our table is the only place it fits!
(am I being a bit precious?!) I give myself permission for that, for now at least, ha...


I have a couple of items that I am wishing to part with... if anyone wants to take them off my hands
please let me know. (A trade of a couple of fq's would suit me.)

Lynette Anderson Designs

Also, I played with some new EPP shapes a while back, but now I don't want what I made.
There is one fully stitched circle; the papers are removed & it measures 10in across.
The other 4 sections still have the papers in them. The colours in the pic are not quite true, but they are very close - the green is prettier, the red is not orange-y at all.
These I am willing to give away, either together or separately, to someone who will love them & use them.

Ok, time to go have some lunch... Happy Sunday Everyone.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday gave me this...
So I did this...
all the stitching within the 'v' above the heart at the bottom.
And take a look at what turned up in the park overnight...
As I type this, the owners are having a fun bounce on it, in their pj's!
The winds have been terrible & damaging... the rain & hail heavy... the temps low...

Have A Happy & Safe Tuesday x
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