Thursday, 26 May 2016

'Sunshine & Daisies" Quilt... Finished, Woo Hoo!

Do you ever have times when you just really love what you make?!
Well, I'm having one of those times right now.
I. Love. This. Quilt.

Making this quilt has been more than just the sewing for me... it's been a real therapy... it's been fun & it's definitely been something outside my usual choices of design & colours.

I wasn't convinced I liked the birds around the border & initially decided not to use them... but in the end the birds won & for fun I did one different to the others, which you see on the right below.
 Don't fall over, look at the backing colour:
And yes I even love that too!

"Oh, let me be in this photo shoot"... funny little Site Manager


Thank you Toni at Me & My Red Boots for such a cheery design.
Toni is an Aussie designer of quilts & softies... great designs & fun characters. I hope you go check out her site, it'll make you smile! (no she's not paying me!) 

 'Sunshine & Daisies' is about 64inches square, & is certainly going to bring sunshine to the dreary winter days ahead.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

EPP-ing, Kind Of...

Um... it's a bit hard to do English Paper Piecing without the pieces... somehow I ran myself out of hexagon shapes to work with... duffer me!
But at least I have some fabrics to cut while I wait for shapes to arrive... & I'm starting to think about background fabrics... do I use a few, or just use one... hhmmm, decisions.
 Last PYT, Paula shared her stunning hexagon quilt finish. It's been quite the commitment from Paula to continue working on this one over a few years, so I hope you will pop over to her blog & see her stunning work, HERE

Can't wait for a big ol' blog catch-up on Tuesday... I love seeing what everyone is up to!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

FNSI for May... The Calm Before The Storm

Yes, literally!

Our weather on Friday was just beautiful... the sun was shinin' & the birds were chirpin'...
Fast forward to late evening & boy how different... massive winds, heavy rains, small hail... it howled all night & continues this morning. Forecast to continue all weekend, oh dear!

I braved it to take this pic at 8.40am:
But, a committed stitcher doesn't let anything get in her way... I spent yesterday in the company of my patchwork friends... started stitching another little Christmas design... no stitching in the evening for me, so I was happy to get some done during the day instead. I guess you call tell what it's going to be?!

Wendy is our generous host for this sew-in, do pop over here & see what everyone else got up to for their FNSI... thank you Wendy xx

The Perth Craft & Quilt Fair in on at the moment... a combination of factors means I won't be going this year... We had a long-standing invitation for an event today, which we're now not going to because of the treacherous weather.
I'm sorry to miss an opportunity to catch up with a few blogging friends... Will definitely have to organise something in the next couple of months, it's been way too long since we've done it.

After much searching & financial planning, I finally have some furniture purchased & ready for collection for my sewing room... woo hoo... not long now!!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful ideas & tips regarding my recent post about stitchery fabric... gave me a good deal to think on & try out... you're all so thoughtful. xx

~ ♥ Have a Wonderful & Safe Weekend  ♥ ~

Friday, 20 May 2016


What a dismal host I am for this linky!
No make for me this month... the kitty fabric from last month hasn't been touched... I've barely had time or opportunity for it.

BUT, if you've been better than me in the past month & made a gift for Christmas giving, you can share it here... I'd love to see it!

If you'd like to know more about Christmas Through The Year, just click on the tab at the top of the page.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Opinions Please...

By now, my readers know I enjoy to do a bit of stitchery, so my dilemma might be a surprise to you.
 What fabric do you use as a stitchery background? 

I'm struggling to find fabric I'm happy with to do some new stitcheries on. My usual go-to fabrics are not to be found & I just don't know what else to choose.
I've always gone for a milky-white-ish or pale cream colour... something of a tone on tone type of fabric. (sorry I'm not good with colour names)
I've never had joy with homespun, because in the past I've found it virtually impossible to remove creases. Even colours are proving difficult; they're either too stark white, or a very definite beige or dark cream.

I live in an area of very little choice for fabrics... the shops are either Spotlight...  or Textile Traders, which sells end-of-range/overstock/superseded fabrics from reputable brands & designers.
Perhaps I need to try a Moda solid?

Don't be shy, I'd love to know what you use & where you get it... any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Oh Not Again!

After my disastrous run of sickness last winter, I really was hoping I'd get through this winter without much to worry me... NOPE!

Monday I just felt a bit strange, then it was downhill from there... coughing, disgusting secretions, nose blowing... all very glamorous.
Friday I started to feel better but it's always my voice that suffers most & recovers last when I get a throat bug.. sounds all kind of sexy rock-star, pity I look something like her^^^, ha ha!
 Happily I'm on the mend now.

So not much stitching going on from me... a lot of resting, tv, reading, & project planning.
 Roaming around online is dangerous, too easy to find new projects that I could put on my 'oh I'd love to make that' list... 'Gossip In The Garden' appeals, & so does the much smaller Natalie Bird design 'In My Garden'... hhmmm, I should stop looking!!

But right now, I'm off to do some blog reading.

~♥ Have a wonderful week ahead & I hope you get to do something you love♥~

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

More EPP For My Quilt


2100 = How many print hexy's I want in my tub for my Scrappy Quilt.
368 = how many left to make.
I'm getting there!

Welcome to 'Piece Yourself Together' on this 2nd Tuesday of May... I'd love to see your EPP... I know there's lots of ladies out there in blogland doing EPP for various projects they're working on... how about linking up & sharing it here?!

If you'd like an EPP challenge, Barbara Brackman at Material Culture is running an EPP stitch-along called Morris Hexathon. It actually started on May 7th, but I'm sure that keen EPPers would catch up. All the info is here.
Deb over at Frog Cottage has declared her participation... well done Deb, I'm looking forward to your progress... no pressure!

The PYT linky will be open until Thursday midnight, W-Aust time.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

A Lovely Wet FNwF...

Oh nothing like clouds & rain to encourage staying in & doing some stitching!
 Thanks Cheryll for hosting us once again for this lovely cyber-party of stitchy friends.

This month for FNwF, I took my opportunity to sew the binding on my 'Sunshine & Daisies' quilt... I always love this stage of quilt-making... & I have even remembered to make a label for it too!
This quilt is not what I would call my 'usual style' but it's been very good for my soul & I do love it.
Being the slow binder that I am, I know what I will be doing in the evenings of the coming week ;)

It's easy to forget that not everyone in our neighbourhood of blogland is familiar with FNwF... so if you want to know more about Friday Night With Friends, you can find all the info you need if you just click here. The more the merrier!

I'm sending love & best wishes to all the Mum's out there... we're such a diverse bunch... & equally diverse in the ways we mother... & in WHO we mother.
While many of us have the blessing of our own children (whatever age they are now!), many of us also parent ... grandchildren, step-children, foster children, extended family members.
When I spend treasured time with my 3, I'm all too aware that not all Mothers have their kids around them... & that many people do not have their Mothers.
I salute you and send blessings to you all.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

'Stuff-In-A-Tin' Swap

Not having done a swap for a while, this one was so great to be part of!

Thanks to the ladies over at No Fuss Swappers, I've sent & received wonderful tins full of equally wonderful goodies... thanks ladies, I'll be in for future swaps, for sure♥

It was lovely to meet a new-to-me blogger through doing this swap... I sent my parcel to Jan, who blogs over at Little Red Hen. I adore tins, so I found it fun to find a pretty one for Jan, & then goodies that would fill it. I wrapped the tin in that pretty blue fq before posting.
Jan is on holidays now, so I hope she doesn't mind me sharing what I sent to her:

My tin arrived from Lynda, wrapped in the fab fq of Kate Spain fabric... thanks again Lynda, I love all the goodies you stuffed in there for me! The FQ is so fun, & hhmmm are you issuing me a challenge by sending me some half-inch hexy papers?!

Some of you may have noticed that I've gone quiet on The Great Backyard Project updates... well, we hit a few delays... & then some more... it's been annoying, but nothing that won't get finished eventually.
Our new poured concrete patio needs to be re-honed because we've been getting terrible puddling from the rain, worse than it ever was with the old patio paving. That's a messy noisy job, but it needs to be done, I can't keep wading through lakes every time I go outside!

As for my sewing room... the flooring will be going in on Tuesday 10th... my carpenter will then return to put on the skirting boards... then it's finally time for me to move in... finally... feels like it's been a l-o-n-g time coming.
Here's where the room is at now:
Oh-so close!

Thanks for popping by - Have a great day!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

4th Tuesday... EPP Time!

Not much EPP happening for me in the last couple of weeks... I've decided to return to my Super Long Term hexagon quilt... so I've prepared & started work on a few more to baste and store.
Nothing like a bit of stitching while watching my favourite Marvel character Iron Man & his Avengers buddies battle the baddies & get the girl!

As always, the linky will be open until midnight Thursday 28th, W-Australia time.

I hope you'll join in - I'd love to see some new names on the linky!
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