Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Piece Yourself Together - Try Again!

Oh so sorry, don't know what happened to the post & linky I scheduled to publish yesterday for 'Piece Yourself Together'... let's hope this 2nd attempt works!
With the disruption going on here at the moment, & very little sewing or stitching opportunity, I've only been able to finally finish my SSCS gifts... sadly no EPP for me... BUT... if you'd like to share yours, the linky is open now & will close at midnight Friday, W-Aust Standard Time.

Friday, 20 November 2015

CTTY for November

Yes it's time to share your Christmas gift-making here... whatever it may be!
If you've been making pressies for December 25th giving, I'd love you to link it up here.
 This month I have a small 'thanks for joining in' giftie for one lucky person!

The partially sewn pineapple-print zipper pouches are still not finished, but I'm determined to get at least two of them finished this time...

The linky will be open from 6am Friday 20th November & closing midnight 23rd November, Australian Western Standard Time

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Just About The Best Thing Ever!

Work is progressing on The Great Backyard Project... so I thought I'd share some pics... well actually there are a few, sorry!

These first pics were taken just before the work began - daggy & overgrown from neglect in the recent winter months
 mrHS took on the mammoth task of re-painting the roof before the major work started... not a colour I would have chosen but it does at least look a million percent better than it did!
 On Monday the 9th, 3 bobcats started the demolition & boy it was so messy! Don't you love Site Manager keeping an eye on the works?!
 The next few pics were taken after 4 days work - amazing the progress! 
 The elevation to our rear neighbour is significant as you can see - yes that's mrHS & he's just over 6ft tall - behind that temporary fencing is their swimming pool - the earth under it has been injected with a type of cement which has stabilised the soil, thus enabling the removal of so much soil almost right up to the boundary of our land.
 All this earthworks has also been to level out our block, instead of having slopes & uneven bits. And of course to make it flat for the workshop placement. The summer sun is beating at the windows first thing in the morning, so noticeable without our patio now... good thing we have good sunblock blinds!

The Chook Family dropped in for a site works visit on Sunday... Mrs Hen-rietta & Grandma Violet got themselves up on a great vantage point & had quite the discussion about the new workshop for mrHS... & I'm sure I heard Grandma Violet mention she'd love to see the guys hard at work, flexing their muscles... old flirt she is!!
Mr Harold Blue did the ManChook thing & checked out the construction of the new retaining wall - yes your eyes do not deceive you, there is a 4 block foundation! As required by building & retaining standards. Each of the blocks weighs 85kg & is moved by a bobcat operator with a special winch.
 The front yard looks more junk yard right now... creating a lot of interest in the neighbourhood... We're on a corner block, & it's quite the obstacle course to get to our cars parked on our side-street verge!
 After doing their own look around, The Chook Family all clambered up onto the sand pile there, all clucking away very animated & excited... what on earth were they talking about??
Well as it turns out, their excitement was for ME!
I have very much been part of the planning of our Great Backyard Project, but I had no idea that mrHS was doing a sneaky on me... alongside his workshop, he's planned a room for me... yes friends, I'm going to have my very own sewing place!
Is that not "Just About The Best Thing Ever" ?

Perhaps Mrs Hen-rietta & Grandma Violet got in his ear about how much I miss my sewing & that it's not right for me to have nowhere to sew?... or more like that they are sick of being squished up in their basket & want a new Chook Family Coop?
Anyway, I am beyond pleased & I feel very lucky indeed to know I'm going to have a space to call my own... somewhere I don't have to share, somewhere I can't get kicked out of... somewhere to pursue my beloved hobby... Woo Hoo!

The room will be 3m x 4m... the walls & roof insulated... sliding glass door positioned to look out over the newly redeveloped patio & gardens... reverse cycle system... it seems mrHS has taken good advice from the lady Chooks ;)

If you've read down to here, well done & thank you... & don't worry I won't be doing a lot of reno pic posting!
I think my email issues have been fixed now, don't you hate those glitches...

Well that's all the news from Hibiscus HQ for now... thanks for dropping by...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Email Problems

I just wanted to let my bloggy friends know that I'm having a problem with sending emails at the moment.
Today I've been reading & attempting to reply to the many kind Comments left on my recent blog posts, but I'm getting a lot of "DELIVERY STATUS NOTIFICATION (FAILURE)" messages when I send an email reply.
I will be sure to send replies again when the problem is fixed... Just wanted to let you know that I'm not ignoring your Comments!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

2nd Tuesday of the Month - EPP Time!

The busy-ness in preparation for The Great Backyard Project has settled now & the earthworks have begun... perfect time to return to some kind of normality... or at least try!

This time for PYT, I have prepared some more fabrics for my SuperLongTerm quilt project:
It's fun to be playing with hexy's again!

If you are working on a project of EPP, or something that features even a little EPP, I'd love you to join me here & 'Piece Yourself Together'... it's so easy... just do a post on your blog, then come back here & link it up!
And don't forget to visit the ladies who link up, too... there's always some amazing EPP being shared. All the info for PYT can be found here.

The linky is open from 6am 10th November & will close midnight 12th November, W-Aust Standard Time

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Friday Stitching... FNWF for November

After an absence of several months from my Patchwork group, I was so glad to go back there & catch up with my stitching friends... I'd been gone so long they all thought I'd left them for good! So coffee was made, cake was served & lots of catching up happened.

I took something nice & easy to stitch on for the day... Santa... started on him a few months ago, so it was his turn to receive a bit of progress.

Here he is in the morning...
...And here he is at the end of Friday... it was great to add so many stitches to him!
Thank you so much to Cheryll for hosting us all for FNWF♥
Check out the list of other stitchers here

The Great Backyard Project is taking a massive step forward on Monday. 
Our guy is coming in with his bobcat... he'll be completely gutting all the limestone retaining, gardens, paving... everything right up to the house... Gone. Stripped bare. All of it!
mrHS has already painted the roof; what an epic effort & it looks wonderful... he says the view is lovely up there... He will be taking down the pergola & patio himself on Sunday, hopefully that goes smoothly, because time is not exactly on his side.
I have relocated two 6-feet tall frangipani (plumeria) trees so that they were not lost to the demolition...Might I say that was epic effort too, given I'm not at all a gardener & it's tricky to do the right thing for my dodgy back when undertaking such things! But I managed fine. I just hope they survive & thrive, so my efforts were not in vain.
I won't bore you with lots of pics of our venture... I realise that someone else's reno pics are not always interesting to anyone else... I'll share some pics next week when the 'fun' really starts!

Good news: I mentioned in a recent post about the missing Horn cabinet key... I was looking for something else in the last few days, & guess what I set my eyes upon?! Yes, the key. It's now tucked away in my sewing basket, a far more appropriate place than a draw full of pens & the like.
Whew, what a wordy post, sorry about that... if you've read to here, I thank you.

~ Have a Fab Sunday ~

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Still Making Progress & Something To Share

Our tv has been playing up lately (something to do with digital signal reception), so without the distraction of getting sucked into active watching of something during the evenings, it's been great to make a few more stitches on my Halloween design...
I think you can guess what it's going to be!

There's actually something nice about having so few stitching projects on hand at the moment... with virtually all of my sewing & stitching stuff packed away in storage, it's handy to just pick up the same little project & keep working on it... rather less WTWO** confusion happening & more actual progress being made. I think I'm even beginning to like going between 2 or 3 things, instead of seeing a sea of UFOs & WIPs in disorganised piles!
I've been known to spend more time trying to decide & than actually doing it.
(Please tell me I'm not the only one!!)
 **WTWO = What To Work On?

my Something To Share is really very lovely... in among the things that have made their way from my late MILs to our home, is a beautiful linen cloth... the stitching has been started & but obviously not completed... although my MIL was a beautiful stitcher, I'm not convinced she stitched this, it's entirely possible that her mother was working on it & my MIL kept it perhaps with intention of completing it herself but never did. Wish I knew the actual history!
It's great that the printed design is still so clear, I guess it washes off when the embroidery is done? I think it's about 55inches square.
What a beautiful cloth, the linen is heavy & still in excellent condition, with the original label still on it... I used to see this caddy in the corner of the spare room at MILs & always wondered what was in it & now I know - & will definitely be refining/adding to my hand stitching skills so I can finish it.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Evening Stitching

Hi Friends♥
With the arrangements & timeline all in place for our Out-The-Back renovation, & work underway, it's been great to get back into some kind of domestic routine... washing, cleaning etc & a bit of evening stitching, yay! The blogging & blog reading has been a bit neglected too, but I'm in a better position to show my face around here a bit more now.

Greens, yellows, oranges, purples & blacks can mean only one thing at this time of year - Halloween! While I'm not big on it myself, it's a bit of fun to do something for it... I just love these designs & this one is coming along beautifully. Started it on Sunday & just doing a bit each evening...
This design features in 'Cross Stitch Crazy' magazine (from a couple of years ago)... last year I stitched the Moon design that's in the top left corner of the pic... funny how the shading is more clear in a pic than with my own eyes?! Only a miracle will get this design finished before sunset on Saturday, but heck, I'm happy with any progress at all;)

This weekend, I really need to get MissPfaff set up somewhere, so I can start work on my SSCS main gift... time is closing in on me to get it made, eek! However, I know that once I get started, I'll be fine.

Sorry to my PYT participants, for no linky this fortnight - but never fear, I will have one up for the 2nd Tues of November so you can share your EPP then!

 Thanks for popping in & have a great day xo

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Christmas Is Creeping Up...

Yes friends, it's getting closer to that Jingle Bells, Ho-Ho-Ho, rum balls, tinsel & turkey time of year... maybe you're sewing some gifts to give in December?... I'd love you to link them here... you can link any kind of gift, not just the Christmas-y themed ones.

This month for CTTY, I have progress pics of some more zipper pouches I'm working on... the zips are the slowest part of making these, but it doesn't feel so hard when I do a few at a time!
They'll be finished for sharing here next month.

I'm pleased to report that my frantic efforts have paid off & we're jut about ready for the renovation works to begin late this week... The storage unit is packed to the eyeballs, I'm amazed how much I've been able to get into it... having all my craft stuff in compatible tubs has enabled me to stack-stack-stack them on top of each other. Exciting times, however tiring it may be!

One of the items that needs to be moved is a Horn sewing cabinet/station... it belonged to my MIL & she gave it to me last year, along with her sewing machine... thing is, I've put the key away somewhere so safe, that I can't remember where that safe place is... so I can't use the Horn of course, unless I have a key to unlock the front door of it which then allows access to the drawers... I won't worry about it for now, but I'm just hoping I can get a replacement key for it, if the need arises. Oh the things we do to ourselves!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

EPP Time Again!

2nd Tuesday of the month has caught me out, again!
I don't have any EPP to share this time... but I have at least got some fabrics ready to start working with... they'll be going into the box for the SuperLongTerm Quilt in the making. These sober ones will give a bit of toning-down to the many brights that are already in the box.
If you're working on some EPP at the moment, I'd love you to share it here! The linky is in the right hand sidebar. Easy!

The disruption around here continues... it's only been a couple of months since I had to empty the room to make it available for my daughter... well now I have to move it all again!

mrHS hatched this idea back in January, & work is finally going to start on a major renovation of our back yard -- m-a-j-o-r -- & the only access for tradies/bobcats/equipment is through our garage... which is where I stored virtually everything that had to be moved. My only option now is a rented storage unit, so I'm wearing a path between home & the 5m x 3m facility!
MrHS estimates that the whole project will take 6 - 8 weeks... yeah it might be a bit more than that!... we'll end up with less garden (which will still be plenty for us), proper retaining where there has never been any, a new patio & mrHS will have a workshop in which he can tinker with a 'car project'.
Back in May we seriously consider moving & even started looking at homes, but in the end staying put & making changes has been the best option & keeps us both happy.
It's sure going to be a messy process but it will be great when it's all finished!
(the prospect of a non-leaking patio is enough to get me excited!)

Seems I really will have to wait until next year to get more than a fleeting moment of downtime!
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