Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Million Thank-You's & 'Christmas In July' Swap

Aren't bloggy friends just so amazing?! I'm really so blown away by all the kind messages & supportive words from so many thoughtful people after my MIL passed away.
A Million Thank-You's To You All!

The last couple of weeks have been some of my hardest ever... I had such a great relationship with my MIL & it's going to be quite the adjustment to live my life without her in it... but I am relieved for her that her battle is over now & that she's at peace.
Her 84 years of life have certainly left a mark on everyone who knew & loved her.
We've spoken or had text message exchanges every single day since November last year, & I'm still having moments of picking up my phone... & when that happens, sometimes I laugh & sometimes I just drop my shoulders.

It was a bittersweet arrival home for DDY; her US trip was amazing for her & the benefit from the leadership program will be terrific, but of course it was hard to come home knowing that her beloved Grandma had passed away only days before she got back. Fortunately all of my kids had seen her very recently.

Right now, I'm just tired, sad & easily emotional... but I know that time & self-care will help ease all of that. I will miss her terribly. Thank You again for so many thoughtful messages, I appreciate every single one.
Just to make sure we had well-&-truly enough tough stuff going on, mr15 had an ongoing mid-range abdominal pain that started on Sunday 26th , which finally resulted in him having his appendix out under rather rapid circumstances on Friday evening!
The procedure was not a straightforward one; it was slightly perforated, infected & in an awkward position - yep, GROSS! So he's still in hospital... not entirely a happy camper... but we are at least relieved that it wasn't any worse.
Look what I found next to mr15's bed, a new-style thread catcher!
 I have to laugh at something or else I'd just crumble!
I've had enough sitting time to finish stitching my cheery little Penguin...
I'm happy to finally have the chance to share the Christmas In July Swap goodies I received!

My lovely partner Kerrie at Channelbank Creations has sent me some really gorgeous gifts & Kerrie I'm so sorry I've not had the chance to blog about it before now.
 I love-love-love the bunting! Kerrie also made me a darling Santa mini quilt, 2 little decorations & a sweet little bag.

I had the pleasure of stitching & sewing for Tania at Ollie & T
Don't you love the spelling on the goodie bag - Piece - oops!
Poor Holly had to become somewhat of a contortionist, so she could be posted...

Thank you Kerrie & Tania for making this such a great swap!

Ok, that's well & truly enough news from me. If you've read this far, you deserve a medal!
I hope to be checking in on some blogs soon, I do miss seeing what everyone is doing.

Have a Great Week

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fourth Tuesday of The Month... EPP Time Again...

It's time once again to
It was great fun to visit the ladies who joined me last time... so many great projects being worked on!

These pretties were finished a couple of weeks ago & will be added to my 'brown-eyed flowers' collection.

If you want to join in & share your progress, the linky is in the right-hand side bar.
The linky is open from 6am 28th July, closing midnight 30th July, West Australian time.

I do hope that you'll take the time to visit the ladies who are EPP'ing some lovely work!

This is a scheduled post & linky... set so it should publish in the event that I cannot attend to my blog.
COMMENTS cannot be left on this post, thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Taking Time Out...

Yesterday my Mother In Law passed away...
While I'm glad her struggle is over, my heart is just breaking so bad...

I'll be back in a week or so.

Monday, 20 July 2015

It's The 20th... Time For CTTY...

I'm sure there are some very organised folks out there who are starting to think of making some Christmas gifts... perhaps they've started already...
If you've been making Christmas pressies this month, I'd love you to share them here!
I'll be sharing my item in a day or two when it's finished... nothing like being organised for your own linky, huh?!

There is a great little thank-you prize this month for one lucky person.

The linky is open from 6am Monday 20th, & closes at midnight Thursday 23rd, West Australian time.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Friday Night Stitching...

Wonderful Wendy has hosted another fab evening for us... Thanks Wendy x
My week has been very full & quite challenging, so it was really lovely to just sit for a while & do some easy cross stitching.
This heart was a little kit that my DDC was given ages ago... I had started it earlier in the week & finished it last night by stitching the purple on the heart & the green lines. Seems odd the way the lines don't frame the heart evenly, but it's what the chart shows & I didn't have the brain space to figure it out any other way! I think I'll just stitch this one onto the front of a needlebook.
 Some energy boost was required before moving on to the next project:
I assure you I didn't eat all of this... DDC & mrHS were willing partakers!
(the Cadbury Breakaway was very disappointing... all broken & messy in the wrapper before I even opened it... I should have stuck with trusty TimTams, or Caramel Crowns)

Picking up the needle again... this time, a cheery little Penguin... the Aida piece being so small, I sewed some scrap strips around the edges so I could manage it in a hoop.
The magazines I was buying often had a little kit, so I've kept the ones I will stitch & ditched the rest... they'll come in handy for a quick project!
 Very satisfying evening of stitching, even though it was not a lot done, it was very therapeutic.

DDY who is currently in the US... her university program is finished now... she & her bestie are going to San Francisco for a few days before heading home... Of course she's having a WOW of a time.

~ Thanks For Popping By & I Hope You Have A Wonderful Weekend ~

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

EPP Sharing Time Again

More progress has been made on the Tea Party Table Runner... slowly but surely... my hands are cold almost permanently in the winter & a bit sore too, so EPP is a slow pursuit at the moment.
This time, I'm showing the 3 new flowers added on the right.

The PYT linky will accept links from 6am Tuesday & close at 11.55pm Thursday, West Australian time.

Thanks for joining in!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Don't Be Shocked, I've Stitched!

I could just about count my stitches, there has been so few of them, but few are better than none!

I've finally stitched the words in the centre of my Christmas Blessings Star... it's only taken me about how many months to get around to! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it now.
 I think a few of my friend in the east of Australia would love this long warm hat & scarf at the moment...
 Hexagon flowers are also easy to put together, not too much thinking required.
Still need to stitch up between each of the petals.

And today I have put my Christmas In July parcel on the mid-year sleigh... golly I almost forgot about it, because I had finished the makings some weeks ago! I love this swap, & I sure had fun making the items I've sent away... now just to hope my partner likes it too!
 ~Thanks for stopping by! ~

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A 'Little Golden Book' For Grown-Ups

Last week, while buying some storage tubs in BigW, I happened to wander into the book department... I love books & this one is something a little different...
This book takes images from some of the many Little Golden Books, & applies a little 'life lesson' for adults...
These pages are sending me a message or two!
Love this one, about making a budget & sticking to it... I definitely need to be doing that from now on... And having a check-up, hhmmm, I've not been to the dentist for a while...
The small writing you can see at the bottom of each page is a description of which Little Golden Book the image appears in... so many fun pics & words... And yes, so many little reminders about the things in life that actually do matter.

Found this cheeky pic online, I don't recall it in any Golden Book I ever saw!!

 (UPDATE: Just to clarify, the book 'Everything I Need To Know...' is not a Little Golden Book publication, but is written by a former long-time editor of the Books)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Making Good Progress & A Family First

Wow, these last few weeks have just zipped by!
I've not been doing much sewing lately, & strangely for me, I'm not even having withdrawals... been quite busy with other things & in particular I've been continuing to organise my fabrics & sewing things into their new storage places.
There's also been a lot of items go to new homes, which is a fab way to create more space for the things that are staying!

Somehow or other, the issue of me emptying that room has been quite the trigger for us to go through our whole home & give it a good clean out... after 21 years, we sure have accumulated a few things!
Not that we are hoarders, we are just well-practiced at 'doing it later'... we've held on to some things that we really don't need any more & just never gotten around to parting with them.

Here's the results of some of my efforts during the week:

Little pieces, less than 50cm

 Pieces ranging from 50cm to 2m WOF

Christmas stuff too!
Doesn't it look so good... all organised & easier to see exactly what I have!
The tubs are about 6½ inches deep, perfect depth for this purpose & even when they're full, they're not too heavy.
And they can stack, stack, stack...
Goodness, I have a l-o-t of stuff! Like going to a quilt shop in my very own garage!

Thank you again to everyone who sent good wishes to SM for his injuries - he's recovered so well... pretty much back to his old self now... sometimes just the tiniest bit protective of the injured area, which is understandable... but it all looks good.
(mr15 was sick at that time too, so all my homegrown nursing skills were put to work!)

On Wednesday 8th, we have a family first - one of my DDs is off on her very first international travel! I'm feeling a bit nervous about it all, but as she's going with her best friend who has done this same travel twice before, that gives me some comfort. She's very organised, & I'm sure it will all be a fantastic experience for her. She'll be away for just over two weeks... that's plenty long enough for me!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Site Manager on Sick Leave

Our darling little doggy has been laid low... because of another dog-owners thoughtlessness.

I'm so sick of stupid people not having an understanding that any dog is capable of any behaviour at any time... regardless of breed, age & general nature, every dog has an unpredictable side.

And this is what can happen... our little 4.2kg mate on his lead, at the mercy of a completely unrestrained 30kg+ Labrador.
Thank God it happened right across the road from our house, or else I really do think SM would be in much worse shape or even in doggy heaven now. The owner lady had no control at all, & it only released SM when I intervened.
SM has 4 puncture wounds to his rear left side, one is a decent size. No stitches or Vet stay, but still, it's a lot for a small dog to recover from. Bruising will be extensive.
This has left not only my dog wounded, but my daughter very upset & me angry... plus the Lab owner with my Vet bill & her daughter visibly traumatised by what her dog did.

Wound pics aren't appropriate, but I will share this of him resting comfortably today... in his favourite sunny indoor spot. You may be able to make out a bit of where he was shaved for treatment.
So for now he is more spoilt than ever!
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