Sunday, 24 May 2015

All The Fun Of The Craft Fair

Saturday the 23rd saw a good number of the WA blogging friends meet up at the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair. We also had a gentleman among us, but more on that in a moment.

It was so great to see some familiar faces, & to meet Tarnyia for the first time. I trust you made it home in one piece after braving the city traffic!
It was also fab to meet Leonie & her husband Mark, he's a clever quilt-making fella!

The offerings of the Fair itself were not much to inspire me... this was my fourth year attending, & I found quite a few stands selling the same tired old patterns with the same tired old samples... how hard can it be to make up a new sample & re-vamp the pattern cover to be more appealing to shoppers? The designs themselves are good, but the way they're presented doesn't exactly inspire a 'I want to make that' reaction. Similarly with a lot of books & fabrics, it's stuff we saw last year.

It's great to see knitting & crochet increasing in visibility at this event... & lots of interest at the stands for these arts. And of course it's so good for everyone to stock up on their blades, needles, thimbles, scissors & those things that are not found in Perth shops.

I did have a few things I actually needed that I can't get local to me & of course there were a few other purchases too... Among the items, I bought a 5-pack of some needles designed for blanket stitch fusible web applique; they're super-sharp & claim to slide through the fabrics like a 'hot knife through butter'... something to do with the triangular shape of the shaft... will have to test them out soon.

Also bought a silicone thimble - apparently they're durable & do a good job, so bought 2 of them for a roadtest. Two for $10 was worth a try. I'm fussy with my thimbles, & am always on the lookout for a good one.

My big purchase of the day was a quilt kit from Monica of Moonshine Designs (at the Margaret's Fabrics stand), called The Happiness Quilt... quite an investment, but as I'm hopeless with putting fabrics & colours together, a kit is a great option for me.

Also purchased some more EPP supplies, trims, buttons, rulers & bag-making hardware.
(Like how I just casually dropped in that confession?!)

Another highlight of the day for me was to see the work of our lovely friend Julia - a stunning Dresden plate & hand-quilted masterpiece - & extra wonderful to see an award ribbon pinned to the side of it! I was so pleased to see it & even be able to brag to some nearby ladies that I know the maker of this stunning quilt. Congrats again, Julia! x
(Click on Julia's name to see more)

So I've been to the Fair once again... time spent with stitchy friends really is the best... now it's time to knuckle down & get to work on some of the things I've bought over the years!
(Like Kate, I too have a kit purchased in 2012 that hasn't been started!)

Ah sewing... my philosophy is that it's cheaper than gambling or a therapist & healthier than booze... don't you agree??!

If you've read to here, I thank you !

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

'Christmas Through The Year' for May

It's happened again... I've totally forgotten the date!
It's time for the CTTY linky for May.
If you'd like to link up, just share your gifts in a post on your own blog, then pop back here & make a direct link to your blog post.
I have another little prize for this month, so go on, join in!

Submissions can be made from now, until midday Sunday, W-Aust time.

The Post About Not Much... & A Lovely Win

I don't have a lot to share today... but I can at least report that the Christmas fabrics from my weekend post are taking shape very nicely so far... & that I've basted two big sets of hexy's for my projects.
Isn't it lovely to have a crafty win?
Well, a little while back, I had a very happy win over at The Red Boots Quilt Co.
As the March birthday winner, I got a great voucher to spend at Little Quilt Store, the online shop of Lynette Anderson. I chose a pack of applique paper with my voucher, which will come in handy with a project or two on my WannaDo List.
Thanks Toni! x

mr14 has become mr15 today.
So a beautiful dessert cake is fresh out of the oven & there are my famous Burger Patties to be made for this evening... And how popular will he be with a few share-packs of choccy's at school, to share with his homeroom & his group of friends??!
I'm grateful every day for the Blessing of my Son... Happy Birthday Mate

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Friday Sew-In

Friday's are pretty much my favourite day of the week...
During the winter school terms, I spend the school hours at Patch group, then the evening is spent watching mr14 play his beloved soccer. Not a bad day, huh?!
 Can't share much detail... I didn't actually sew, but I did play with these at Patch group, in readiness to sew... something cute from Toni of Red Boots Quilt Co fame.

While the prep for this project has been quite fiddly & time-consuming, I have a confidence that the sewing will be fun & produce a satisfactory result.
Thanks Wendy for having us once again for Friday Night Sew In.

The weather has turned positively feral here today, after a week of strangely warm & breezy conditions, we're now getting heavy rain showers, high winds & low temp... I'm hoping it's a sign that proper winter has arrived... but what care I, when there is stitching & sewing & quilt binding to be done?!

The Perth Craft & Quilt Fair is coming up this week
 If there are any new-to-me WA or Perth ladies out there who would like to be part of our WA Bloggers Meet-Up at the event, I'd love to meet you! I have put the information here.

Monday, 11 May 2015

It's EPP Time... & Another Quilt Finish...

Yes, it's the 2nd Tuesday of the month... time to share EPP projects...
This time, I've added 3 brown-eyed hexy flowers to my collection... I just love that green leafy print!
I'm going to take a break from these for a little while & make progress on a different EPP project for next time... if I can remember where I put the instructions for it!

As usual, the linky is in my >>> right-hand sidebar >>> & is open from 6am Tuesday, through to midnight Friday, W-Aust time. I hope you'll join me! x

In other news, I've finished the Jewel-y Brights binding... so glad I went with the purple... I like this quilt, but I'm not completely in love with it...
The colours are very full-on, but it's not a bad result from a box of stuff that was bought for me at a garage sale, on the off chance I might like some of the contents...
 There's a colour in there that doesn't photograph well - it's a very pretty teal-y green, not the garish blue that shows in pics... in fact, all of the colours photograph brighter than they really are.
The next Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt I make will be a darn sight more sedate than this one!
The bind for the Retreat Quilt is ready... oh my, I'm not just on a roll, I'm the whole bakery...
 Don't you love the fabric?! I bought it from a local shop that sells end of line/range, that sort of thing, but they do have some real gems... This one is from the 'Mama Said Sew' range by Sweetwater. If you look carefully, you can see the word SEW.
Great word to feature on a quilt bind, don't you think?

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Binding For A Finish!

Yes friends, better late than never...
I've finally bound the layer cake quilt I was working on back in January... it even came back from the quilter just after Australia Day!
Heaven knows what took me so long, I usually can't wait to sit & do the bind.

Anyway, here's a Tah-Dah for you
 The pic just above is my favourite print in the collection... dark chocolate background with bold colours... yum!

The inspiration for this quilt came from Anorina over here. It is shared on Anorina's TUTORIALS page. The fabrics are Sanae 'Oh My'.
It's a soft & squidgy quilt, perfect for a cosy autumn evening on the sofa.
Feels great to have it fully finished - finally!

The Jewel-y Brights Quilt has been waiting for a few months for its binding too, so while I'm on a roll...
I'm a slow binder (maybe it's because I'm usually catching up on recorded The Bold & The Beautiful eps while stitching?!) but every length of thread gets me closer to a finish!
My Retreat Quilt is due back from the quilter late next week, but this time there will be no dillydallying with getting the bind on that one!
Thanks for popping in... have a great day

Saturday, 2 May 2015

FNWF for May

Golly... MAY... who's stealing months off my calendar?!
My funny mr14 says everything is right with his world now that his soccer is on again, with his season kicking off last night. And I will have a little brag here & say he's a very good goalie, defending his territory so well & blocking many more goals than got through... that's my boy!

Friday evenings sitting next to the pitch, means I have to do my FNWF during the day, so I spent some time yesterday at Patch group cutting fabrics for some more EPP hexy's. The hexy stash is finally starting to look impressive - no idea of how many are actually in there, so I should count them, just for fun!
There was a few minutes of stitching late in the evening, but my eyes wanted to shut... perhaps influenced by my choice of beverage?! Don't you love the glass... I think it would hold half the bottle... not that I've done that... I swear I only fill it to the bottom of the black swirly thing under the lion...
Thanks Cheryll for having us once again for a sewing & stitching party... I love to check out what everyone else got up to for their FNWF.
All the PYT ladies have shared some wonderful work this time, I hope you'll take a moment to click on those links & see their creations... I'll leave the linky up over the weekend.
Thanks to the 9 ladies who linked up!

~ Have a Great Weekend ~

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Are You EPP-ing?

It's the fourth Tuesday of the month... time to share your EPP projects... any EPP qualifies....
Any shape, any project, any size... As long as it's EPP, you can link up!
All the info you need can be found by clicking on the tab at the top of the page
I've nothing to share this time, (well, I might scramble stitch a flower or two in the coming days!) but I'm looking forward to checking out the work of those who link up & I hope that you'll drop in on them too.

The linky is open from 6am today, until midnight Friday, W-Aust time.
Thanks for being part of PYT!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Fabulous Retreat Weekend

Lucky me... just had a fab 2½ days away... so much fun!
(lots of pics, beware!)

A late change of plans worked in my favour & had me arriving at our beautiful location of 'Banksia Springs Cottages, Dwellingup' mid-morning on Friday, rather than late afternoon.

After unpacking & pinching myself that I was actually there, I got myself set up to work.
What a great venue... set up specifically for patchwork groups... lots of lovely windows to bring the outdoors in... sleeping area separate so any late night sewing or chatting can continue without disturbing slumber.

The card "Super Scrappy" from Lynne Wilson Designs had been on my radar as something to make at a time like this... something to sew without fear of getting lost on instructions.
Pair & sew, pair & sew... repeat to make 48 pairs... then press them all open...
 Make rows (good for you, I can't get those pics off my phone!)... unpick, re-arrange & re-sew some rows to even out the colour mix... be chastised for being too picky... go to bed.
Saturday morning, join some rows... fluff around, join some more rows...

eat a small serve of failed-but-delicious cheesecake, join remaining rows... then Taa-Daah!

And all that by high-noon on Saturday. Woo Hoo!
I made my Super Scrappy bigger than the pattern, working it to a generously-snuggly 65" x 80". The 'challenge' I had set myself was to come home with a completed quilt top, & it's great to have achieved that. All of those fabrics had languished in my Overload for some time, so it's great to see them out & sewn!

As for the ladies I was with, well what a hoot they are... among the jokes & cheekiness, there was great chats about all sorts of things... we had Wine O'Clock (ie very early pre-dinner bevvy & nibbles)... great meals... a cosy wood fire to sit near when the cold nights set in.

Our conversations flowed between the many issues & topics of things that friends share, & were of course punctuated with lots of crazy remarks, jokes & side-splitting laughter.
I confess I felt it quite the compliment when it was declared & seconded, that I 'really do fit in'.
Perhaps that was because it's the first time I've been in such a setting with them & they witnessed some of my personal traits not previously revealed?!

Saturday evening was spent working a bit more on my Christmas Blessings Star & leafing through a few sewing/patchworks mags. And yes some more wine & lots more talking.

It really was a fabulous weekend & now I can totally understand why so many ladies love their Retreats!
And just to be clear, yes I am adhering to the statement:
What Happens On Retreat, Stays On Retreat!!
Early morning mist
 Guess what's off to the quilter this week??!

Welcome to my new Followers, I hope you'll leave me a Comment some time, so I can get to know you!

Monday, 20 April 2015

April Link-Up for CTTY

Yes friends, the year is marching on... any time of the year is a good time to be making & stashing Christmas gifts for yours loved ones.
If you'd like to share them here, you know what to do... simply do a post on your own blog, featuring your Christmas gift... then come back here & link it up! Easy-Peasy!

This month I do have a little prize for one lucky participant... so linkity-link & you might just be a winner!

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