Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I'm Going Into Holiday Mode...

Being the Domestic Engineer that I am, it's not always easy to create 'time off' for myself...
but for a little time either side of Christmas & New Year, I like to at least create a 'change of pace' for myself... I think of it as my Holiday Mode.

This Christmas/New Year season, I'm going to start my Birdhouse Row cross stitch, the pattern I kept from the Travelling Treasures a couple of months ago.... yes I'm going to start on that even before I finish Redwork Noel... but don't worry it will get worked on too!
There'll be sewing for my Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM blocks... maybe a bit of Polka Dot Girls stitching... maybe some hexy's... I'll just do what takes my interest!
I will also be cutting back on my computer time, doing a lot of reading, taking some early-morning beach walks & tackling some jobs at home that need some focus.
And of course there will be time spent with family, wider family & precious friends.
Do you like the sound of my Holiday Mode?!
Do you do something like that for yourself sometimes?

So you won't see me in blogland much, but I might pop in occasionally to check up on you!

 There won't be a CTTY linky for December - so I say thank you to everyone who joined in with me through the year & I hope you'll be part of things again in 2015.

Merry Christmas To You All
Have a Wonderful Festive Season
Thank You For Your Friendship & For Inspiring Me
Stay Safe & Eat Lots

Saturday, 13 December 2014

'Tis The Season'... Tis Finished!

Don't fall over with shock, I've finally finished it!
 This year for my '1 Xmas Item A Month' I decided to take the option of working to complete one project for the year... I'd been wanting to make 'Tis The Season' for a while, so committed to completing one or two stitcheries each month & then working to have it on the wall for Christmas.
The stitcheries were fun to do & I love the 'personality' of each design. The piecing was a different story... I've shared previously that I found the fabrics hard to sew with; its' very fine & soft, even the careful-est of handling sometimes resulted in the fabric getting out of shape, so there were a few re-cuts & re-sews... but I persevered with them & I'm glad I did.
The fabrics are Lynette Anderson's 'Christmas Fun' from a few years ago.
I hope the Site Manager is giving is his Paw of Approval!
Mr14 is making me a simple hanging rod for it, because I can't find a shop-bought hanger big enough.

My lovely & clever blogging friend Bev has so kindly sent me a label, sewn on her whiz-bang machine, & I'll be sewing that label onto the storage bag I make. Thank you again Bev!
And of course I say a big Christmas THANK YOU to Elf Queen Narelle, for hosting the '1 Xmas Item A Month' group blog... Mwah! xo

Sadly the Christmas Get Together for the WA girls had to be cancelled - but we've already come up with some ideas for things we can do together in the future - so I hope the craft & quilting shops are ready for us!

Lastly, here's something I wouldn't normally share:
While you're on the hunt for great bargains at this time of year, spare a thought for your undies & think on whether they need an update... especially bras... Berlei Australia have a great online store, so if you know exactly what you're after, you might just find something to give some renewed support for your Assets. I've not paid anywhere near RRP for bras in over two years... being a member keeps me up-to-date with their current offers... thought it would be worth a mention.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Decorating & A Swap

Wow it's really a busy time in blogland with all the swaps & sewing that's going on... I wonder when some of you ladies get any sleep! It's such a great way to share friendship, beautiful creations & be in the Spirit of the Festive Season...

And speaking of swapping, I've recently done a Christmas swap with my lovely blogging friend, Maria... we agreed on sending each other a small wall hanging... & look what Maria has sent me:
And some very gorgeous extras too... good thing our evenings are still cool, so I can enjoy the drinks!
Maria I really enjoyed our little swap, & more importantly I do so appreciate our friendship xx

Oh dear, I have just gone to find a pic of what I sent to Maria, but it seems that I didn't actually take any, oops! But there's a pic here at Maria's blog in case you'd like to see.

On the weekend I finally got around to putting out some Christmas decorating...
I thought a lovely change would be to put up what I call our 'honeymoon Christmas tree' instead of our big 8-foot one. I call it the 'honeymoon tree' because we arrived back from our honeymoon at a time when only the smallest trees remained in the one department shop we had in our town at that time - so we bought one, along with the only remaining decorations, which were rather a daggy offering. The little tree stands at just 104cm, & this year is standing proudly on a tall cabinet in our family room - but with happier deco's on it!
Don't you just love this little guy?!
I didn't realise just how many Festive candles I had, so I'm going to be very disciplined this year & use them, rather than adding to what I already have! And that's hard to do, being the confirmed lover of candles that I am...

My small opportunities to sew or stitch are currently being taken with sewing the bind for my TTS & I've negotiated with mrHS & mr14 to make me a simple hanger for it. Golly it seems this last stage of finishing this project is taking so long, but by hook or by crook it WILL be on the wall soon!!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

FNWF Times Two & CTTY Winner...

Why 'Times Two"?
Well I was lucky enough to have a two part Friday spent with friends...

Yesterday my Patchwork group got together for our Christmas lunch... While the food was nothing spectacular & the service was patchy, the quiet riverside location was really very pretty & of course I just so enjoyed spending the time with the ladies I've come to know since I joined them mid-year.
It was great to switch seats a couple of times, so in the end we all had the chance for a good chat to everyone else there...
We did a Secret Santa in which we do not find out who made the gift we receive... we each had to contribute a handmade item - be it food or fabric - & some amazing gifts were made... I received a delicious package of baked goods... yum!... Good thing the lunch was a good size or else I may have been munching something on the way home!
So that was part one of my Friday spent with friends...

And part two was of course our last FNWF in cyberland, hosted by wonderful Cheryll.
It was relaxing to sit in the evening & do a little more on my Redwork Noel...
The blob to the upper left will eventually become more recognisable as a bird, & the letters N & O have appeared. Not much done, but it all helps...
Thanks so much Cheryll for hosting us last night & indeed every month for this great cyber stitch-in... I love spending time over those weekends, visiting the blogs & seeing what the ladies got up to for their evening/day/weekend spent With Friends!
Pop over HERE to see the ladies who joined in; with nearly 50 ladies on the list, you're sure to see some great work...

Wow I only just realised that I have not announced a winner for CTTY from November... so sorry ladies!
~ Helen ~ Thank you for joining in...Please email me your postal address so I can get a little giftie in the mail to you - And thanks to the other ladies who also linked up!

This weekend I'll be spending some time putting up our Christmas tree & adding some Festive Season decorating to the house...

~ Have a Great Weekend!  ~

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What's That Saying About "Desperate Measures"?

There's not been a lot of sewing or stitching time available to me in the last week or so... I'm really trying to get my Tis The Season finished... but little hurdles keep presenting themselves & slowing the process... ggrrr...

Got myself all set to start the quilting yesterday & just couldn't get it right, simple as it is. Only after a few very naughty words & threats, and several episodes of reverse quilting, did the Pfaff mysteriously resolve the thread tension problem before I figured out what was wrong.
THEN I just couldn't get my hands right & the quilt wasn't moving as it should. No good with my Matilda's gloves & bare hands were even more useless... so I hunted around in my cupboard for something else to help me... & found these:
Golly, I haven't been any kind of 'small' for about 15 years now!

These are just the right thing... the grip from the coating is really good... they're very flexible & comfy. And luckily mine are not blue like on the packaging!

I have no idea why I bought them, or maybe mrHS bought them for some yet-to-be-realised purpose, but now they are my new quilting gloves...

Friday, 28 November 2014

This & That...

Some little snippets to share with you today... all can be revealed when the projects are fully finished...

Secret sewing, which I am so pleased with...

Tis The Season... finally pinned & ready to quilt... I found the fabrics a bit tricky to sew with, so the piecing process was very slow...

And look what's back from the quilter (I think she might be sick of my various renditions of little squares!) Here's a look at the quilting design.
 Binding will have to wait until I have time to decide what colour to use... I've got a purple & a red... decisions, decisions...!

mr14 has been on a short Outdoor Education camp, so I guess my washing machine will have a little extra work to do over the weekend!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Perth/WA Blogging Ladies... Christmas Get Together!

Yes it's a little late in the planning but it's definitely happening!

Perth & WA Crafty Blogging Ladies - Christmas Get Together
Saturday 13 December
at Handcrafter's House, 7/401 Great Eastern Highway Midland
Arrive around 10.15am, finishing up about 3pm.
(If you don't blog but love a bit of needle & thread, we'd still love to see you!)

Lunch will be catered from a nearby Subway. Tea & Coffee provided.
Bring some 'Show & Tell' ... (& hand stitching if you wish or even your machine if you really want!)

Cost $15 to shop on arrival, plus extra for lunch.

Please bring a small handmade gift-wrapped item for our Lucky Dip Gift Exchange.
(Item doesn't necessarily have to be Christmas theme)

It's a normal trading day for Handcrafter's House, so some goodies can be purchased if you wish!

RSVP should be made by 9 December by Commenting on this post, so I know who to expect, & can send further details if you need.

Hope To See You There!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

CTTY Link-Up Anyone?

Thanks to mrHS, the computer is now a lurgy-free machine... so I'm looking forward to catching up on some blog reading in the coming days & also sharing pics of what I've been up to.
Due to those computer problems, it's a little later than I would normally put it up, but if anyone wants to link up for 'Christmas Through The Year' I'd love you to.
I did indeed make a Christmas pressie this month, but I can't share it here for CTTY, because it's a gift for a blogging friend.
As usual there's a little 'thank you' on offer for one lucky person who joins in... but it's a little something different this time.

The final CTTY linky for this year will be a little earlier next month - on the 17th - to give a last chance for sharing those final gifts for 2014.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Short & Not-So Sweet...

Just when I was preparing to share pics of my recent goings-on here at HibiscusHQ, the home computer has decided to go whacko on me... something akin to a virus... 
Well at least it's not putting up hundreds of disgusting pornographic images like the last time it had a virus. This time it's only telling me that I have variously won a new iPhone, a new iPad, been granted permission to enter a draw for a house in Colorado USA, or that I'm going to be sent some world famous cookware... lucky me huh?!

 As the home computer has all my pics on it, I don't want anything to wrong with them, so I'm using the 'fall-back' laptop for this post.

So just imagine if you can... some stitching on my next Polka Dot Girls stitchery, a little progress on my Redwork Noel cross stitch, about 30 hexy's basted while driving up & back to Perth on Sunday, cutting fabrics for secret sewing & a finish of the gift for a Christmas swap.

Hopefully the home computer will be back to normal very soon... CTTY is coming up in a couple of days & I need to have that linky up... & also I have something new to share, which I hope some of you will find enjoyable too.

Have a Terrific Tuesday Everyone!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Friday Sewing...

Actually, that's the Friday Night With Friends variety of sewing... or stitching in my case.
Once again, Cheryll has hosted another gathering of lovely ladies, all of us being very clever with our needles & threads - thank you so much Cheryll♥
Now that I have finished all the stitcheries for one project (Tis The Season) I thought it was high time to put in a much more earnest effort with the stitcheries of another... my Polka Dot Girls.
Seriously, if this project was a spouse, it would have divorced me ages ago on the grounds of neglect!

Thursday evening I got out my fantastic LED light pad, & traced up a few more designs. Yesterday I took one of them to Patch group & got started, then finished it while watching 'The First Wives Club'.
(Does Diane Keaton ever get a role in which she doesn't wear high-waist trousers & those terrible glasses??!) This one of the small designs; but still, getting it finished is one more to tick off!
I'm looking forward to a bit of blog hopping later on, to see what everyone else worked on!

This weekend I'm going to be continuing work on sewing together the quilt top of my Tis The Season... & if there's time, I might make a start on the first block of the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM.
There's a triathlon event here tomorrow, lots of roads blocked/closed in my area, we're kind of locked in, so what better way to spend my time than sewing!
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