Saturday, 4 July 2015

Making Good Progress & A Family First

Wow, these last few weeks have just zipped by!
I've not been doing much sewing lately, & strangely for me, I'm not even having withdrawals... been quite busy with other things & in particular I've been continuing to organise my fabrics & sewing things into their new storage places.
There's also been a lot of items go to new homes, which is a fab way to create more space for the things that are staying!

Somehow or other, the issue of me emptying that room has been quite the trigger for us to go through our whole home & give it a good clean out... after 21 years, we sure have accumulated a few things!
Not that we are hoarders, we are just well-practiced at 'doing it later'... we've held on to some things that we really don't need any more & just never gotten around to parting with them.

Here's the results of some of my efforts during the week:

Little pieces, less than 50cm

 Pieces ranging from 50cm to 2m WOF

Christmas stuff too!
Doesn't it look so good... all organised & easier to see exactly what I have!
The tubs are about 6½ inches deep, perfect depth for this purpose & even when they're full, they're not too heavy.
And they can stack, stack, stack...
Goodness, I have a l-o-t of stuff! Like going to a quilt shop in my very own garage!

Thank you again to everyone who sent good wishes to SM for his injuries - he's recovered so well... pretty much back to his old self now... sometimes just the tiniest bit protective of the injured area, which is understandable... but it all looks good.
(mr15 was sick at that time too, so all my homegrown nursing skills were put to work!)

On Wednesday 8th, we have a family first - one of my DDs is off on her very first international travel! I'm feeling a bit nervous about it all, but as she's going with her best friend who has done this same travel twice before, that gives me some comfort. She's very organised, & I'm sure it will all be a fantastic experience for her. She'll be away for just over two weeks... that's plenty long enough for me!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Site Manager on Sick Leave

Our darling little doggy has been laid low... because of another dog-owners thoughtlessness.

I'm so sick of stupid people not having an understanding that any dog is capable of any behaviour at any time... regardless of breed, age & general nature, every dog has an unpredictable side.

And this is what can happen... our little 4.2kg mate on his lead, at the mercy of a completely unrestrained 30kg+ Labrador.
Thank God it happened right across the road from our house, or else I really do think SM would be in much worse shape or even in doggy heaven now. The owner lady had no control at all, & it only released SM when I intervened.
SM has 4 puncture wounds to his rear left side, one is a decent size. No stitches or Vet stay, but still, it's a lot for a small dog to recover from. Bruising will be extensive.
This has left not only my dog wounded, but my daughter very upset & me angry... plus the Lab owner with my Vet bill & her daughter visibly traumatised by what her dog did.

Wound pics aren't appropriate, but I will share this of him resting comfortably today... in his favourite sunny indoor spot. You may be able to make out a bit of where he was shaved for treatment.
So for now he is more spoilt than ever!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

'Piece Yourself Together'... Yes, I Stitched!

I've finally done it!
For ages (at least 2 years now!) I've been meaning to get back to this project & finish it... now I believe I'm actually in danger of really doing just that!

This fortnight - well, this evening to be exact - I stitched together the flower rows on the right below
 & then carefully removed the inner papers & threads, leaving the papers in the hexagons at the edges. Fiddly, but that's all part of the making.
Removing the papers will make the next stage of stitching so much easier.

The linky will be open from 6am Tues, closing at 6am Friday (W-Aust time)

Don't fall over, I've made some things for CTTY too... very easy to make these little gift tags with a panel of images, backing fabric & good old double sided fusible.
 Discovered the panel in my cleaning out & made up the tags while watching 'Restoration Man' on Sunday afternoon.

On the subject of my cleaning out, I'm sure I'll be making additions to my De-Stash page as I go along, so please do check out the page. Most of the patterns & books will be FREE or postal costs only. (sorry only posting within Aust)

 ~Thanks for dropping by & have a great day ~

Sunday, 21 June 2015

June Linky for CTTY

Dear me, I'm not a very good host of this, am I??!
I really need to up my game!

I'd love to see some sharing of Christmas gift makes... the linky is here & will close at midnight on the 25th, West Australia time.

We all know that the second half of the year runs away from us when it comes to making pressies for Festive giving, & I for one really need to get my skates on... how about you?

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Curve-Balls Of Life

This is a hard few sentences to write, so I'm just going to get it out of the way.

A family situation has come up that means I need to give up my Sewing Space.
It's breaking my heart to do it, but it's the RIGHT THING for my family at this time.

I will still be able to sew, but I just won't have a permanent spot to call my own. Having had this little Space for so long now, I can't quite figure out how I'm going to manage, but I'm sure I will, somehow or other.
I just have to keep reminding myself that it's not forever & that there just could be some 'life learning' in this experience for me. And that my family comes first.

My Space won't be looking like this for much longer... yes that is my collection of Buddies on the windowsill... Iron Man, Barbie, PegChook, swap gifts, some crazy pens & of course new residents the Chook Family. I'm going to try finding them a little basket to live in, a bit like 'renting'.

Bye Bye Sewing Space... don't you worry, I'll still be sewing without you!

I've been moving & re-organising stuff & barely picking up a needle in the last two weeks, but I do at least have a couple of things to share...
My Retreat Quilt (started on the ANZAC weekend) is fully finished now... top all made from Overload, wide backing purchased... I totally love it... so glad I went with the red bind... it measures a snuggly 65" x 80".
I've been doing a little bit of Christmas cross stitching in recent weeks too, taking it to Patch group instead of the sewing machine.
Santa has a letter stitched next to him, but I can't show that just yet. He'll be landing in someone's mail box in a few weeks.
 I'm going to give myself time to do some blog reading during the weekend & also do some sewing. Perhaps it will do some good for my head & my heart.
~ ♥ ~

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

'Piece Yourself Together' Time Again

Lots of lovely EPP going on in blogland at the moment...

If you'd like to share yours, please do! Just do a post on your own blog then come back here & link that post to the linky tool in my right-hand sidebar - easy!

I'm going to 'fess up here & say I've not actually made a single stitch of progress yet on that project I shared last time, so I'd better get out my needle & thread!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

FNWF for June... My Report

Had a great day at Patch group on Friday... & of course I always look forward to FNWF to see what the other ladies are getting up to on their Friday evenings... thank you so much Cheryll for hosting this fun cyber-party!

I couldn't be bothered taking my sewing machine to Patch... so I took a little Aida, some threads & my mag... & got started on a little Christmas design. I wonder which letter will be stitched with it?
( And no, the port was not consumed at Patch!)

I also managed a few more inches of binding on my Retreat quilt, after soccer. That backing is looking really bright, it's really not as bold as this pic shows.
So it was a lovely, chatty, relaxed FNWF for me... & I look forward to visiting everyone else who joined in!

Speaking of my Patch group, I'm really looking forward to something we're starting at the end of this month - A Friendship Quilt!
There are about 17 of us participating, I think. Each month, we'll be assigned a certain block & different person to make it for, so that in the end every participant will receive 16 blocks; what a gorgeous stack of sewing goodness that will be! At the 12½" before-sewing size, this number of blocks will certainly make up into a fab sized quilt!
Each person will provide their own background fabric, or a fabric they'd like used in each block made for them. This is really going to test (& hopefully improve) my ability to put colours, prints & styles together, so this will be a good learning experience for sure.
Bring It On!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend & thanks for popping by!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

'One Lovely Blog' Award

 Back in the middle of May, I was so chuffed to receive an email from Christine at MacDonald's Patch, to say she'd nominated me for a 'One Lovely Blog' Award.
I found it such a compliment that she would do this, given how many gorgeous blogs she reads & the number of very talented blogging buddies she has. You can read Christine's post here.

Until now, I have been reluctant to accept these types of things, they're not really 'me'. However, I do try to keep my blog welcoming, interesting, fun & light... a place where I can 'meet' up with my crafting friends in an online setting & share my creative life. So it gives my heart a little warming to know that someone finds my blog 'lovely' & validates the effort I put in to my blog.
Thank You Christine for this nomination.

The idea of this award is for bloggers who've been nominated to share a bit about themselves & in turn nominate others whose blogs they love & want to share with their readers.

So in order to accept the Award I need to:
1.Thank the generous person who nominated me.
2.Share seven facts about myself.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the Award.

Number 1s done, so it's on to Number 2. Talk about myself... hhmmm...

one: I've always had a 'thing' for buttons... I even buy them just because I love them & with no particular purpose in mind.

two: When my girls were little, I sewed most of their clothes - even the great little sunhats they wore for outside play at kindy!

three:  In high school, I sewed for friends & they paid me in bus tickets.

four: I was taught to cross stitch in 1994, when I was pregnant with my daughters. And what a saviour it was, because I got quite big & was required to rest a lot! But it was not until 2011 that I finally kept a cross stitch I made; everything up until then had been gifted for weddings, birthdays, babies, new homes, Christmas.

five: I am most certainly NOT a gardener, but I'm ok with indoor & patio plants. Hence our garden beds are home to low maintenance Australian natives.

six: I love-love-love scented candles & melts... I usually have one burning when I'm at home.

seven: When August 2015 comes, I will have been married half my lifetime.

Ok now on to my nominations for a 'One Lovely Blog' award.

St Victor Quilts - Lin just amazes me with her beautiful crazy patchwork embellishments.

The Next Stage - Maria's blog is lovely to read because she shares not only her beautiful sewing & knitting, but some family & holiday pics too.

Fireflies & Cats In The Garden - if you want a cross stitch feast for your eyes, pop over & visit Leonie... beautiful work & lovely designs aplenty!

There were other blogs I was going to nominate, but as they have recently received one, I thought best not.
I hope you'll take the time to pop in to see these Lovely Blogs.

Thank You for reading... & I hope that you all continue to put up with enjoy my blog!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Chookshed Party... My Sunday

Not so much sewing or stitching from me today... but still it was a great day.

Made an earlier-than-usual-for-a-Sunday start...
True to her intention, Grandma Violet came along for the ride!
 I was really so impressed with the way the display was set up & wow we had so many many visitors, & the raffle tickets for the heirloom quilt prize sold out completely. Lots of visitors purchased a variety of smaller items & even a couple of stunning art quilts were also sold.
 No Violet, it's a bag for pegs, not Peg's bag!

So many lovely quilts... of course Violet would love the bright one!

The raffle prize quilts
 It's hard to see in this pic, but each block in the hung quilt is variously embellished with lace, applique, satin, embroidery & beads... very beautiful & highly coveted by so many viewers.

I'm so glad I went & supported this event for my Patch group... it was great to chat with other group members I don't see much & observe the reactions of visitors to our display. If only more ladies would realise that sewing & basic patchwork only takes a little patience & care to master, so that they too could create their own wonderful pieces!

Mid-arvo, it was time to come home... a cuppa & a  delicious cake-y bite was enjoyed before getting out a very special project... it really is time to get started on this one!
So I've made a plan of attack, & guess who's going to be watching?!
I've loved having the Chooks here for the weekend; their holiday will be over soon & then they'll be moving to their new neighbourhood... but I think they'll be popping up here now & then.

(Truth be known, I made the Chook family especially for this special weekend, to have some fun with them & get a little silly. As for Grandma Violet, when I set eyes on that fabric, I just knew it would be perfect for creating a fun chicken with a fab eccentric personality!)

Thanks Chooky for a great weekend of happy celebrating your 3rd year of blogging... it's been a fun time & I can't wait to check out what the other party-sewers have been up to!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Chookshed Party... My Saturday

Lovely day today... the sunshine was shining & the birds were chirping... and the Chooky Party continued.
Started the day with some secret sewing... Mrs Hen-rietta was helping me out because it was quite fiddly & time-consuming... but I ended up with a happy result.
Later in the afternoon, I decided to tackle the pile of HSTs... managed to get half of them trimmed... oh I do so love this range by Kate Spain, called Honey Honey.
Little Penelope, Grandma Violet & Mrs Hen-rietta took part in the women's business...
...while Mr Harold Blue & James took care of men's business...
It's been a great Chookshed Party day here.

I love a little glass of port on these cold nights... clearly I need to watch my glass while the Chooks are here... Violet's a sneaky one!

Grandma Violet is going to go out with me on Sunday... I'm going to be spending a few hours in the morning helping out at the annual quilt display at my Patchwork group... it's part of a bigger yearly event in the pretty little town where my group is located. I hope she doesn't make a spectacle of herself!
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