Wednesday, 28 January 2015

2015 Australia Day Swap

It was fun to play (for my first time) in the annual Australia Day Swap run by Jewells...
my parcels both received & sent were new-to-me blogs... gotta love that!

My parcel of goodies went to Sharmayne, who blogs at Country Fragrance... I sent her:
A - aqua fabric... U - utensil, an ice cream scoop... S - stamps print fabric... T - tea light candles
R - red spotty tea towel... A - Aussie Flag bunting... L - Lollies... I - ice cube trays
A - Australian Afternoon Tea
 Kerrie at Channelbank Creations sent me a fab parcel of goodness...
A - Australian Tea... U - Useless china eggs... S - Australian flag serviettes...
T - Aussie Day toothpicks... R - Rubber bands... A - Australia Flag keyring... L - Lemon Myrtle Soap
I - Inch ruler... A - angel
Kerrie also put in a 'Green & Gold' extras bundle of some happy green fabric & eucalyptus lollies.
Thanks again Kerrie - I love it all! And thanks Jewells for the Aussie Day fun!!

The Site Manager went for a day at the Tooth Fairy yesterday (Tues)... came home with two less teeth... he's recovering well... he's very quiet & of course he's not too keen on taking his antibiotics tablets... but, done the Mumma Hibiscus way, it's down the hatch before he realises. It's strange that he's so completely silent... but his happy little sounds will be back soon!

Some of my recently cut fabrics are now basted hexagons... they're so easy to do while watching the telly... but as I use the old-fashioned thread-baste method, sometimes the needle bites me when I get distracted with excitement... ouch!

It's been too hot to do much else in the last few days - but basting about 75-odd hexy's is a pretty good effort, methinks! Add that to the 600-or-so already in the bag, & it's coming along nicely!

I welcome my recent new Followers, & look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Perth & WA Ladies... Let's Meet!

Yes it's time to reach out to the quilty & stitchy bloggers (& non-bloggers) of this beautiful State of Western Australia... LET'S MEET!

Southlands Fabric & Sewing Centre
29 Yampi Way, Willetton
Saturday 7 February at 9.45am

We'll check out the shop (purchases required allowed, of course!), perhaps visit another shop nearby... then decide where to lunch.
No bookings or minimum numbers are required for this day to happen, so just bring your gorgeous selves & have a great day!

(if any non-WA bloggy friends wish to include a link on their blogs, that would be great♥)

Just leave a Comment on this post if you're interested in coming along.

Friday, 23 January 2015

'Friday Night Sew In' & Things To Share

Wendy at Sugarlane Designs is back on deck again this year as FNSI Queen - thanks so much Wendy! I love to sew at times like this, simultaneously(ish) with about 50 other ladies from all over the world.

Today I went to my Patchwork group & got some great sewing done... I thought I'd take the plunge & start a new project... because of course I have no UFOs or WIPs at the moment, ha ha...
I just couldn't wait any longer to play with my beautiful Kate Spain 'Honey Honey' charm squares... my new project needs 96 sets of half-square triangles & I managed to get 60 sewn today.
This is a project that will fit in around others & eventually be something just for me.
 I'm stacking them in groups of 10 so I don't lost count!
The evening saw me doing a little more on my 'Birdhouse Row' - so easy - one eye on the cross stitching, half an eye on the Australian Open tennis & the other half an eye on the cricket.
Thank You Wendy for hosting us again for this wonderful evening of stitching & friends.
The list of ladies is HERE
A Friday morning delivery from the Missouri Star Quilt Company has my mouth watering... more Kate Spain, this time it's 'Horizon'... And also some delicious Fig Tree Fabrics 'Somerset' charms & layer cake plus some yardage. Three stunning projects are planned with all this...
Despite them being so very different, Kate Spain & Fig Tree Fabrics are two of my absolute faves, so this box is the best fabric-y eye-candy I've seen in ages. Big Swoon Right Here!
I'm all up-to-date with my Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM blocks... & after trying a slightly different way of sewing my Flying Geese units, they're turning out so much better... I was not going to be beaten by a fabric goose!
Gotta confess, I'm mighty pleased with my precision joins here!
My Sewing Space is about to become a whole lot more comfortable to spend time in... we're doing a re-vamp of the air conditioning here at home... will keep us all happy... Exciting!

~ Have a Wonderful Weekend & Thanks For Stopping By ~

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Do Not Adjust Your Set!

Or your screen... or rub your eyes... or get me a Doctor... this is not an illusion!

What you're seeing is real... I haven't lost my mind...
Yes I have deliberately selected, paid for, brought home & plan to sew with BLUE FABRICS!
Yes, it's true... I believe my complicated relationship with blue is changing.

You see, my Holiday Mode did a strange thing to my head... I've been playing with fabrics for my SuperLongTerm hexy project & decided that it would indeed be fun to have a few blues in the mix... dare I say it, widen the range of colours. The folded fabrics were already in the bag, & I decided to cut from them too. Actually I have two hexy projects that will be a long time in the making - but only SuperLongTerm will feature blues.

But don't get too excited - what's left of these blues when I've cut my hexy shapes from them will go into the bag with the rest of my blues - can't have them socialising with the other colours yet, but they are at least in the same box now, with only the very thin plastic of the bag keeping them apart.

What do you think, am I progressing in my acceptance of blue???!
I think so

~ Have A Blue Thursday ~
 Disclaimer: no cameras or blogs were injured in the creation & publishing of this post

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

CTTY... Linky Already?

 Seems I've been caught out!
I wasn't planning to do a linky for this month, being that it's still holidays & all... but as it seems a couple of ladies are well organised, I've got one here for them to show us their makes.

This year will be a bit different for me & CTTY... I've been participating/co-ordinating with it for about two years now, & have kind of exhausted what I want it to be for me, so I won't be sharing a make every month, but will be doing more like 6 or 7 makes for the year.
I think this is about as much as my other sewing, stitching & family circumstances/plans will allow.

 Also, as I provide the prize every month (without sponsorship) I will just be choosing random months in which to give one...

Thank you ladies for your ongoing support of Christmas Through The Year & I look forward to seeing another year of Christmas & non-Christmas themed gifts being made & stashed away, for December giving...

Friday, 16 January 2015

Gotta Love The School Hols...

So many parents gripe about the school holidays, what a pain their kids are, how much they're spending to keep them entertained... how sad...
Nope, not me... I love the break, not only for myself not having to do the whole 'school/uni thing' but also for how much my kids love it & are making the best of the time they have.
They've been great helping me with some things when I've needed some extra hands & of course the stitching/sewing time is great too.

The layer cake quilt is now at the quilter (yes Tracy I finally did those last 3 joins!) & 'Birdhouse Row' progress is not worth sharing just yet.
I've been forgetting to post progress with my Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM blocks... it's the fiddliest sewing I've done for a while... not entirely impressed with my Flying Geese components, despite following the instructions to the tee, ggrrr... but somehow I fudge them so they end up ok when sewn into the block. Whinge over; I'm happy with the results of my efforts so far.

I made robust declarations of my desire to keep up with this, but I confess I have 2 blocks to make before the next one is sent out... so guess what I'll be working on during Friday & the weekend?!

Thought I'd take the opportunity to show you what I keep my blocks in... the packaging from a mattress protector... it's slightly structured & the full zip-around protects the blocks... not as pretty as a handmade block holder, but does the job admirably, don't you think?

 Before I go, I want to say thank you & welcome to my new Followers...
also, I received some Comments after FNWF from ladies set as 'no-reply' (which is why I haven't)... I've not had the chance to visit the full list of FNWF ladies yet, so perhaps you're on that?

My Site Manager is also loving the holidays... watching heaps of cricket, possessing the remote controls... seriously, could he be any more comfortable??!!!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

FNWF... Yay!

It's great to be getting back into some sort of groove after Christmas & New Year goings-on...
One of my favourite grooves is to be part of Friday Night With Friends each month.
I managed to get myself out to my Patch group yesterday, & got all my Layer Cake Quilt blocks sewn into rows - nice easy sewing amongst all the nattering going on there with the ladies. The Plan is to have these sewn together by the end of the weekend....
You know that saying about dogs & their bones? Well I've been a bit like that with my Redwork Noel... & now I have a Ta-Da for you... yes, all stitching done! I snatched time here & there during the week to add the backstitch detail & get it fully finished... such a beautiful design... Oh I just love it!
"Redwork Noel" Designed by Joan Elliott for Imaginating Inc.
Measures 6 3/4inches square on 18-count white Aida, thread DMC#321

This will be framed & become a gorgeous addition to my future Christmas decorating.
(fyi: the fabric is white, but just takes a blue tinge in fluoro light)
Now I can stitch without guilt on my Birdhouse Row...

Thank You Cheryll for hosting again with this great day/evening/weekend of stitching!
All the other participants are listed here

Monday, 5 January 2015


Wow, how good is Holiday Mode?! It's been a fab three weeks!

Very little internet... lots of family & friends time... sewing & cross stitch progress... reading... a bit of sewing planning... even a little gardening, of sorts.
We had Christmas Day with Mum & Dad, & 3 of my 4 brothers plus their families... casual & relaxed Boxing Day with in-laws... New Years with some extra teens in the house. (my kids have great friends)
Lots to smile about♥

I only signed into my blog 3 times, & that was only so I could keep an eye on signups for the Initial Heart Swap... Now I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's posts - seeing the Christmas-y news & checking out all the swaps action. Golly it will take me a while to do that!

I hope you all had a lovely Festive Season & that you have some wonderful things ahead for you in 2015. I'm so looking forward to continuing my blogland friendships & hopefully making a few new ones along the way♥

Laying out a Layer Cake Quilt - blocks sewn months ago!
'Redwork Noel'- detail stitching to be done - I'm so in love with this!
'Birdhouse Row'- just loving my cross stitching at the moment
♥ ~May Fun & Friendship Be Yours In 2015~ ♥

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I'm Going Into Holiday Mode...

Being the Domestic Engineer that I am, it's not always easy to create 'time off' for myself...
but for a little time either side of Christmas & New Year, I like to at least create a 'change of pace' for myself... I think of it as my Holiday Mode.

This Christmas/New Year season, I'm going to start my Birdhouse Row cross stitch, the pattern I kept from the Travelling Treasures a couple of months ago.... yes I'm going to start on that even before I finish Redwork Noel... but don't worry it will get worked on too!
There'll be sewing for my Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM blocks... maybe a bit of Polka Dot Girls stitching... maybe some hexy's... I'll just do what takes my interest!
I will also be cutting back on my computer time, doing a lot of reading, taking some early-morning beach walks & tackling some jobs at home that need some focus.
And of course there will be time spent with family, wider family & precious friends.
Do you like the sound of my Holiday Mode?!
Do you do something like that for yourself sometimes?

So you won't see me in blogland much, but I might pop in occasionally to check up on you!

 There won't be a CTTY linky for December - so I say thank you to everyone who joined in with me through the year & I hope you'll be part of things again in 2015.

Merry Christmas To You All
Have a Wonderful Festive Season
Thank You For Your Friendship & For Inspiring Me
Stay Safe & Eat Lots

Saturday, 13 December 2014

'Tis The Season'... Tis Finished!

Don't fall over with shock, I've finally finished it!
 This year for my '1 Xmas Item A Month' I decided to take the option of working to complete one project for the year... I'd been wanting to make 'Tis The Season' for a while, so committed to completing one or two stitcheries each month & then working to have it on the wall for Christmas.
The stitcheries were fun to do & I love the 'personality' of each design. The piecing was a different story... I've shared previously that I found the fabrics hard to sew with; its' very fine & soft, even the careful-est of handling sometimes resulted in the fabric getting out of shape, so there were a few re-cuts & re-sews... but I persevered with them & I'm glad I did.
The fabrics are Lynette Anderson's 'Christmas Fun' from a few years ago.
I hope the Site Manager is giving is his Paw of Approval!
Mr14 is making me a simple hanging rod for it, because I can't find a shop-bought hanger big enough.

My lovely & clever blogging friend Bev has so kindly sent me a label, sewn on her whiz-bang machine, & I'll be sewing that label onto the storage bag I make. Thank you again Bev!
And of course I say a big Christmas THANK YOU to Elf Queen Narelle, for hosting the '1 Xmas Item A Month' group blog... Mwah! xo

Sadly the Christmas Get Together for the WA girls had to be cancelled - but we've already come up with some ideas for things we can do together in the future - so I hope the craft & quilting shops are ready for us!

Lastly, here's something I wouldn't normally share:
While you're on the hunt for great bargains at this time of year, spare a thought for your undies & think on whether they need an update... especially bras... Berlei Australia have a great online store, so if you know exactly what you're after, you might just find something to give some renewed support for your Assets. I've not paid anywhere near RRP for bras in over two years... being a member keeps me up-to-date with their current offers... thought it would be worth a mention.
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