Monday, 2 March 2015

Not Much Going On Here...

... There is at least some sewing going on... but this is all I can share for now...
Birdhouse Row progress has stalled, because I've been spending some evenings reading.

I'm a bit aimless at the moment; I don't really even know what I'm going to work on this week... perhaps I should re-visit a WISP?... go through a tub & do some sorting/purging of its content?
Neither task would be difficult & probably result in me feeling quite virtuous...

My girls both start their 3rd year of uni this week, & while they've enjoyed their long summer break, they're both keen to get back into something of a routine... I must say that when everyone else in the house is in their routine, it helps me greatly; because I'm the Domestic Engineer whose routine is formulated after I know everyone else's routine, so if they're not in routine, neither am I!
(Yes I'm stopping now!)

Before I get any more silly, I'll wish you a wonderful week & get to that tub of crafty stuff...
after I put on a wash load.

PS: Caroline Heinrichs, thank you for your Comment; as you're a 'no-reply Comment' I can't get back to you, but I hope you'll drop by again & join in with PYT! I'd love to see your work.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

'Pay It Forward' A Delayed Update...

Back in June last year, I received my 'Pay It Forward' gifts from Shez...
Of course then it was my turn to choose 3 ladies to receive a little handmade something from me, some time with the ensuing 365 days.

My ladies were Florence, Jacquie & Jeneta... I decided to make each of them a handy little armchair sewing caddy/pincushion for when they're doing some hand sewing or stitching in their favourite comfy chair.
Having posted the parcels in the middle of January & happy that they got to their destinations near & far, I can now share some pics.
For Jeneta
For Jacquie

For Florence

Florence & Jeneta have already chosen the names of their recipients... Jacquie has been laid up with some health problems, & is on the slow improve, so I'm sure she'll be choosing some names soon.
No doubt the ladies will do a wonderful job of continuing the Pay It Forward fun!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

EPP Time Again...

Yep, it's the 4th Tuesday of the month... time to:
If you'd like to share your EPP project, just see the linky tool in the right-hand side bar.
All shapes, sizes & projects of English Paper Piecing welcome.
All the info is HERE.
I hope you'll join me!

This fortnight I've added to my collection of brown-eyed flowers... thought it was time to sew some together for a change, instead of continuing to do so much basting.
 I'm nudging up towards 50 flowers in my collection now - I'll share a pic of them all next fortnight!

Thank you to everyone who supported this little linky last fortnight, when it launched... so pleased with the response... EPP can be a slow & seemingly never-ending thing, but it's so rewarding!

Friday, 20 February 2015

A Very Satisfying FNSI

Wonderful Wendy has done it again... had us all to her place for our Sew In...
The bikkies were yum Wendy, you clever cook!

As happens most Fridays, I went to my Patchwork & Quilting group... I was a lady on a sewing mission, not to be deterred from achieving my goal for the day.
I cut out the pieces for these bags in September last year, & incredibly it was only this week that I finally got sick of moving them around in my tiny Sewing Space. Just sew them up for goodness sake!
So I have done just that, & now they're almost done - finishing touches will happen on the weekend.
Nothing like getting a bee in your sewing bonnet, huh?!

While I was sewing away, I was surrounded by some very lively conversation going on with the ladies... nothing like a Committee decision that doesn't make sense, to get people hot under the collar... so I sewed & listened & talked. Happy me.

You can see the list of everyone who joined in for FNSI by clicking here.

Come back here on Tuesday if you'd like to link up with 'Piece Yourself Together!', my EPP linky.
All the info can be found by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

I have added some items to my De-Stash page... if you're interested in any of the items, just leave a Comment at that page & I'll be in touch.

~♥~ I Hope You Have A Safe & Enjoyable Weekend~♥~
* Thanks For Dropping By *

'Christmas Through The Year' for February

Have you been sewing or stitching a little something to stash away as a Christmas gift?
Wanna share it here?

I'm sure most of my readers know the deal by now... the gift you make can be any item at all... any gift you would like to make during the year, & give at Christmas.
A purse or bag... a table topper... hat... cushion... wall hanging... whatever you want!
Christmas or non-Christmas theme.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

'Initial Heart Swap' for 2015

This swap is one of my favourites to be part of... thank you so much Cheryll for another fun swap & the chance to 'meet' two new-to-me ladies!

Nanette blogs at Stitch & Sow... I made her a zipper pouch & matching shopping bag for when she goes to her local growers market... & also a mug rug to rest her glass/mug on, featuring a seed packet print. Some lollies, a tube of hand cream & a fun little Valentine garland rounded out my gifts.
Glad it will all be useful, Nanette!

My swap parcel came from Elizabeth at The Village Quilters... & wow what a very pretty package of goodies!
 A Gail Pan-inspired sewing folder, scissors, DMC, a Michelle Ridgway design ready to stitch & some yummy M&M's. The little bear head you can see is actually a tape measure - don't you love it?!
Thanks again Elizabeth & be assured I will get great use from everything xo

Well I'm not feeling the slightest bit romantic today... a hot prickly throat, blocked sore ears & suffocating sinus congestion is the culprit... How on earth did I not get sick during winter, but manage to get a stupid cold at the height of summer??!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Get Out Your EPP...

It's time for the first ever linky!
 If you'd like to share your EPP project, just see the linky tool in the right-hand side bar.
All shapes, sizes & projects of English Paper Piecing welcome.
All the info is HERE.
I hope you'll join me!

I've been continuing to baste my various blue fabrics & tossing the shapes into the bag for what I'm calling my 'Super Long Term' hexy project. Nice & easy to do while watching evening telly.
I confess I quite like this print; I remember using it for a colour-themed swap gift.
My 'Super Long Term' project is going to be a quilt... but I'm not yet decided on what sort of layout I want... it's so Long Term, I've not yet given it a thought!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lovely Day Out...

Yesterday saw me meeting up with 8 other Perth & WA ladies for a quilt shop visit & lunch...
It sure was great to catch up with some of my blogging friends, & put faces to the names of some more... What a diverse set of interests, abilities, family situations & crafty passions we all have!

Here we are at lunch...
(clockwise from left) Maria, Sandra, Jeneta, Tracy, Helen, Dianne, Tracee & Julia. I'm the empty seat.

Helen is Tracy's Mum, & is considering starting her own blog, so maybe we'll be seeing her in blogland soon... And Julia - there is no such thing as talking too much while in the car!
I think our next GetTogether needs to be somewhere we can bring some Show&Tell; I'm keen to see some of the bags that Dianne makes.
In the morning we had met up at Southlands Fabric & Sewing Centre... wow, what an amazing place! A very comprehensive shop & I just couldn't stop admiring the quilts hung all around... this pic shows about a third of the shop! A sad reminder that as much as I love my little seaside city, it's really quite a crafty desert.
'Quilty Fun' has been on my List for a while, so I took my chance to get it while it was still available... the 'Daybreak' quilt pattern will do very nicely for a batiks jelly roll I was given a couple of years ago.
We also visited another shop nearby, where I got a handy buy-2-get-1-free metres of my favourite stitchery backing, Whisperweft.

I really did enjoy the day & I hope the other ladies had a great day too. xo
Don't forget that the very first ever Piece Yourself Together! linky will be available from Tuesday morning. If you're working on any sort of EPP project & want to link it, I'd love to see it!
All the info can be found here.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

FNWF... A Quick Post

Just a quick pop-in to share my 'Birdhouse Row' progress... I've managed a couple more inches this week, & worked on it a bit more last night for Friday Night With Friends.

I'm looking forward to seeing a few of my blogging buddies today... of course I know most of them now, & I'm excited to put a face to 2 new ones!

~ Have A Great Weekend! ~

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Better Late Than Never...

These days I don't do a lot of swaps or groups, but one I do love to be part of is
The Fat Quarter Birthday Club. Last year each of us were assigned to make a 'special gift' for one other lady on her birthday, & my gift was made for Sisbabe, whose birthday is in December.
This is my teaser pic from back in November...
Somehow or other, I forgot to take pics of what I sent to Sisbabe, but I do have a form of back-up...
You see, I love the fabric so much that I made two very similar bags - so I could keep one for myself!
And everyone knows that sometimes when cutting lots of pieces, it's not hard to cut a few more while you're at it, huh?! (Don't tell me you've never done that!)

For Sisbabe, I made her a Lynn Briggs design 'Glad Bag', with a co-ordinating skinny pincushion & needlebook. I didn't make my bag identical to Sisbabe's, but they are very similar.
 A drawcord goes through the white channels near the top of the bag.
The front & back outer pockets are secured with magnetic snaps.
(I don't mind bragging that I'm very good at doing those snaps!)
 A light-coloured lining makes it easy to find things... plus there's two inner pockets for small items.

Sisbabe hasn't blogged about her gifts yet, so I hope she doesn't mind me sharing these pics of what I made for myself after I made hers!
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