Sunday, 14 February 2016

'Christmas Through The Year'... It's A Bit Changed-Up for 2016!

Now that we've recovered from the Festive Season, it's time for 'Christmas Through The Year' to start again. You can just never be too organised with a stash of Christmas pressies you've made during the year!
As the post title mentions, I've decided to make a change to CTTY... not too drastic but I'm hoping it will re-energise & renew this linky in a positive way.
From now on, CTTY is a place to share those non-Christmas themed gifts you're making.

Bags... I-Pad/tablet covers... sunhats... table toppers & runners... cushions... quilts... baby items... shoe bags... sewing accessories... whatever you like...
Share a quick make, or work on a project for a few months & share your progress.
Anything you make to give as a pressie during the Festive Season, that doesn't have a Christmas theme... it's all welcome!
Throughout the year, I'll be sharing links to some free patterns & tutorials to provide inspiration.

The linky timing will remain the same... which is the 20th of each month, and then closing midnight on the 23rd. (Western Australian Standard Time).

All of this info will be on the CTTY page here on my blog!

The first CTTY linky for 2016 will be very soon - from Saturday - so I'm going to use that as an opportunity to think about what I want to make & write a list.

I hope you'll join me some time during the year & share some of your Christmas makes!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... The Heatwave Edition...

My part of Western Australia is getting some record-breaking temps right now... yuk!
Fortunately our air-con is fab, so that certainly makes the day easier.
Perfect for doing some indoor jobs I've been procrastinating about & getting the washing dry in double-double quick time.
 The backyard is off-limits for the Site Manager at the moment, so I had to carry him across the road to the park for tinkies... can't have burnt paws!
And of course there's time for a little fabric play, which has produced a good number of pieces ready for EPP basting.
These are going to keep me busy for a while!

I hope you'll share your EPP project here... I'd love to see some more names... all the info can be found at the PYT tab up the top of the page...
The linky will close midnight on Thursday.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Two Lovely Friends...

This morning I got the chance for a quick catch-up with two of my blogging buddies...
Maria (r) & Sandra (c)  are part of a quilters group that visit my Patchwork group HQ a couple of times a year, & today was one of those times.

Great to see you both!
And thanks for letting me crash your day out.

Might be time for a new iron... while I was out for those couple of hours with the ladies, back home one of my DDs has attempted to iron a pretty (synthetic) top... the result was not good:(
Does anyone know how to clean melted/burnt synthetic fabric off an iron?!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Fun Friday Sewing With Friends

First Fridays of the month... gotta love 'em!
I spent the school hours at my Patchwork group... continued to work on my new project... despite all the chatting & goings on, I'm surprised at how much I got done!
And even more surprised that I actually LIKE the blue fabric I'm working with ;)

So my FNWF efforts are that I've sewn another of the block sets... they've turned out so well.
Next stage will be to draw up the applique paper & cut out the shapes that are part of the next set of blocks.
 Check out all the other FNWF work here with Cheryll at Gone Stitchin'.

It's going to be h-o-t here for a good week or so now; mid to high 30°c - maybe even 40°c through to next weekend... I'm thinking air-con, cold drinks, garden planning, minimal domestic duties... And some sewing & stitching!
~* Happy Weekend Everyone *~

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Progress on 'The Great Backyard Project' & A Little Stitching...

I'm going to share the stitching first...

Well, as alluded to in my previous post, I've started work on something new... the feast after these seemingly endless months of fabric famine! Don't get me wrong, I love my EPP & my cross stitching, but a girl's gotta have a bit of sewing machine action, don't you think?!

I decided to make myself a quilt from Me & My Red Boots... beautifully written, easy to piece & fun pretty colours... I confess I did my best to re-work the colours to avoid using blue, but I put on my 'big girl pants' & chose it after all!
On Friday at Patch group, I sewed two sets of blocks... apparently I talk to myself a lot when I'm sewing, but I had no idea, I was just in Pfaff heaven!
I've managed to set up a small sewing space for a short time, so it will be great to make a bit of progress on this one.

As for the Great Backyard Project, wow it's really coming along now, after delays in Jan for various reasons.
The workshop & sewing room are almost finished the main construction. I've chosen paint colour & flooring... plants & turf have been ordered and are ready to be put in as the last stage of this Project. Hopefully it will all be done in about 3 weeks or so... woo hoo!

I confess that in recent weeks, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the scale of it all... it's a massive change from what we had... I'm still adjusting to the new look, of having a building where there once was garden, taller back fences (on demand from The Difficult Neighbour) & it was visually more open. However, I'm sure that once it's all done, it will look & feel a whole lot better.

Sadly, school holidays have come to an end... mr15 has strode off into Year11... so tall now... lots to look forward to this year for him... he's got a great group of friends... no plan yet for beyond school, but he knows he must make the very best of these last couple of years at school.

If you haven't seen it already, please drop by & admire the amazing quilt my beautiful friend Maria has just finished... it's been a LOT of sew, press, cut, repeat... but it's gorgeous! It's here.

Hard to believe it will be Lent soon... didn't the Christmas Season only just end... oops I blinked & January whizzed by!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... Australia Day Edition

Well, it's only the Australia Day edition by co-incidence...


I had not planned to be absent from my blog or from blog-reading for so long (two weeks seems a long time in blogland!). Just a combination of things has made it hard, but I guess I can only just keep trying.
I think part of my 'low' has been that I'm really missing my sewing... & missing the routine that my life usually has... my days have been very full, but I don't feel like I actually achieve much.
I'm happy about the Great Backyard Project, & enjoying some focus on cross stitch & EPP, but there's just something missing.
Last week I caved in... bought fabrics, cut them & they're ready to sew... just the act of the buying, pressing & cutting gave me a lift! I have MissPfaff set up in a temporary spot & the fabrics nearby, so I can just pop there when I have a bit of time & do a little sewing... yay! Pics soon.

Anyway, back to 'Piece Yourself Together'... yes I have added to my collection for my Scrappy Super Long Term Quilt... purples & some greens this time... these ones are already in the tub (& counted on the spreadsheet!) and there is also some more of them ready to baste. They've been good therapy.
If you would like to be part of PYT, just do a post on your own blog, showing your EPP project... then come back here & link up in the right-hand sidebar - EASY!

The linky will be available from 6am Tuesday & close midnight Thursday, Australian WST.
I hope you'll join me!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... It's Back!

As the blogging & crafting world gets back on track after the Festive Season, so do the various linkies, sew-ins, SALs & all that great fun. PYT is back on too!

I love hosting this twice-monthly linky... & of course it's great to see all the various English Paper Piecing projects being created!
If PYT is new to you, please click on the tab at the top of my blog, & go read all about it... I'd love to have you join in.

I'm closing in on having enough coloured hexy's for my Super-Long-Term quilt... this time, I've prepared a couple of reds, as I don't have many of them yet.
How do I know this? I actually have an Excel spreadsheet with all my colours listed, & how many of each colour are already in the box... yes it might seem a bit crazy to do that for what is intended to be a 'scrappy' quilt, but I just want to make sure I have a good mix of colours & it also helps me know exactly how many hexy's I have. Controlled Scrappy, shall we say?!

As always, the linky is open from 6am Tuesday 12th, closing at midnight Thursday 14th Jan, Aust Western Standard Time. Just pop over to my right-hand sidebar!

Can't wait to see your projects! Big or small, many EPP pieces or a few, any shape or size... they're all welcome!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

FNWF For January...

 Before I start with the fun stuff, I want to ask you all the spare a thought for the bushfire situation happening right now in Western Australia... so many homes, industry & businesses, livestock lost... these towns have a rich & strong history, & the devastation is unthinkable. One little town has lost near-on 100 homes. These communities, as with so many other regional towns right around Australia, are built on agricultural activities like dairy, timber, farming, wine.
The northern areas of the bushfire zone are barely an hour drive from my home.While we are not in danger, our little city is certainly buzzing with all sorts of activities to assist & support those in our neighbouring regions.
The town of Pinjarra (where my Patchwork group is located) is currently one of the relief areas & is teeming with cars, people, volunteers, and emergency services travelling through.

Of course summer in Australia seems to mean that while somewhere is burning, somewhere else is suffering with flooding... regions of Queensland and parts of New South Wales again inundated... it is the cruelest of weather patterns & conditions.

It's such a heartbreaking thing to see images on tv & hear reports on radio... & a reminder that we each have a responsibility to reach out & support. After such an event, it will be needed for a long time to come.

Now to something brighter...
How fab is it to stitch on a Friday, knowing that your blogging buddies ( & not-yet-met friends!) are doing the same... Friday Night With Friends is a great way to get some needle & thread action, & then the chance afterwards to go visit other bloggers who did the same.
If you're not yet familiar with FNWF , please click here to find out more.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting us for our first FNWF of the new year!
I chose to do a bit more work on my Frangipani cross stitch... added little areas to the top right & bottom left... yes lots of blue stitching!
It will be fun when it's time to stitch the flowers in the centre of the design, they'll really pop against the blues & dark greens of the surrounding leaves.

My new sewing room is coming along slowly but surely... it now has all its insulation & the wall panelling is in place... this coming week I need to decide on which colour I want on the walls & ceiling, and also choose flooring.
50 shades of grey has nothing on the seemingly endless shades of white!!

I have one last Christmas piece to share... only took a few evenings & has turned out so cute...

'Piece Yourself Together' has its first 2016 linky next week... I hope you'll join in, or at least pop in & check out what the participants are sharing.
HAPPY BUG and MARSHA HODGKINS sorry I can't reply to your Comments on PYT, you're set as no-reply so I have no email address to reply to...

Right-o... off to finally take down Christmas decorating & do some blog surfing later.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

SSCS Gifts Received... Thank You Dagmar!

After having a wonderful & relatively screen-free few days, it's time I get back into the blogging thing...
Christmas was really great - full of family, great food & socialising... I did have a few tears at times, being that this was our first Christmas with my MIL, but her delicious recipes (now made by my nieces) kept us all well-fed!
Even though 2015 has presented me with what has felt like a continuous stream of challenges, I have many things to be grateful for & that I'll cherish about the year.

Now, SSCS... Dagmar has totally spoiled me with a stunning wall hanging of a Nutcracker... I have no idea how she pieced it, I see there are so many tiny tiny pieces, but goodness me I am in love with it. Dagmar, thank you again for such a wonderful SSCS gift & I can't wait to show it off every year now!
Dagmar also included some lovely napkins with Santa's face on them, a little tub of white buttons & a dainty box packed with delicious-smelling candle melts... how did you know I love candles so much Dagmar?!
The details in this hanging are amazing, & just look at the beautiful quilting!
Do go check out Dagmar's blog, & see some more of her skills on show.
Many thanks again Dagmar ... and of course thanks goes also to Chookyblue for once again organising the best Christmas swap in blogland.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Sending Out Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
To All My Blogging Friends & Readers!

 It's been another year of making some new bloggy friends & keeping in touch with treasured friends too... lucky me.
Thank you for wonderful friendship, support in my difficult times this year, inspiration, swapping & cyber-parties.

I'm taking a break from computers for a while... this Christmas is the first without MIL, it's been a mixed lead-up to the Festive Season for me... I'll pop back to share my SSCS spoils... see you all again in the New Year♥

I Wish You Piece At Christmas... look closely!

 ~ ♥ * Merry Christmas Everyone * ♥ ~
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