Monday, 27 April 2015

Fabulous Retreat Weekend

Lucky me... just had a fab 2½ days away... so much fun!
(lots of pics, beware!)

A late change of plans worked in my favour & had me arriving at our beautiful location of 'Banksia Springs Cottages, Dwellingup' mid-morning on Friday, rather than late afternoon.

After unpacking & pinching myself that I was actually there, I got myself set up to work.
What a great venue... set up specifically for patchwork groups... lots of lovely windows to bring the outdoors in... sleeping area separate so any late night sewing or chatting can continue without disturbing slumber.

The card "Super Scrappy" from Lynne Wilson Designs had been on my radar as something to make at a time like this... something to sew without fear of getting lost on instructions.
Pair & sew, pair & sew... repeat to make 48 pairs... then press them all open...
 Make rows (good for you, I can't get those pics off my phone!)... unpick, re-arrange & re-sew some rows to even out the colour mix... be chastised for being too picky... go to bed.
Saturday morning, join some rows... fluff around, join some more rows...

eat a small serve of failed-but-delicious cheesecake, join remaining rows... then Taa-Daah!

And all that by high-noon on Saturday. Woo Hoo!
I made my Super Scrappy bigger than the pattern, working it to a generously-snuggly 65" x 80". The 'challenge' I had set myself was to come home with a completed quilt top, & it's great to have achieved that. All of those fabrics had languished in my Overload for some time, so it's great to see them out & sewn!

As for the ladies I was with, well what a hoot they are... among the jokes & cheekiness, there was great chats about all sorts of things... we had Wine O'Clock (ie very early pre-dinner bevvy & nibbles)... great meals... a cosy wood fire to sit near when the cold nights set in.

Our conversations flowed between the many issues & topics of things that friends share, & were of course punctuated with lots of crazy remarks, jokes & side-splitting laughter.
I confess I felt it quite the compliment when it was declared & seconded, that I 'really do fit in'.
Perhaps that was because it's the first time I've been in such a setting with them & they witnessed some of my personal traits not previously revealed?!

Saturday evening was spent working a bit more on my Christmas Blessings Star & leafing through a few sewing/patchworks mags. And yes some more wine & lots more talking.

It really was a fabulous weekend & now I can totally understand why so many ladies love their Retreats!
And just to be clear, yes I am adhering to the statement:
What Happens On Retreat, Stays On Retreat!!
Early morning mist
 Guess what's off to the quilter this week??!

Welcome to my new Followers, I hope you'll leave me a Comment some time, so I can get to know you!

Monday, 20 April 2015

April Link-Up for CTTY

Yes friends, the year is marching on... any time of the year is a good time to be making & stashing Christmas gifts for yours loved ones.
If you'd like to share them here, you know what to do... simply do a post on your own blog, featuring your Christmas gift... then come back here & link it up! Easy-Peasy!

This month I do have a little prize for one lucky participant... so linkity-link & you might just be a winner!

Friday, 17 April 2015

FNSI Report

Wonderful Wendy has hosted us again for Friday Night Sew In...
I've not tried anything Chai yet, so next time I'm out, I just might have to, given the look of the yummy treat pictured on Wendy's blog!

In the next 6 months or so, I'm going to be working on a couple of very special personal projects, which I have decided not to share here for the time being... there won't even be sneaky-peaks... Well, except for this, just to prove that I did actually do something for my FNSI!

The fabrics are Kate Spain's range 'Horizon'; I love her fabrics & I know that I'm going to really love sewing with them. I even kept the selvedges, for a bit of a play later too!

The Site Manager clearly didn't think I needed supervision, & went for a few hours 'sunbaking' in his favourite sunny cooler-months spot - nice life, huh?!

It's lovely to know that while me & my rotary blade were busy, so many other ladies who love to sew & stitch were busy with their projects too... thanks again Wendy... here's the list of everyone who joined in.

On the weekend of Friday 24th, I'm off to my very first quilting/sewing Retreat!! Woo Hoo!
My Patch group friends assure me that I'm in for a wonderful time... there is no set project or Challenge happening, so I'll have to think about what to take...
Don't you love her cotton-reel necklace?!
Thanks for popping by & I hope you have a great weekend

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

PYT Time Again...

It's the 2nd Tuesday of the month, so it's time to...
 I'm adding two more brown-eyed flowers to my collection this time, having found a few great purples to use. I've also basted a pile of hexy's for my SuperLongTerm project too.
Don't you think the print looks like sequins?! I love it
If you've been doing any sort of EPP, I'd love to see your work.
All the info for PYT can be found here

Friday, 10 April 2015

Back On Deck, Finally!

Does a week without computer seem like an eternity to you?!
For me, that's a yes & a no. I really missed my blog reading, but got some great things done here at home.

Our computer monitor decided it had lived a happy earthly life, & took itself to the Gadget Graveyard In The Sky quite unexpectedly on Monday...
mrHS bought a new monitor, but golly it was so big... like sitting an arms length from the telly! So back it went, & we settled on a smaller one that's a much better size.

I've not been terribly inspired or productive with my sewing... cross stitching has been keeping my hands occupied in the quiet times... & a Christmas stitchery too...

Don't you love my needle-minder... being it's my favourite (&blog!) flower of Hibiscus, I couldn't resist... it's magnetic... cute, huh?!

I'm loving to stitch this 'Christmas Blessings Star', a pre-printed linen from Rosalie Quinlan Designs...

I've also worked on some EPP which I can share in a few days... I hope you'll Piece Yourself Together! along with me on Tuesday... after all, it will be the 2nd Tues of the month!

We've had a good 3 days of almost continuous rainy-pitter-patter... great for the gardens... however the accompanying humidity has made it really hard to get any washing dry, even under my patio... not good when my laundry is as big as a matchbox & the Wash Me pile is growing! But oh the rain is so very welcome.

I hope you all have a great weekend & I look forward to seeing what everyone's been up to!
Thanks for popping by

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How To Press 192 HSTs & Not Really Feel It...

So on Sunday, I wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup Final... that great old rivalry between Australia & New Zealand.
Problem was, I didn't feel quite right just parking up on the sofa & not actually doing anything for those hours.
What to do? I decided to get out a project I'm just working on when I feel like it... so out came the container with the previously sewn sets of squares... Cutting them apart & pressing them open into HSTs would be the perfect activity while keeping an eye on the telly.

Start of play: 96 pairs of squares sewn diagonally

Progress score:

Match result:
192 half square triangles, ready to be trimmed down... some time or other...
Yes it took me quite a while, not the whole match though!... but it meant I actually got something done while watching hours of cricket...Slow progress on this project is better than none at all... I'm happy!

Yesterday I was on roster for the little shop that's part of my Patchwork club. It wasn't a club sewing day, so I was the only one there & only 3 people called in all day! Yawn!

I took my things so I could resume work on a Polka Dot Girls quilt block.... I wound a fistful of threads onto bobbin cards... & I tidied some of the shop stock.
It was my first time of being there on my own, but it didn't feel boring or long at all.
I will have a little rant here... the place had been left quite messy & the money tin was not properly secure when I opened up - so I spent the first 30 minutes vacuuming & wiping down in order to make the place presentable. Clearly the Sunday workshop people didn't fulfill their own duties of 'clean-&-secure-before-you-go'. Not Happy Jan. Looking at the list of workshop attendees, I'm sure they would whinge to high heaven if they found the place like that but somehow they were happy to leave it that way... ggrrr..................................ok, rant over.
I've been forgetting to share some birthday goodies that arrived after my earlier posts...
Beautiful hand-dyed threads from my even-more-beautiful friend Lisa 
 And the last two of my Birthday FQ Club gifts - from Yvonne & Claire
 Thanks again girls! xx

Today it feels like I've got a mountain of washing to do - sheets & towels & all that - so I'd better get off here & go do some more!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

'Merry Un-Birthday' Winner

Slight delay in the naming of my Winner, sorry...
Thank You everyone who entered for being part of the fun!
I can't figure out how to get the RNG image here, so I'm simply putting the name:
~ Irene at Hilachas ~
wins her choice of the vintage-look pouch & all the goodies.

I've decided to give away the blue/aqua print pouch too & will add some goodies to that.
The winner of that one is:
~ Jeneta at Plum Jam ~

Ladies, if you could be so kind as to email me your postal details, I'll send them on their way.

I really enjoy doing my Birthday giveaway each year & this one has been no exception... thanks again to everyone who entered... I'm sorry I don't have a little something for each of you!

Have a Great Weekend xo

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

'P Y T!'... Some More Hexy's...

A pretty purple pile of basted hexagons has been added to my resources this time... some more are cut & ready to be basted... and a little pile of fab fabrics that will become part of my EPP quilts.
That purple print reminds me of a child's finger-painting!
I hope you'll share your EPP with us here too, the linky is in the right hand >>> side bar, just under the 'PYT!' button/logo.

Don't forget to enter my 'Merry Un-Birthday Giveaway' here, if you haven't already!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Night Sew In... A Finish, Finally!

Wonderful Wendy has hosted us once again for FNSI...
Not having stitched much during the week, I decided to put in a massive effort to get my 'Birdhouse Row' finished... or as close to it as possible.
 It's quite hard to photograph a long skinny design, so I hope these pics are good enough.
So with one eye on the World Cup cricket & the other on my cloth, I'VE DONE IT!
No more updates to be shared, because it's finished, yay.
Well, um, there might be one more when it's back from the framer, if I haven't driven my readers mad with it already!

Thanks for having us again Wendy, & I look forward to doing some blog hopping over the weekend.

A "Merry Un-Birthday" Giveaway

Yes indeed I was kind of late for a Very Important Date...
Each year around the time of my birthday I like to have some fun with my
'Cake & Candles Giveaway'.
Well, this year it's become what I've called my
~ Merry Un-Birthday Giveaway ~
(aka: didn't get organised in time!)

You can win a little collection of my favourite things & your choice of a made-by-me Open Wide Zipper Pouch... just be a Follower & leave a Comment on this post telling me which pouch you'd choose. How easy is that?!
HyFlex Gloves - great for quilting... coffee treats & choccy's - gotta keep fuelled!... Palmer's cream, keeps my cuticles from drying out... a little candle in my all-time favourite scent... trim that looks like tape measure... a little hinged floral tin, which holds a good number of pins... & a small tape measure, I keep one in my handbag.
The pouches stand at about 6inches tall & 11inches wide, plus they're 4inches at base.

The winner's name will be published here next Friday the 27th.
(please make sure I can contact you)
Update: I forgot to put that it's open worldwide!

 ~Merry Un-Birthday To You & Thanks For Joining In The Fun!  ~
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