Monday, 16 October 2017

Little Update on 'Ruth's Quilt'

Happy Monday Everyone!
After a beautiful sunny & breezy weekend here, it's a different story this morning.
Windy, thick clouds & rain.
Oh well, that's the Spring pattern I guess... & it won't hamper my plans in any case.

Having decided to join the ladies to make the beautiful "Ruth's Quilt", & making it my Friday project, it's been so lovely to just potter along with the stitcheries.
A couple of weeks ago, I finished tracing up all the designs onto the fabrics & applying the weaveline, so now they're stacked in a nice little pile in my kit bag ready to be stitched when it's time.

 I'm still working backwards doing the odd-numbered designs first & here is what I've stitched so far:
 I continue to be in love with the thread, & the background fabrics were a good Overload discovery!

Only last night did I realise that my post for PYT last Tuesday didn't publish... I believe I scheduled it as always, but I clearly didn't set it properly - sorry!
Be sure to join me next week when it's linky time again, won't you?!

There is always a Scrappy Hexy Quilt block laid out on my tray at the sofa, so I can do a little stitching on it most nights... & a sneaky daytime session on it too, sometimes😉

This is progress on a section soon to be added to my quilt:
 More stitching (& some blog reading) will take place this evening, while watching 'The Menendez Murders'... this case so intrigued me when it happened back in 1989... & as my late-MIL was wont to say "I love a good bloody murder"... not that this mini-series is particularly bloody, but it's interesting to see how it's been done for tv.


Leanne said...

I love this quilt, I made it way back in 2009 and its still a favourite, I actually stitched the boys names on some of the tags and made it extra special to us.

Jeanette said...

Love your thread, it's so pretty. The hexies look great. Hugs, xx

Stitching Noni said...

Love the blocks for the quilt. The thread you're using is gorgeous - love the variation ;o)
I am sitting at work looking out the window over the Swan to the south wishing I could be at home stitching instead of having to work... hence me doing sneaking blog reading for my lunch break!!
Stay dry!
Hugs x

Lin said...

That thread is gorgeous - your stitching looks great. xx

Brigitte said...

These stitchery pieces look so lovely. The thread colours are really amazing on that fabric.
Wonderful progress on the hexies.

Susan said...

Lovely variety of fabrics and as I said - over there - love the thread.

I wish all mine were traced - its the bit I hate - but I have a few ready to go when its TV time..or sewing day.

Fiona said...

lovely blocks as I commented on the NFSaL blog..... its so great having them all traced isn't it... just pick up and go.... your hexies are looking good

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely stitching Anthea. Your thread is so pretty x

Maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate said...

Ruth's quilt is looking quite lovely - love the thread that you're using.

sunny said...

Love your pretty thread! Can you tell me more about Ruth's Quilt? I've been away from blogland for a couple of weeks, and I'm sure I've missed something very important.

Ondrea said...

Your stitcheries are pretty. Makes stitching a joy. Loving your hexies too.

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Ruth's quilt is coming along nicely. Love the thread that you have used.

KimM said...

Love the quilt’ve been busy!

Justine said...

What pretty colours in your stitched blocks! Can't wait to see this one progress.

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