Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Story of Sniffly-Bugs, Destashing & Very Little Stitching

We managed to get through Winter without a single sniffle or cough in the house; yes, I confess I was super-smug about it, given the tsunami of sickness we had in the previous 2 winters.
Then Spring came along... the sun was shining, our resident Dove family set up their nest in the bougainvillea once more & the lovely breezes were coming through the house.
Too perfect.

Yep, then the lurgies came... twice! Golly, apparently Spring is a common time for illness to hit... I had no idea ?!😬
Mr17 is snuffly, but soldiering on with end of Yr12 revision & exams... DD-C is crook too, poor thing her nose is shiny & red, eyes streamy & just a bit miserable.
So of course, I put on my NurseMummy face, & got to looking after them as best I can.

Just before all this started, I came to a point where I was finally ready to be ruthless with my overwhelming STUFF... my books, patterns, fabrics (oh so much fabric) & embellishments... I don't call it the Overload for nothing.
Fortunately for me, I knew my Patchwork group had an impending event that I hoped would work to my advantage - A DESTASH DAY.
On Saturday I packed my car with a few tubs of stuff, all sorted, labelled & ready to sell... and whacko for me, I was surprised to sell as much as I did. Our Event had a good number of visitors/buyers & I was very pleased to arrive home with a very heavy purse. Multiple whoo-hoo!
(Aahhh, no I will not be spending it on my hobby!)
It was the first time our Club had done such an event, & despite there being only 6 of us Destashing, it was an all-round success.
I now have the mindset to keep going with destashing, & am considering some other ways to continue downsizing my stuff. I already have some good ideas. While Facebook groups are good, they're not great for those small things which cost as much to post as they do to buy.

Very little stitching has been going on here, not enough to report on really... but I do have a little something to show off... some secret sewing.
I'm in Cheryll's 'Fat Quarter Birthday Club' & it was my turn to send a special gift, along with the fat quarters, to the birthday person... who just happened to be Cheryll herself. Inspired by a sweet little bag in a Gail Pan book, I made a great little bag & co-ordinating needlebook... I hope it's useful, it certainly was a pleasure to make.

I promise to reply to Comments & messages very soon... I do feel bad about that... the desktop computer is in our study, where mr17 uses the desk for his schoolwork, so access is a bit tricky when he's here so much.

Thanks for dropping by & have a great day!


Justine said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill but it doesn't seem to have stopped you! That's a great bag for Cheryl, I'm sure she loved it.
I love the sound of the destashing day, a good clear out and money to spend too!

gracie said...

Sorry you have you nurse/mama hat on. Hope all will soon be feeling well.

Kate said...

How nice to feel so good about de-stashing - well done, you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthea,hope the family is feeling better now,not good when everyone is feeling miserable.
I love the bag and needlecase that you made for Cheryll,i know she will love it,also good one you for destashing and getting some pocket money in the process,hope your day is a good one xx

Jeanette said...

I really need to destash too. Not keen on internet sites but they might be my only choice. Glad you did well with you destash. Love the set you made for Cheryll. Hugs,xx

Kim said...

It's no fun being sick. Hope you all feel better soon. That bag is so pretty! Cheryll is one lucky recipient.

kiwikid said...

Well done on the destashing, it is good to get the extra money. Hope all the family are feeling better now. The bag you made Cheryll is lovely.

Susan said...

Love the bag & needle case - hope everyone is better soon.
great if you can sell your stuff...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Autumn is just starting in my side of the world and those danged bugs are hitting my home hard. My chest hurts from coughing so much.

Lucky you to have a way to destash and collect some money at the same time. I would gladly destash to someone I knew would use what I no longer want and cash in my pocket would be a plus.
xx, Carol

Lin said...

Hope the invalids are on the mend. Good to see your post - I had wondered where you were. Beautiful bag and needlecase for Cheryll. xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

There always seem to be bugs around at the change of season.. hope you all get well soon! Great that you had a successful destash sale! And what a lovely bag and needlebook... the recipient is going to love it! xx

KimM said...

So sorry to hear of the inflictions on your home....hopefully all will be rid of red noses and Kleenex soon. Congratulations on your destash success. I keep opening the closet in our sitting room and all the needlework comes tumbling out. I had the brilliant idea to take pictures of some of the canvasses and threads and posting to ebay. Alas and alac, it seems so overwhelming, I stuff them back in the closet and attempt to shut the door (again).

Kaisievic said...

So sorry to hear that the dreaded lurgy has hit your house - so annoying! Don't forget to look after yourself, too. Well done on the destashing! I am busily doing that, too.

Ondrea said...

Your bag is absolutely beautiful. I am sure it will be treasured. I am so sorry that you have an ill household. One needs to build up our immune systems all year through these days as our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals and other nasties . I do hope everyone recovers quickly and that the rest of the year sees you all well and smiling. Those destash days are the best. Trouble is, it just makes room for more stuff LOL. Many angel healing hugs to you.

Renee said...

I am so sorry to hear a bug hit your home, too! Your destashing sounds quite successful! Way to go! Your bag and needle book are darling. Wishing your family a speedy recovery.

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