Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Link Up, Link Up... It's 'Piece Yourself Together' Tuesday!

 The last few weeks have been somewhat of a hexy basting bonanza here at Hibiscus HQ.
The evenings at Retreat were the perfect time to sit near the fire, & just baste a pile of pretty purples, while chatting away with the other ladies.
 These purples are for my Brown-Eyed Hexy Flower Quilt... & you can see below that some pretty purple flowers have also been stitched together.
 While preparing for Retreat, I discovered a little stack of cut greens & that pink you see to the right below... so they got tossed in for basting too, along with the swirly orange & those pinks.
Had to have a good internal giggle at Retreat, when I realised that I'd run myself out of brown centres for my Brown Eyed flowers... so there's been a basting bonanza with the dark brown, resulting in 109 ready to use... yes I couldn't help counting them!
Now to the other EPP project, my scrappy hexy quilt... here's where it's at right now.
Presently it measures about 73" x 61½" & I'm at a point where I need to figure out what to do next.
While the thinking & planning goes on with that, I'll just keep putting together the brown-eyed flowers.
Finally, there's been about 200 white hexy's added to the bag, ready for use when I resume work on this one.

Phew, that's a jolly 3-week basting bonanza indeed!

Reaching out to someone who visited my blog recently:
BeBe OLIVER... thank you for your recent Comment regarding EPP; unfortunately I cannot reply to you because your comment arrived as 'noreply-comment'. If you would like for me to answer your question, please include your email address in a Comment. Thanks.

Well I hope that some of you clever EPP gals will join in with PYT this time... you know the deal...pop in to my right-hand sidebar & add your name.


Susie H said...

You are my HERO!!! I cannot believe how many & how beautiful your hexies are. Truly a sight to behold. Wish I was on retreat with you. I'm sure I would have been amazed. 109 brown hexies alone. Mind blowing!!! Lol! I'll be linking up later. Had to comment immediately ...

Ondrea said...

Sorry, no EPP happening here at the moment but your scrappy quilt is looking absolutely awesome! Love those purple hexies. Your fingers must be getting quite sore by now.

Lin said...

Lots of beautifully basted hexies Anthea and I love the tumbling block effect created by your white hexies. xx

Pamela said...

Lots of great hexie progress!

Maria said...

You've been having a huge hexathon.

kiwikid said...

Wow!! Lots of hexies being put together, they look great. .I am too late coming to the link...where did this week go??? But will be back for the next one.

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