Monday, 22 October 2018

The Holiday Is Over!

Well that went fast!

On the 1st of this month, mrHS & I departed for our 2-week holiday...
A week in Melbourne had us doing lots walking, a few tours, lots of meals out, & some quiet time too. At the end of that week, we drove north-west & spent the weekend with friends at their farm.

Monday the 8th, we flew out for our days in Tasmania, starting in Launceston.
It was such a joy to meet my long time blogging & IG buddy Leanne... she is just as gorgeous a person as I imagined her, & we hit it off immediately.
Wednesday the 10th we arrived in Hobart... and immediately drove up Mt Wellington... absolutely amazing... 1°C & breezy... what an experience! Unfortunately the weather was not good, so our view down to Hobart, the water & surrounding areas was heavily obscured by thick mist.

Even developed some frost in my hair!
We had planned to drive to the Port Arthur settlement on the Thursday but things took a really unfortunate turn...
 I woke on that morning with the worst back back I've had in many years... quite disabling... so that was pretty much the end of the holiday.
I spent a half a day in the ED of a hospital... then just had to be on bed rest... had to cancel all our other plans & delay our return by two days.
Six days confined to a hotel room with no natural light & in terrible sleepless pain... you won't find that in the holiday guides to the beautiful south east state of Tasmania LOL.
In the middle of all that, some good news... my DDC called to tell us she was the successful applicant for a job she really hoped to get... woo hoo!
Things in my back are still not good, & being that I have had two previous surgeries, I fear that another more invasive surgery is going to be the only remedy. 

I'm just gutted.

Arrived home on Wednesday 17th to a pile of fab mail, some of which I'll be showing off here in the coming months. But I really want to share now this beautiful selection of fabrics so kindly sent to me from Susan... yellows, oranges & greens for my brown-eyed hexy flower quilt project.
On a day I was feeling terrible physical pain, as well as sadness, disappointment, anger & downright sh!tty, I cried pathetic happy tears when I opened Susan's mail. Thank you again, Susan xx

I'm now in the process of seeking to get a scan to see exactly what's going on in my back, & that will give some idea of how to move forward.
It's not easy to use a laptop computer whilst lying flat on my back, so blogging will be sporadic at best for a while, as will my blog reading & commenting.
Piece Yourself Together is going to be recessed until I am reliably able to host it, but please do keep working on your EPP projects... I know they're being created & looking wonderful.

There are some other thing from my holiday that I look forward to sharing, when I'm more up to it.

So that is the roller coaster of my last 3 weeks.
Thanks for stopping by... keep stitching... do something you love every day.


Pamela said...

I'm so sorry to read about your back pain. I hope you can get things back to normal, without surgery!

Justine said...

So sorry to read this Anthea, I do hope the rest and relaxation does the trick.

Helen said...

Hoping you are feeling better,

Jo said...

What town was the farm in. Hope you are not too long in pain

Jeanette said...

So sorry to hear Anthea. I hope all is ok & that you don't have to have anymore surgery. Hugs,xx

Fiona said...

I'm really sorry to hear your holiday in Tassie ended up like that... and back pain is very debilitating too. I hope they can get it looked at and sorted soon.... thinking of you....xx


retdairyqueen said...

At least you got a short holiday in before all the pain
Sincerely hope you can find the "cure" for your back
How nice to meet Leanne and come home to the beautiful fabrics
Thinking of you xoxo

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh Anthea, so sorry to hear that happened to you and your holiday plans. I do hope you can find an answer to relieve your painful situation. Rest well and get better. Lovely mail from Susan xx

Ondrea said...

OMG!!!! You poor love! I do hope you are on the mend and don't need further surgery. So sad that you missed a chunck of your lovely holiday. Many gentle angel hugs.

Maria said...

Sorry to read your back isstill painful. Hope you find what's wrong and it can be fixed soon. Hugs 🤗 🤗🤗🤗

Lin said...

Oh dear Anthea. What a shame - especially as you were having such a good time. Sending love and hugs (gentle ones) I do hope that you find out what is wrong soon. How lovely to receive such happy mail when you are not feeling good. xx

Janice said...

Blast!! How disappointing that your holiday didn’t work out as planned. I hope that a solution to you pain can be found. In the meantime enjoy stroking those lovely fabrics and planning how to use them. I look forward to hearing about the first part of your holiday when you feel up to it. Do take care my friend.

Susie H said...

Goodness, Anthea, I hope by now your back is feeling better. That was truly a wonderful trip up until you couldn't walk. But -- that's life! What a wonderful gift Susan sent to you. I know you won't be blogging but maybe a couple of hexies can be sewn. When the time is ready, you'll be smiling at those special black-eyed hexies! Take care!!!!

kiwikid said...

The start of your holiday sounded wonderful, but I am very sorry to hear you have back problems again. I hope it can be sorted quickly for you.

Cheryll said...

Oh I do hope your back has improved... xox

Susan said...

Glad it arrived at the right time. fabric keeps remarkably well.

Kaylee said...

I was enjoying reading about your holiday and the lovely time you were having until BOOM, your back let you down in Tassie..... Oh gosh what a disaster and how terrible for you. Praying for you that there's another solution other than surgery again... Has there been any progress since this post? Hugs from your bloggy friend, Kaylee...….xxx

Raewyn said...

So sorry to hear your holiday didn't go as planned - I can just imagine how gutted you were - I guess, at least you got a bit of sightseeing done before it all turned to custard. Do hope you start to improve soon and a non-invasive cure is found for your back. Grrrr. Sending you hugsxxx PS What a sweetie Susan is. said...

I hope you get to manage your pain, there is nothing worse and its so debilitating. Take care :)

Susan said...

I'm so sorry about your back. You were having such a wonderful time! I hope the reason you haven't posted in a month is that you are getting some sort of therapy for it and it's helping!

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